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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

Full day discover Angkor complex joining tour

Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Wednesday, August 5

Hanoi Old Quarter destination

Hanoi Olad quarter is the famous sites for foreign and domestic tourist in Hanoi Capital. I’d like to introduce some sites, where you should visit and enjoy Hanoi cuisine. We’d like to lead you to some famous  address in the Hanoi Old Quarter below:

Dong Xuan market: It trades in something in the rush with many kind of goods. Almost they ‘re wholesale price. If you buy something retail, it’ll be little more expensive. Market will help you understand about ancient market and sence of trading in Hanoi.

Quan Chuong Gate: This is one of 5 gates of ancient imperial citadel existed. It was maintained to race against time.

Dong Xuan street: It’s place, where you can enjoy street food with Hanoi flavor, such as: noodles in crab chowder, noodles and snails, chicken and rice noodles, Pho… Foods has price from 25000vnd. 

Lemon Tea shop: You can find lemon tea shop on every street in Hanoi Old Quarter. Especially, Cho Gao street and Dong Thai street are place famous with Lemon Tea shop.  Here is also cooler than Hoan Kiem lake. Beside lemon tea, they also sell sweetened porridge.

Bach Ma Temple: Ancient temple associate with legend of building Thang Long imperial Citadel. This is also one of defending sites of Capital. If you’re interested in history, this sites is must-visit destination.

Noodle on Hang Buom street: Although restaurant on Hang Buon Street is not as delicious as restaurants on Hang Manh Street, these restaurants is very cheap. It’s suitable for backpacker and student with 25000vnd/ 1 bowl, Noodle retaurant on Hang Manh street is about 60000vnd/1 bowl.

Ancient Traditional House at 87 Ma May street: This house still keep the the way of Hanoian’s life with architecture of Hanoi in 20th century early. 

Café Shot 60 Phat Loc street:  this is new shop with unique decoration  and suitable for photographer . After stroll around  in morning, you can drop in here  to enjoy coffee.

Draft beer on Luong Ngoc Quyen Street:  This is address for young people after hard-working day to enjoy animated space and refresh yourself. 

Hong Lam Sugar at 11 Hang Duong: trust address to buy meaning gift for your friend.

Snail-boiled on Dinh Liet street: Enjoy it in the night, the stores open from 4:30PM. It’s close address for visitors stayed in Hanoi Old Quarter. 

Nguyen Sieu with fried pig’s tripes and Pho:  restaurants open from 19h in the night. The restaurant,  located opposite with Aucoustic Café at 7 Nguyen Sieu, is very delicious with fried pig’s tripes or fried Pho. 

25 Hang Ca street is address for delicious bread . Although it is small street bread stores, it still attract many customers with the traditional flavor of Hanoi.