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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

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Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Monday, April 29

Russians flock to coastal Vietnam

Improved services, stable prices, beautiful landscapes and variety of attractions are the drivers that are drawing tourists back to this south central province in Vietnam, according to the Provincial Culture, Sport and Tourism Department

The department quoted a recent survey that claimed 60% of foreign tourists returned to Khanh Hoa for a second visit, and 20.1% returned for a third time or more.

“It showed the reasons why travelers returned. They included improved services, stable prices, beautiful landscapes and a wide range of attractions,” the department said.

Russia, South Korea, Australia, and the United States are the largest tourism suppliers in the international market.

Khanh Hoa Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism vice director, Phan Thanh Truc added: “Russian tourists usually stay for an average of seven to 10 days, some even stay for a month to enjoy or build skills in water sports.”

Vietnam Airlines announced recently a new flight connecting Moscow with Cam Ranh in Khanh Hoa province that is due to start 4 May. The weekly flight will expand to two a week from October this year, using Boeing 777 aircraft.

Khanh Hoa Tourism Promotion Information Centre director, Nguyen Van Thanh, said: “More than half of the Russian tourists who travel to Vietnam will visit Khanh Hoa. The Cam Ranh Airport receives around three to five charter flights from Russia daily,” adding that traffic should increase this year.

So far this year, Khanh Hoa received 171,000 foreign visitors, an increase of 27% compared to the same period last year. Around 35,000 were Russians.

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Friday, April 26

Song Ray Waterfall challenges rock scrambling lovers

Song Ray, a spectacular waterfall in Son Duc Commune, Son Binh District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau Province, is a must-see destination for visitors to the area, especially those loving to conquer slippery rocks.

From HCMC tourists should head to Ba Ria Town, and then travel around 25 kilometers to Ngai Giao town, about 10 kilometers to Son Binh District and two more kilometers to the waterfall.

It’s worth a 120-kilometer journey to visit Song Ray as it has many whirlpools stretching around one kilometer with three big falls flowing into one mainstream. 

Tourists can enjoy swimming or soaking their weary feet into the cool water or find a shade to enjoy a light lunch or some snack with friends and family while admiring sparkling water under the sunlight. It is off the beaten track, so visitors there are guaranteed a quiet and immense space to discover.

Tourists are advised to use waterproof or plastic sandals to move easily on some rugged and slippery rocks and be careful with your stuffs because you might drop them into the water and whirlpools will sweep them away in a second. And remember to apply sun cream to protect you from the scorching sunlight. And this is not a place recommended for children.

After visiting the waterfall travelers can choose to discover other tourist attractions in Ba Ria-Vung Tau, including Ho Coc which boasts wild nature and beaches or Binh Chau hot spring to get a mineral spring water therapy that’s good for your health and body.

Let’s pack your luggage and treat yourself a weekend escape at Song Ray Waterfall.

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Monday, April 22

Visit My Son - A Holy Land Of Hinduism

My Son is an ancient monumental treasure in Vietnam. However, some statues and exhibits were stolen or had collapsed during the war or over time.

Arriving at My Son, tourists may lose themselves in the vast green forest, fresh air and tranquility. After going up and down the slopes, travelers will see an ancient tower hidden behind the gravel path and bushy trees.

My Son is a cluster of Hindu temples and is surrounded by mountain ranges. In the past, My Son was a burial place for Cham royalty and a site of religious ceremonies for the kings of the ruling Champa dynasties.

My Son is regarded as one of the oldest Hindu temple complexes in Southeast Asia and is a unique place in Vietnam. Observing the My Son temples, with their sandstone exhibits and statues, tourists will see spiritual culture more often identified with India. Scientists said that the first temple was built in My Son in the sixth century. Unfortunately, a major fire reduced it to ashes. Some other temples were built to make My Son an original architectural complex. These temples are different from each other, and each has its own mysterious exterior.

Apart from the temple architecture, Hindu culture is also reflected through the relics found in My Son. They were made in the era of King Bhadravarman I, who ruled from 380 until 413 AD. A temple was built to worship Shiva in the form of lingam, which is interpreted as the God of Rebirth. Until now, this religious culture has existed in old written records in Sanskrit. Lingam, yoni, Nadin and Apsara statues have been kept in the temples. Tourists will be amazed when seeing the red bricks used to build the temples. No one fully understands how the bricks were made, or what construction techniques were used by the Cham builders to set up these temples without any adhesives.

No matter how the temples were built, every cluster in My Son consists of the main temple of Kalan, which is surrounded by temples featuring lingam, yoni and Shiva statues. Researchers said that in front of the complex is the entrance gate-tower called Gopura, and the next is Mandapa, a vestibule for public rituals.

