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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

Full day discover Angkor complex joining tour

Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Tuesday, December 30

Things that climbers should learn by heart

Vietnam is one of the ideal destinations for those who love hiking. You can experience a unique adventure in jungle with incredibly pristine mountains and join strange activities of the tribe hiding behind the mountains ... However, in order to be safe, please keep in mind some following things.


Anyone can choose their own way to explore the hiking tour, but if you have someone to go along with your journey and they are speeding up while you fall behind, do not worry and feel inferiority. This will cause you to think about how to pass there, thinking that inadvertently cause your body to lose more strength. When starting the stamina, stop and rest until you find your own stability of speed.


Travelling in pair is the best way to support yourself in case you get tired or accident.


When climbing, the road is sometimes slippery and loss of strength of the legs is what the flat-heeled shoes cause us.  It makes the journey more inconvenient and prone to accidents. Please choose a pair of climbing shoes which could hold your body well when climbing.


Always keep the hat on your head. Do not leave it because when going to a new higher air pressure will be lower.  Cold air makes it difficult to breath and you may be cold quickly, which makes your health is unstable or you can give up halfway.


Climbing does not mean there is no sunshine when you climb. Some places with a certain height will be higher temperatures and it will make your skin rough and burnt or when low temperatures in some places such as Sa Pa, the sunscreen also work to moisturize the skin. Hint: You can bring your moisturizer if possible, because this cream can be suitable for all skin types and is used more if the weather is hot or cold.


With tropical monsoon climate in Vietnam, it would not be hot year round. When climbing to higher areas, It has some light rain when the temperature drops. Choose your backpack or a bag with waterproof material.

You are a professional climber or mountaineering enthusiasts to discover what the most spectacular, the most beautiful, interesting, do not ignore these things, especially when coming Vietnam.

By Gray Line Vietnam

Tuesday, December 16

Daisy Season in Hanoi

In the early days of winter, Hanoi weather welcomes the cold with little sunlight and some drops of fog which makes Hanoi is pretty gentle and more romantic. Winter comes; Hanoi is colored many beautiful flowers. The most beautiful flower in this season is Daisy.

Daisy flower brings the cold of winter. Seasonal flowers scattered in the hearts of those immense in winter. The white color mixed in the cold. Chrysanthemum, daisy species grows wild in innocent white between heaven and earth.  This flower is small, naive, blundering that makes so many people fascinated.
Children like the daisy. The girls more casual, drop some daisy flowers in glass close with a little water and sat watching all day. Daisy flower brings about a sense of peace, a sense of incredible clarity. English love with each petal that radiates into the wind. Meaning of Daisy Flower is a question: "Do you love me?" which make all the girls can fall in love.

On the road Nguyen Chi Thanh, Kim Ma, Thuy Khue, Thanh Thien or the heart of the old town. Each encounter, one that does not contain your last stand to look back. Alas, what color flowers so troubled heart. I immersed between the blundering, unfocused as young girls. I do not understand, these girls today still sticks to play the role as her erstwhile. Holding white daisies on hand, each petal whispered softly: "Love. No Love. Loving. No Love. Love ... "The game of her stupid, clumsy love, but lovely and clear as the main species that chamomile.
Short-morning twilight, when the moon is still sparkling on high, people invite each other to Quang Ba flower market on the roads the night cuddling flowers Au night. Flowers here have been selected the good ones. That's the beauty of Hanoi at night. What simple. What carpentry free.

Friday, December 5

Immense water of Tra Co beach

For Quang Ninh, people will surely think of Ha Long Bay, Tuan Chau, Bai Chay, Co To Island or Quan Lan. It would completely an omission without mention of Tra Co beach. The beach is considered as one of the most beautiful beaches in the north and also the first beach that you encountered the first point of the letter S on the Vietnam map.

Tra Co is located in the far northeast of the country, located in Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh province.  It is adjacent to the Chinese border; Topography of Tra Co is a long promontory running northeast - southwest. Southeast side overlooking to the Gulf of Tonkin with long sandy beaches. The other side overlooking to the mainland. Vietnam record was recorded Tra Co beach is the longest Vietnam, with a length of 17 km, an area of about 170 ha curved annular, I could possibly hold thousands of tourists. Tra Co beach is the outer edge of an island of natural compensation due to coastal line form. The coast is from 3-4 meters high and sand dunes, with the village and hamlet residents who mostly live on farming and fishing. Residents of this small peninsula in Do Son migrants here to live and settle.

To get to Tra Co, you can take a bus from Hanoi or private car. Tra Co is a favorable place for trade. Dubbed "the most romantic beaches in Vietnam" and is the only beach located near frontier, Tra Co annually attracts many tourists. Tra Co beach scene is unlike anything we've seen in Ha Long, Do Son or the other beaches; it has the air in the deep blue sea takes on the central coast and the lofty mountain ranges of the North sea. The unique blend was created for Tra Co a painted marine beauty and poetic lyricism. Rarely does a marine region, we again felt a peaceful space, a natural beauty and an idyllic blue waters and mangrove ecosystem diversity.

