Vietnam day tours

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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

Full day discover Angkor complex joining tour

Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Wednesday, April 22

2015’s Latest Travel Trends

Although 2014 was somewhat an eventful year for traveling in Asia however it's expected that tourism business will still boom during this year. Travelers over the planet are tending to induce terrific Asia trip, expecting to book package tours. We’d prefer to list some latest travel trends below in 2015.
Mobile phone used popularly to check and book space directly.

From dozen on-line booking websites, customers use their cell phones overtimes to book room and flight ticket. Such a large amount of well-known travel companies are leading by building mobile apps for its whole to allow user book their rooms on the go. Users also can be on mobile booking by having their own booking app. it's a breakthrough year of booking apps as they don’t show any signs of speed down.

Bicycling is popular

According to varied sources and surveys, it's probably that numerous luxury business travelers at the age from thirty to sixty five will go biking, with their partners. Cycling permits them to admire to natural highlights at its best. It might be a lot of active and adventuresome, that’s what a biking trip will offer you rather than golfing.

Dining in native house

This doesn't mean we'll eat less at restaurants. Otherwise, we are able to have an opportunity to share meals with the locals once joining cookery instruction. Consequently, we'll learn such several typical native foods and obtain instruction of the way to cook with native individuals. This activity has seen a rising however not a priority thing should do.

Joining travel forums to analysis before traveling

TripAdvisor now could be a reliable rating and reviewing web site of hotels and attractions. Lots of and a lot of travelers are joining forum to induce advices regarding their future travels, review their expertise and share tips. It’s straightforward to take advantage from TripAdvisor. Definitely that TripAdvisor is simply one in every of those websites supply a fanatical travel forum.