Next to the vestibule is an architectural work facing the north, often called the direction of Kubera - the God of Wealth. It has one or two halls containing offerings to worship the gods. The main entrance gates of all temples face the east to receive the sunlight completely. Every temple is shaped like a pyramid, which is the symbol of Lord Meru and where Hindu gods reside. However, tourists will find some traces of Buddhism in the land of Hinduism. In the 10th century, Buddhism became the main religion of the Cham people.

Sweating profusely after a tour around temples in My Son Sanctuary, tourists can enjoy a folk music program performed by Cham girls in traditional dress.

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Thursday, April 18

Hanoi To Be In Top Of Visitor Confidence

A Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism survey shows most visitors want to return to the Vietnamese capital, but there are still some problems with its taxi drivers or the city’s hotel and travel prices.

According to the department survey released last week, 81% of 1,420 of interviewed tourists, who were staying in Hanoi, want to return to Vietnam’s capital in the future.

The survey also showed 93% of respondents thought Hanoi was worth visiting and gave the city positive reviews for its cultural values, historic sites and safety.

However, those interviewed said the city should develop a clean environment and hygiene, reduce traffic congestion and re-educate taxi drivers and shopkeepers to be more courteous.

“Educational programs and stronger controls over taxi drivers and street vendors are needed,” the department reported.

There are also moves to tighten controls over local travel companies and hotels in response to tourists’ complaints about the quality of services and high prices. The department indicated more entertainment and night life options were needed to help increase length of stay.

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Wednesday, April 10

Halong Bay to host carnival

Home to one of Vietnam’s top natural attractions, Halong Bay, Quang Ninh province attracted 2.8 million visits January to March, according to data released by the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Of the total, 775,000 were international visitors, down by 2% on the same period in 2012. Most visitors to the province will spend time at Halong Bay considered a must-see attraction for travelers visiting Hanoi and northern Vietnam.

In March alone, the province received 1 million tourist arrivals, of which 227,000 were foreigners.

One of Vietnam’s first World Heritage sites, Halong Bay will host a carnival, 27 April to 1 May. This year’s carnival will have a seating capacity for 10,000 spectators up from 7,000 seats last year.

Halong Carnival 2013 celebrates the 50th birthday of Halong City and promotes the image of Quang Ninh tourism, as well as the beauty of Halong Bay that was recently designated as one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

The carnival will include art, music shows and a parade with art and dance troupes from Japan, South Korea, China and Laos, providing the entertainment.

Quang Ninh province’s top attraction is Halong Bay, which is the most popular sightseeing destination in the Northern provinces and was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994 and the world’s New 7 Wonders of Nature in April 2012 by New Open World Corporation, an associate of the New 7 Wonders Foundation.

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Tuesday, April 9

New Air Route Da Nang – Hong Kong opened by Dragonair Airline

On March 28, the Chinese Airline Dragonair officially launched new direct air route from Da Nang City to Hong Kong (China) with 3 flights per week, departing from Da Nang on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

Dragonair have chosen Airbus A320 aircraft to operate on the route. Thanks to this, Da Nang tourism would have great opportunity to attract more international tourists to the city, as well as giving domestic tourists more options for one’s vacation with the broad networks of Dragonair in China and its international networks via Hong Kong hubs.

One round-trip ticket for this new route costs US$226.

Dragonair Airline was established in 1985, which is an international airline of Hong Kong, and is a member of Cathay Pacific. Da Nang is the second destination of the airline, after Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi.

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Monday, April 8

Da Nang International Firework Competition (DIFC) 2013 announced ticket prices

On the morning of March 26, the Da Nang’s People Committee organized press conference to sign on sponsorship contracts, and officially announce detailed information about activities to be held in DIFC 2013.

The Da Nang International Competition has been being organized for 5 consecutive years from 2008 to 2012, which attracts millions tourists and TC viewers and is becoming one of the most awaiting events of the year in Da Nang specifically, and all Vietnam in general.

In 2013, the 6th competition comes back with its new theme “The love with Han River” on April 29 and 30. This year competition welcomes numerous worlds’ champions coming from Russia, Italy, Japan, America and Vietnam.

During the event time, tourists might find enjoyment in a variety of activities such as food exhibition, light festival, flower boat parade on Han River, sea sport on famous beaches of Da Nang and multiple art and music shows, etc.

Da Nang planned to build three differentiated sectors of scaffolding, in which Sector A and B right in front of the main stage may serve 19,500 audiences, while Sector C has17,700 seats. Ticket price for Sector A and B is expected to be VND400,000 (US$20)/person/night, while Sector C is divided into C1, C2 and C3 with the prices fall between VND300,000 (US$15) and VND200,000 (US$10). Additionally, audience might book special seats on cruise ships barking on the harbor to enjoy the show from another angle, with the price around VND300,000 (US$15)/person/night.