Another interesting thing is that people have never seen the presence of "commercial beach". Restaurants and hawker are limited. Enjoy the fresh seafood is very simple; you can buy right on the coast from the fishing boats of the fishermen. The juveniles will not have to buy the same time, the processing to her but even boiling, steaming are simply delicious. Here you should try the dishes made from “Sam”- Tra Co seafood specialties, so it brings the special taste. The other seafood dishes are also very attractive, such as shrimp, crab ...

Tra Co beach attracts the most tourists in the summer. Tra Co festival is one of the most famous festivals for coastal fishermen in the North.
If you've been to a lot of beautiful beaches in the country, then you should  try to experience Tra Co beach once day, you can plan to stay more than 1 day because there are so many interesting things in the wilderness waters, food, people… all paint a picture of a gentle simple but beautiful and full of life.

Saturday, November 22

The masterpiece of caves in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Nature always has a lot of magic things for us to discover. Here are our country's most beautiful caves.

1. Son Doong Cave

 Son Doong cave is the world's largest cave, located in the national park Phong Nha - Ke Bang, Quang Binh, Vietnam. This beautiful cave was first discovered by locals in 1991. Then, by 2009, the British explorers led by Howarf Limbert officially learn deeply this mysterious cave.

2. Phong Nha - Ke Bang

Phong Nha Cave is known for unique rocks named according to the natural shape as "Lion", "Unicorn", "royal" or "Buddha". It has a length of 7.729m, 83m in deep and 50m in high with a lot of side branches, large and small caves including Bi Kí cave, Royal cave, Phong Nha cave with unique characteristics of water underground in the mountains with massive stalactites blocks.

3. Tam Coc, Bich Dong

It is far about 100km from Hanoi, Tam Coc - Bich Dong is one of the famous tourist resorts in Ninh Binh province. Departure from Dinh Cac wharf, go along the Ngo Dong River, visitors will explore the three turns are magnificent caves:  Hai Cave and Ba Cave. Far away from Tam Coc about 2 km, tourists will have the opportunity to explore Bich Dong. ( Emerald Cave )

It highlights the beauty of the stalactites hang down from the cave ceiling, with all shapes and colors which create a multitude of strange shapes: a lotus bud, the breast, crocodile ...

4. Dau Go Cave

Located in the tourist area of Ha Long Bay, Dau Go soon is known for its ancient beauty, unspoiled and quiet. It has numerous stone columns, stone pillars, and stalagmites, petite with various extremely vivid shapes. This cave is divided into three compartments specifically, each block is completely different.

First compartment is the familiar images of animals such as lions, pythons, turtles, and even a pair of fighting cocks pictures ... The other one likes a monumental wave and the third compartment features a huge stone pillars.

5. Dong Huong Tich

Huong Tich attracts many people by the jaws of a dragon, vast, immense, and smoking. Like many other caves in Vietnam, Huong Tich has no rhyme stalactites, stalagmites, with many unique shapes.

It is easy to imagine of many interesting image as sows, piglets, rick, grapefruit, silver trees, gold trees, and Buddha statue.

Thursday, November 13

Sam Son - Enticing Destination

Sea resources are infinite for Sam Son to built key economic sectors of touristy. The interest and investment of the State, the provinces and also the contribution of the individuals, Sam Son town has tried its best to bring a replacement face on the premise of each physical and cultural touristry.

Over the last year, with the determination to initiate within the leadership and direction of the city government with the correct policy, forceful measures, with the support and consent of the individuals have created breakthrough Sam Son touristry.

Sam Son is that the most well liked tourer destinations throughout the country, however recently left a fairly spectacular variety of holiday makers on cutting deforestation, worth pressure, forcing guests and it accustomed be in danger of boycott tourists. To come back the gorgeous photos of guided missile Son have a thickness of over a hundred years of development isn't any simple job.

By 2014, Sam Son created by specific measures all business travel services into order. Additionally to enhancing and managing the State for touristry activities, the sanctions are the primary sort of the city applied to each organization or individual participation as a tourer.

In 2013 tourer season, the city has sanctioned many cases ex-directory costs, assembling felonious parking, vehicle sales misplaced, activity pavement encroachment passageway ... Through stricter penalties for those business interests appropriated jerk to line associate degree example to discourage alternative facilities, whereas making the conditions for business premises real development.

Though summer simply when a renovation, however a mirrored image of the many tourists and also the analysis of the many delegates at the event to touristry activities 2013, news conference recently information tour 2014 guided missile Son has received a lot of praise over criticism.

However, to tour the mansion guided missile Son becomes a civilized urban touristry - the govt and also the friendly native individuals got to be determined and additional forceful. Even so, with what has been done may be a sensible sign, guided missile Son nice motivation to draw in additional tourists.

These coaching course of skilled, social skills, manners and civilized ... for people, teams of business travel maintained and additional innovation. A replacement feature this year is that the city invited lecturers are leading specialists in touristry at the University of Hanoi National faculty of touristry and also the Hanoi teaching. At identical time, extended coaching participants are key officers from the city to the ability and business house owners, hotels and motels.

In addition, the city additionally encourages businesses; accommodation institutions no appointive officers, faculty workers additional skilled colleges at intervals and outdoors the province to boost the standard of human resources for the event of touristry. Besides, the city began piloting cultural and tourer streets on Ba Trieu Street (Ward Bac Son) to form powerful modification in perception of the individuals within the implementation of urban civilized manner, created cultural atmosphere, bit by bit establishing norms of cultural behavior.

To guided missile Son is that the initial selection of guests, this year's tourer season, the city determined to form uniform and overall additional adjustment measures to manage touristry activities. Consequently, the city needs all business institutions, hotels; motels should publically ceiling worth, sold at denote costs and temporary rules a most worth of products, services and touristry. On the beach and within the relics, scenic spots, wherever tourists visit, the costs of services are listed publically.

Gentrification, restaurants kind of business in line with the look, to not re-squatter households pavement and roadbeds, urban aesthetic; business activities like photography, pedicabs, electrical cars, bicycles typically be closely managed so as to avoid competitory for audiences. Besides varied marine legal notices and rules are construction the hotline numbers of Chairman city, police and market management ... 24/24 for guests promptly report the negative development.

At identical time, issued twenty three travel management plans, eleven plans magnified over the previous year. The contents of the arrange very well, clarity and tighter, assignment specific responsibilities for every department involved to strictly handle violations so as to realize the best potency. Additionally, touristry website Sam Son formally place into operation since the start of the tourer season.

Coming to Sam Son this year, guests are attending the gap ceremony happened on the evening of 1-5, with a program of dance room music festivals celebrate the 2014 tour and fireworks colorful. These provincial sports activities like court game, Ping-Pong, tennis, water motor performances "dance on the waves" ... can happen when gap.

Festivals like rice cakes - cake, for fishermen - pool brush and cultural events, and alternative sports also are control throughout the tourer season. Above all, food competition - this year's new location are control at space beaches to draw in tourists to go to and luxuriate in the normal specialties of specific guided missile Son, Thanh Hoa general.

In addition, the city additionally invests concerning half dozen billion over the roof melioration, Swimming Swords and Central Park; construction of public bogs three clusters with international standards to serve tourists. Additionally, a mix of recreation for teenagers Company White Rabbit (HCMC) designed and put in on a part of eight thousand m2, with a 24-point game can produce additional recreation and site for tourists.

Thursday, November 6

Experience nature of Cuc Phuong

Far away from Hanoi about 120 km, Cuc Phuong national park is located adjacent to Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa. It is a friendly spot to environment and tourists can join many interesting activities here.

Cuc Phuong is suitable for a field trip in 2 weekends, where you can just stay in open space of the jungle and take an opportunity to learn about the natural surroundings.

Cuc Phuong National Park covers an area of 25,000 hectares, is the first national forests of Vietnam. Characterized by tropical rain forest, evergreen, Cuc Phuong pants rich flora and fauna, including many species of rare plants and animals. Black Delacour's langur primate species are very rare and beautiful chosen as the symbol of Cuc Phuong National Park.

Every year, national park welcomes numerous of people and nature lovers to explore and experience the forest. With a rich ecosystem, Cuc Phuong tours are suitable for relaxation, sightseeing and exploring. There are many ways to entertain between open spaces, hundreds of thousands of floral.

One of exciting activities is camping and walking on the small trails to admire rare plants in the dense forest. Besides there are many other activities such as biking through the forest, taking a key bird watching tour, search for the ancient caves or jungle trekking cross.

From Hanoi, you can take a motorbike or a bus but it's best to travel by private car thus you can go deep into the forest and ensure safety if traveling with young children. The road through jungle and rice paddies fragrant is very nice.

Cuc Phuong National Park has three areas of accommodation, dining and entertainment in order as the garden gate, the Lake Mac and the Center, of which the garden gate is a great place for stay.
Garden’s gate Area: There are all kinds of floor rooms, private apartments or modern launch price of 200,000. Also rental equipment jungle, bicycles.

Mac Lake Area: far away from Garden’s gate about a kilometer. There is a house on stilt and bungalow for rent. This is suitable for many people to make campfire or singing performances.

Downtown Forest: Includes floor, two-story house and separate apartment.


Cuc Phuong botanical garden: The area is designed to discover collection of rare plants of Cuc Phuong, Vietnam and the World.

Animal rescue center Cuc Phuong Primate: There are rescue missions individual primate species of rare animals.

The ancient Cave: The ruins of residence and burial of prehistoric man.

Crescent Moon Cave: Located deep in the forest, from the mouth of the cave looking out the crescent shaped.

Wednesday, October 29

Travel to Ta Phin, Sapa

As one of the online community ecotourism attraction of Sa Pa district, the village of Ta Phin has become the destination of many tourists visit Lao Cai.

Last winter weather, on rural roads Seng Se (tourist center of Ta Phin community) shied table haze covered boulders, hidden at the current time. Distant flickers floor floor, layer green mountains in clouds, fog and the villages of H'mong high craggy mountainside.
Experience mountain travel fun, "harvest" is much less expensive to eat, sleep at the home of fellow.