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Friday, April 5

HCMC enjoys a healthy Q1

Vietnam’s southern gateway, Ho Chi Minh City, welcomed an estimated 1 million visitors January to March according to the city’s Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The department said it had measured an 18% increase in business compared to the same quarter last year. The first quarter should close with 25.6% of the entire year’s 4.1 million visits.

Of the Q1 estimated arrivals, international airline arrivals should stand at 830,000, a year-on-year rise of 5%.

To achieve the 2013 year-round target, the city will focus on building the image of Ho Chi Minh City as a friendly, attractive and safe destination. It hopes to push through administrative reforms, speed up tourism growth on the basis of international cooperation and strong competitiveness edge over its neighbours. Thailand is the main competitor for leisure travel and beating its old rival is intrinsic part of its tourism strategy.

Human resources and training are also a priority this year. Currently, the city is carrying out programmes to improve the quality of tourism products and develop new tourism products such as river tourism, but at the heart of the strategy is a campaign to raise job skills in tourism to offer a higher level of hospitality.
The city’s Department of Transport has submitted to the city’s people committee an infrastructure development plan for river tourism up until 2015, it will invest at least US$1 billion to repair riverside wharfs including 45 ports to provide services for river boats.

In 2012, HCMC received 3.8 million foreign tourists increasing 8.5% against 2011 and accounting for 56% of all foreign arrivals to Vietnam (6.84 million).

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Wednesday, April 3

Danang gains more hotels

Danang tourism officials say the city’s increase in hotel rooms should not cause rates to fall as there are plans to draw more tourists and increase airline services.

Danang will have an additional 1,800 new hotel rooms this year, which is the biggest growth seen in the country’s hotel industry in decades.

In 2010, the city had 6,089 hotel rooms and the figure grew to 10,570 rooms in 326 hotels by late 2012. Another 5,000 room will open by 2015.

Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism director, Ngo Quang Vinh, told the local media, late last week, that a rapid growth in hotels could bring an imbalance between supply and demand but so far it had not been reflected in hotel balance sheets.

“Last year, the average room occupancy reached 63% to 65% with hotels of three-to five-star standards posting higher occupancy.”

The city is planning special events such as a firework performance and an international marathon. It also hopes to build a new cable car system at Ba Na Hills and introduce new air services to draw more tourists.
“Also, the city will gain a new airline service from Hong Kong, 28 March and from Bangkok in May,” the director explained. He gave no details of the Bangkok service, but THAI Smile showed some interest in Danang, although there have been no further statements from the airline on the outcome of tis route studies.
Danang is linked to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City by at least 30 domestic daily flights operated by Vietnam Airlines, VietJetAir and Jetstar Pacific.

In 2012, the city attracted 631,000 international tourists while overall arrivals reached 2.7 million increasing 12% over 2011.

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Hanoi to host new travel mart

The first ever Vietnam International Travel Mart will be hosted in the capital’s International Exhibition Centre, 18 to 21 April.

Themed ‘Exploring the Red River Delta – the source of Vietnamese culture’, the mart is part of activities in the National Tourism Year 2013 agenda and the 2013 Tourism Promotion Programme.

VITM Hanoi 2013 should attract participation from both domestic and foreign tourism enterprises keen to network to build their business. The mart will cover both inbound and outbound tourism and should have 400 booths.

• 250 booths have been allocated for domestic tourism enterprises including airlines, hotels, travel companies and media;
• 150 booths will be sold in the international travel zone that will focus on outbound travel to Australia, the United States, France, Britain, Japan, South Korea, Russia and some other new markets such as Eastern Europe, India, Philippines, Indonesia. They will be mainly allocated to national tourist offices representing the overseas destinations.

Tourism companies and hotels will be encouraged to offer discounts of at least 20%.
The mart includes:
18 to 21 April the fair will focus on B2B and switch to a consumer role 20 to 21 April.
Foreign journalists will be invited to cover the show on free junkets but on the condition that they write favorable reports on the show and host destination.
Some of the booths will also sell equipment related to soft adventure tourism such as tents, sleeping bags, backpacks; hotel equipment. There will be zones to sell cars, yachts, cycles and other transport services.

On the sidelines of the fair there will be five seminars: “Vietnam tourism’s brand” (by VNAT); “Promoting the values of the capital’s cultural heritage to develop tourism” (Hanoi City); “Red River Delta Tourism – potential and development” (Hai Phong City); “Strategy to raise awareness about responsible tourism in Vietnam” (ESRT project); “Green Tourism Label and the solutions to save energy and water at tourism accommodations” (VHA and MeetBis project. Seminars will be conducted in Vietnamese.

The event is organized by the Vietnam International Administration of Tourism; the Hanoi People’s Committee and the Vietnam Tourism Association and aims to support efforts to improve Hanoi’s status as a tourism gateway.

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