Plate of fragrant fried pork, smoke spiraling up. French tourists as he Patric compliment dinner landlord served: "I eat delicious food here found out so much more. Family hardworking and hospitable. In the future if certain conditions I stay back here. In particular, will also invite relatives to come here to enjoy the taste, the feelings that I went through. "

Mr. Patric at the couple's home floor Dao - Phu and her brother Wok Wok A Foot Machine - Sa Seng village, Ta Phin, Sapa (Lao Cai).

He Phu wooden house, painted it brown. Lodging for travelers is the traditional building styles of the people here - the cool floor, in harmony with nature. From the top floor, with panoramic views of the mountain watching the clouds....

I had the opportunity to stay at the couple's Homestay. A hearty dinner with pork, fish and vegetables. Floors clean wood ball. General bedrooms equipped with blankets pillows brocade, velvet blanket. Toilets clean.
Prices of accommodation only 150 thousand a night.

From Sapa town, crossing road mountain dew floating about ... less than 100 thousand cash motorbike, to Ta Phin. Welcome, you are "Ta Phin Market". We integration!

In Sa Seng village and everyone Knives. You can see Mongolia; learn about Mongolian culture in the surrounding.
You do not worry, accommodation and catering, because a lot of "work" in the model of homestay tourism.
After exploring tired legs, enjoy in Ta Phin, your Sapa by motorbike from the boys, softer prices from doctors motorbike in Sapa town.

Thursday, October 16

Dyed red eggs of the La Hu in Lai Chau

During the holidays, especially the ritual, the La Hu often dyed red eggs as gifts with purpose of blessing and get good luck. The La Hu is living in Muong Te district, Lai Chau province. Eggs dyed red is one of the oldest traditions of ethnic minorities here, bring a unique culture.

Worshiping the (Ga Ma Te) is one of the traditional holidays, usually held on the Tiger in the lunar calendar every year in March to demand peace to the villagers. On this day, families sacrifice a map prepared with rice yellow, red eggs and gifts such as corn, potatoes, white wine ...

Preparatory work for sacrificial offerings to enforce offerings is the participation of all citizens of her children, showing high coherent community. Dyed red eggs is one of the important parts are usually made before the day of the holidays.

To dye eggs, La Hu women find the roots get 'reserved vertices' - a plant used to dye, wash and bring back to boil liquids to create red and adhesion. Eggs after boiling the water will be dyed with plant roots 'cautious vertices' has boiled, when dipped in this solution; the eggs will be dark red, become stiffer and more difficult to break.

The eggs are dyed red after, will be placed in the baskets. Basket weaving style is quite simple. Vertical baskets of eggs small end up on top to spin. With deft hands of La Hu women, when elected basket weaving is finished, dyed red eggs will lie in the middle of the basket. Eggs are usually woven baskets lattice. There are many different ways for making baskets, egg baskets long dislodging eggs after they finished knitting a long section to wear a neck cord, avoid falling down.

In the opinion of the La Hu, red eggs symbolize fullness, good luck and prosperity, the egg has to be placed in baskets with only the red, green, yellow, white and black, symbolizing: metal, wood, water, earth, fire - the basic elements forming the earth to wish her luck is sustainable.

Monday, September 29

Hanh Cave, Ha Long Bay

Hanh Cave is a beautiful and longest cave compared to those existing caves in Halong Bay. Its length is 1300 m, running through Quang Hanh mountain range to the sea.

Small boat leads tourists to each winding rocks under the flickering torchlight, clusters of stalactites hanging down from the ceiling let the light on the magic of colors, smooth water flow whole drift and quiet space. The more deep, the more beautiful, it is rather wild.

The French name for the Hang Cave is Le tunnel. Very low door so they had to use a small boat to be in the new. At Cam Pha pier, you can rent boats or canoes to visit the. Near the entrance of the cave with the small boat charter to visit to pick up and at low tide the water out new stores apparently.

Hanh Cave primarily reserved for those truly adventurous and connoisseurs to the water because if not carefully calculate the time when the tide is moving, you'll place was locked up tight in her aquarium chasms.

Right the front door, on the craggy rocks like a tower, there is a small temple called the Ba Co (Three Lady). Today fishermen often to temples to burn incense and ask her three spirits bless them.

Tourist can discover this bay by booking 3 day tour of Grayline Halong Cruise - one of the top famous brand tour supplying Halong Bay junk cruise tours in Halong Bay.

Tuesday, September 16

Kong Ka King National Park

Kong Ka Kinh National Park is located in the northeast province of Gia Lai, Pleiku City and 50 km to the northeast, administrative boundaries distributed in the districts of Kbang, Dak Doa, Mang Yang.

This is the highest mountain in Pleiku plateau 1,748 meters, with an area of 42057.3 hectares. In which 1000 hectares zoned tourism. With these functions, the main task of the park is to conserve biodiversity, ecosystem, watershed protection Ba River, Dak Pne River, serving learning ... research and development in particular types of ecotourism is gaining attention and pushing.

We come to Kong Ka King National Park in a sunny morning. Derived from headquarters, the team leader and Ranger divided into 4 cruise route in 2 days the trail in the woods.

Starting from the starting point to the research station, then follow the trail back to the rest station. The next to Nai Bai and ancient tree in leaf rare.

Starting the first day journey, Group climb 2.5 km forest road to the top of White Stone elevation 1,300 meters above sea level. Climb overlooking a patch of forest, a majestic mountain space, and vastly scaled-down wide-open eyes.

This is a massive cliff, many shapes, different sizes, stopover for tourists and lunch break to recuperate further conquests.

This area has a lot of plants are mainly broadleaf and coniferous trees, many fossil species of orchids, moss, bird ... epiphytic foot cliff. Not to mention the air is different from the outside, providing a cooling sensation, cheery, pleasant.

From here, the journey continues to snub Research Station is approximately 1.5 km. We go downhill slope of about 70 degrees to follow the trail, on the road to discover many orchid species as: Kim messages, Nail Turtle ...

Forest ranger officers who lead the way and guide our team with enthusiasm, open-hearted introduction phytosanitary species in the forest. We went at a slow speed, moderate, walking and observing, understanding the atmosphere fresh, fresh. The time to detect signs of animal or plant species were brought strange feeling elated, excited for the Group, especially his ranger.

Perhaps as a pre-arranged gift of nature, along the way there are small trees, vines making sure grip for climbing down because of high slope. When going to tile the area springs from the top of the white stone about 1.5 km high humidity, many species appear phytosanitary such as herbaceous plants, seedlings, ferns ...

To snub Research Station, where researchers, students majoring in biology stopover ecology study habits, food langurs, report writing, data analysis. Regrettably, most of this trip is that we did not get to see firsthand shanked gray langur, primarily animals in Ka King Kong, only to see some leftover food from them.

Forests in the region are affected, the impact from the outside, before you exploited the large-diameter trees as incense, monitoring, wallpaper ... now just forest regeneration later converted into protected areas. Most ecosystems are retained, only losing a large number of trees are small trees are renewable. The majority of the trail system at this large size is due to open SFE.

Itinerary second day we went to the beach Nai after crossing several small streams, clear water. Here is some vacant land; large, green grass cover a patch of sky, a cool climate is very suitable for the development of the deer.

Park Management Committee is focusing on human resources and funding to build stables, farms for planning, research, development of suitable animals with habitats in areas such as gray shanked langur, deer, nai ... create good conditions for visiting the Ka King Kong eyes will be watching the animals in the forest, but when there is no chance of seeing.

King Kong Ka National Park also attracts tourists with scenic waterfalls, majestic mountains. Typical cascade 95, 3-storey waterfall, mountain Ka King Kong, suspension bridges, forest vegetation, villages of ethnic Bahnar lived many years ...

Ecotourism Park King Kong Ka, an ideal destination for tourists from home and abroad to experience, enjoy sightseeing and spatial characteristics of the vast jungle of natural open space.

Monday, September 8

An Hien - peaceful place

An Hien garden house located on the north shore of the river, the road number 58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Xuan Hoa Village, Huong Long Commune, Hue City. According to the architecture of the city of Hue, home gardens and overlooking the Perfume River and not far from the famous Thien Mu pagoda.

An Hien garden house has quite a long history and many employers hands. According to the family, before 1895, the earliest homeowner is a princess, daughter of King Duc Duc (when it is government palace princess). The next owner was Mr. Pham Dang Khanh (also known as Pham Dang Thap), grandson of the great god Pham Dang Hung Gia Long. (He is the grandson of the Thai royal Khanh Dowager Tu Du is she). 1920, the new owner is Mrs. Kham Diep.

In 1936 he badly - her son sold to him Kham Diep Vu Tuan Nguyen Dinh Chi (at that time held the government of Ha Tinh week). His wife, Nguyen Dinh Chi Dao Thi Xuan Yen she has inherited and continues to manage and preserve the garden area. She herself is the owner of the longest, best preserved integrity and enhances the value of the An Hien garden house until she died in 1997.

The day after reunification (1975) until her death Dao Thi Xuan Yen (1997), An Hien, also known as Mrs. Tuan Chi garden become a cultural destination of the ancient capital. Currently, the An Hien garden under the law of inheritance of Phan Thi Hoang Oanh and four grandchildren (now living in France).

An Hien is a typical architecture, the epitome of Hue garden houses, mingles with nature and are planned in compliance with the principles of Feng Shui Oriental traditional architecture. The main direction of the turn to the river. The entire campus nearly 5000m2, always green blue color.

Gate of the garden outside has the look humble, hidden behind the shaded canopy. Port brick arch with rolling contours characteristic of ancient architecture of Hue. Part book on the arch gate decorated with tiger picture, the two ports are located parallel sentences, upper arch is a horizontal picture scroll with the word well-hidden. All these details are decorated porcelain mosaic. Above the gate is a two bats wingspan. Two wooden gate architecture "but down the roof" to open the lead on the inside.

From the entrance to the house through a small entrance under the canopy interlocking dream, create depth and a sense of quiet, dignified. The layout of the house and the ancillary items and garden very closely, with a reasonable rate of beautiful architecture, landscape fit. In front of the house, where the path ends with two rows of plum is a smoke screen role as a "criminal record" before the house. Curtain with elegant architecture, gently, in mid-shaped "life", the two sides have the word "double happiness". Inside, behind a fronts, front of the house is an additional tank drop flowers; factor here is "street smart" in feng shui.

Architecture is a house with 3 2 bottles lying almost in the center of the garden. The house is 135m2 large, iconic architecture of traditional architecture in general and the beam Hue genre in particular. The whole frame house structure is made of wood, totally romantic link. There are 48 columns, and truss system is made of jackfruit wood; Kien Kien wooden rafters; home insulation in Ironwood. The columns are pillows on the square pedestal. Truss system carved intricate patterns. List multiple layers of roofing tiles, roof shore up the two dragons, in the middle of the lotus-shaped roof top.

The interior space of the house is clearly divided according to functional use. Time interval between the church, decorated with the principle "money Buddhist spiritual climate" (Buddhist shrine front, rear ancestors), where the two sides time sitting on the principle of "women described male friendship" (male to the left, women to the right), two wing is similar, and living where men (left) and female (right), according to the old feudal notions. This particular house has many cherished mementos of the royal dynasty. That's all picture horizontal lacquered 4 letters "Van Vo Trung Hieu" bestowed by Emperor Bao Dai family in 1937, is now hanging in the nave, and poetry of King Thanh Thai, also hung out at the reception desk house.

Later, due to customer demand for houses as well as places to visit, Mrs. Tuan Chi has a sticky build another house on the left edge of the beam to the side and living. The new house has French architecture.

Not only is a special home for generations mark up very grand, a beautiful architecture blends with poetic scenery; An Hien is truly an ecological space, a 4 season garden flavor.

Many trees, where the tree has dozens of years old, like every dream at the entrance to the plant from the 1940s Many fruit trees, many varieties of rare plants across 3 regions are also included in this gathering. It is possible to mention the mangosteen, durian, dragon fruit ... the South; apricot, rose, litchi ... of the North; tea bar, strawberry, fig ... of Central.

There are special trees, such as persimmons trees by turmeric Mai Tien Dien - great-great poet Nguyen Du Internal brought from their homeland Nghi Xuan - Ha Tinh Vu Tuan Nguyen Dinh Chi donate. This is a precious pink species, no grain, very tasty. Or maybe mention the 13 original mangosteen Giang Chau, a famous quarter results Hue professionals dedicated to the king ...

An Hien garden and a flower garden. White apricot flowers bloom spring entrance, summer blooming lilies on the water ... the red side of the house is a new rig with dozens of species of orchids blooming.

Wednesday, September 3

Con Dao island

The small plane carries about sixty passengers which have took off from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City and landed at Co Ong Airport, Con Dao after 45 minutes.

This archipelago has more than ten islands. We do not know exactly when Vietnamese settled the first village in Con Dao. Perhaps the earliest one was built in three hundred years, or nearly four hundred years, when the group of Vietnamese migration from the north, central to the south for various reasons.

But Con Dao is still alive; it has many legends in the hearts of the residents here and in the ground, in the visible objects, can get their hands on. In war time, this used to be known as a scariest hell in Vietnam.

We are aware of the first female prisoners are given here is not that Mrs. Vo Thi Sau Phi Yen, whose real name is RAM, wife of Lord Nguyen Anh. When being chased by Tay Son army, Nguyen Anh runs to Con Dao. Along the way, he wanted to ask help from the French, Phi Yen tried to persuade him not asking French for help. Nguyen Anh was angry and locked her in the cave until she died. Cai prince cried and asked to stay with her. Nguyen Anh threw him to the sea without hesitate.

Since the French intervention in Vietnam, where they founded a prison. The first is that officers detained the Can Vuong was arrested in the South, followed by patriotic scholars across all three regions. Many big names such as Phan Chu Trinh, Nguyen An Ninh, Ton Duc Thang, Pham Van Dong, Nguyen Binh, Tran Huy Lieu, Ngo Gia Tu, Le Hong Phong, Nguyen Van Cu, Le Duan ... did "living "here. Among the prisoners in Con Dao, there is the genuine communist. There is the Kuomintang. There are regular prisoners. Then there are all prisoners. There was a sentence in prison and juvenile prison sentence ...

Compared with the French, the Americans simply building more prisons, smaller and lower, but the horror is not inferior. At the Peak period, Con Dao had more than ten thousand prisoners of all kinds. More than twenty thousand Vietnam remains patriotic people still scattered all over the place, most Hang Duong cemetery, Hang Keo.

In Con Dao, with more than one address cannot be ignored, such as the Crystal Skull yards, cow shed with prison. There quarries tiger cages. 914. Pier Ma Thien Lanh Bridge. Milled rice stew. Hang Duong graveyard ... Every place smells fishy read Aaron horror of blood, delve into the minds and hearts of people of conscience. Each name read out, see immediate visible image of the man of steel cast iron, the body that established universal abject hidden disabilities, bright spirit and personality Vietnam.

Monday, August 25

Sea fashion trend

Have you prepared anything for your trip to the sea this summer? Walking on the beach under summer sun, visitors will feel very comfortable and more confident when wearing trendy clothes. Vietnam beaches theirselve are great but they are greater when there are the young men and women with colorful clothes on the beach. That creates the most interesting summer.

Capri pants - skirts 

For marine tourism especially young people often choose the simplest outfit which is not too picky, gentle and sport. Capri pants and skirts are considered as the most popular attire nowadays. If you want to create your personal character, you can choose the skirts which are fit with your character.

Sandal shoes 

If you are travelling to the sea, you should not wear the thick shoe or sporty shoe that you feet will not be free otherwise it will be tie in these shoes. The best thing to wear is sandal shoe. It is very comfortable when walking on the sandy beach which creates a youthful and dynamic look. You also can wear a dress with sandal shoe. You will enhance the youthful and lovely.

Rice leaf hat and bag by sedge 

Go to the beach in the summer, nothing is interesting in the rice leaf hat and bag by sedge. But hats and bags made of raw materials, such as sedge and rice leaf are still making your hat sweet and beautiful, you will become more attractive both in sunny summer sea, it is very convenient. If you do not like the kind of straw hat, you can choose a nice cloth hats with bright colors, such as soft pink, blue, brown ground ...

Sunglasses, indispensable tools for protecting your eyes "windows to the soul" 

Seafaring without glasses is like you are in the middle of winter without wearing warm clothes. Today in the market there are many attractive glass designs but to choose a moderate fashion sunglass which both fit your faces and good quality is not a simple matter.

Please select the sunglasses fit you and you should be careful with sunglasses have origins which are not clear. According to the fashion trend this summer, pale yellow glass, pale pink, brown...are fashionable.

With summer fashion trends toward gentle, elegant, graceful and immersed in nature, these suggestions will help your child to many interesting choices in color combination of materials that achieve aesthetic needs and the convenience for the trip. Summer is the best time for picnics, sightseeing so beautiful and appropriate attire is an inevitable demand of everyone, which contributed to the trip more fun and comfortable most comfortable. We hope to bring you some hints that can help you choose a "suit" the most beautiful, and most graceful in the upcoming sea tours.

Wednesday, August 13

One day tour in Hanoi Old Quarter

This article was written after a day wandering Hanoi's Old Quarter area. It will help you be able to discover Hanoi's ancient streets of your own way. You can follow this schedule, or rely on it to discover your own way.

Where is Hanoi Old quarter located?

Hanoi's Old Quarter area concentrated mainly in Hoan Kiem district, located north and west of Hoan Kiem Lake. It focuses on residents, where 36 streets (called the old way) traded commodities. Each city has focused selling one particular type of item (called a trade with you, sell with wards). When traveling, you should at Ha Noi around this central area, just ride, just have fun visiting facilities.

The tourist attractions in Hanoi Old Quarter

These are not all the attractions in the old town, old town area scope is broad and there are many things to explore. But the point here is to point you to visit and enjoy culinary Hanoi. There will be other points that Andy will be presented in another article.

Dong Xuan Market: bustling downtown with many items, mostly wholesale, if you buy retail, it would cost a little higher. Go to first learn more about the oldest bazaar scenes are purchasing Hanoi.

The Gate: 1 in 5 cell door remaining, with the port city has been remodeled to be able to stand the test of time.

Ngo Dong Xuan: where you can enjoy a street food in Hanoi, as Bun Rieu, Bun Oc, vermicelli noodles Ngan Pho, especially with the summer food Tea is delicious food and cool (you should Code I tried porridge, eaten pomegranates but as is the interior Master Code). The dishes are priced from 25,000 VND, 15,000 VND for tea also. There are many great lemon teas around the old town, but in this area you can to score Lemon Tea in Cho Gao and Eastern Thailand.

White Horse Temple: The temple, from the Ly, associated with the construction area of Thang Long. This is one of the four towns of the ancient Thang Long (White Horse Temple defending the east). If you are passionate about history, this is not to be missed then.

Bun Cha restaurant: but not as good as Bun Cha Hang Manh, but cheaper, better suited to rural students. Price is about 25k / bowl, bun Hang Manh is about 60k, food has life but also more expensive.

Ancient House at 87 Ma May: old houses preserved many of the routines Hanoi.

Shot Café 60 Phat Loc: always consistent brand new, just opened March 5/2014 also must be. Bar towards the guests loved Photography, furniture and decor quite nicely. You should come here during the day, city after the morning walk and lunch. Restaurant located in the alley Phat Loc, Bun Dau alley there are very famous shrimp sauce. You can enjoy the finished noodles over bar sipping, relaxing break one afternoon to walk around.

Bia in Luong Ngoc Quyen: lifetime drinking with Bia Hanoi, Ha Noi young people here in the late afternoon or early evening to shuffle beer foam and cutting wind. Also interesting if you mix them together in the air, just the fun and refresh tired after the first day.

Oh Mai Hong Lam at 11 Hang Duong: address the trust to buy meaningful gifts for friends south. Most people are buying less this item as a gift.

Dinh Liet Street boil: okay to eat in the evening, from 4:30 pm to Nuts with dark, because you at the hotel in the old town, this is where good food and close to where you live. There are many good shops but that goes too far. Tourist population, it is also just had this bowl of nuts and bold Ha Thanh origin.

Fried noodle at Nguyen Sieu Street: Restaurant located opposite Acoustic Café bar (number 7 Nguyen Sieu). This dish is delicious, sitting alone but clean pavement.

Hotel Old Quarter of Hanoi

Hanoi's Old Quarter area is the center of the city, is the capital heartbeat. It takes a lot of commercial activity and tourism. Thus density is relatively large hotel and diverse. You can choose all kinds of hotels from hostel to 5-star hotels. You can see the map area cheap hotels in the top of the map, in three areas that the hotel cost between 300k - 500k (with grades from 1 to 3 stars). Three areas are also convenient for traveling to visit Old Town area.

Friday, August 1

Paradise in Giang Mo

Sleeping in the middle of vast natural flooring, fishing Chuoi fish, hiking mountain delights are those unforgettable experiences for tourists visiting the Giang Mo, Hoa Binh.

Far away from Hoa Binh city about 10 km, Giang Mo is located in Binh Thanh commune, Cao Phong district. It attracts domestic tourists and international tourist as well. This village is in the foothills of the Mo Valley. Peaceful life of more than a hundred households are popular but simply it attracted tourists by the culture in daily life and architecture is preserved floor hallmarks of ancient Muong.

Walking the winding path from the street to the end of the forest, you will feel the beauty of unspoiled jungle. Between liberal space of scenery, visitors will encounter the floor leaning against the house built on the mountain or high land tortoise-style house was built gather together, expressing community cohesion associated with style customs, traditions and daily life of the Muong people.

The Muong people are very hospitable. You can visit and stay in any of the houses. The men in the harvest time usually entertained by strangers to play the melodious flute. Inside amphora spicy rich aroma, with guest host the center distances of the unique customs and culture of the people here. However, the majority of people living in Muong here at ethnic clothing. Even so, they still kept and preserved the characteristic traditions, imbued with national identity.

All the processors are all the traditional dishes, garnished skillfully on the green leaf, showing respect, preserve cultural beauty in wet implementation of the ancient peoples. The produce of the forests and mountains of enthusiasm, hospitality of the people are satisfied, leave a good impression for the tourists.

Muong women are very good at knitting, embroidery, cultivation should take up arms often do the traditional handicraft products such as rattan and Brocade to showcase to tourists.

People often keep Giang Mo culture through folk music repertoire of dance music festivals in ancient Muong village, with gongs, trumpets, drums. Besides, visiting with the remaining to be involved in the daily activities of people like to farming, fishing and hunting forest streams.

Visitors can visit the places where almost monumental feats of heroic anti-tank Cu Chinh Lan, Culture Space Museum Muong, Hoa Binh Lake resort, Thung Nai or tourist port...

Saturday, July 26

The most pristine beaches in Ninh Thuan

Many beautiful beaches of Ninh Thuan have the beaty of the young ladies with full of energy yet not a lot of guys to keep an eye on.

Cà Ná Beach

Along the coastal path from the past Ca Na beach Vinh Hy Bay of origin cactus, you will see beautiful beaches, fine white sand and not noisy.

When raised, colored sea is divided into two distinct colors. Far off is colored blue, while the right edge connectors with fine white sand beaches have crystal clear turquoise.

You can rent snorkelling at the resort to explore the magnificent coral seabed.  Under the sea side road on the National Highway 1A, to Ca Na commune, Thuan Nam district (Ninh Thuan), the center of Phan Rang - Thap Cham 30km to the south, you will come to Ca Na beach.

Ca Na Beach has many beautiful cliffs, which is the ideal place for sun bathing.

Black Rock Beach

Black Rock Beach is still unspoiled, not many people pay attention to. Far away from Ca Na beach about 2 km to the southeast, on the National Highway 1A, Black Stone beaches full of iconic undulating blue sea in the background. Coastal currently has only a few houses of fishermen live. Undulating rocks on background blue shining sea bottom.

Binh Hung beach

White sand beach, blue ocean waters, making clear when you are traveling through this place you cannot stop watching it to. First coast is a pebble beach in the background.

Situated close to the beautiful coastal road from Vinh Hy Bay (Ninh Thuan) to Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa), Binh Hung like a girl full of life though not stretches lipstick.  Sea is divided into three distinct colors: white sand, emerald green, clear the area of water near the shore and blue colors of the sea in the distance.  Sea in this pristine place is quiet well-suited for weekend picnic.

Binh Hung sea brings a beauty in its pure, pristine, quiet. But not very long beach, but still converges Binh Hung fully what should be a beautiful beach.

Wednesday, July 16

Cuisine Alley – Trang Tien

It is a narrow alley between Nguyen Khac Can Street and Phan Chu Trinh Street, located in the heart of the capital, near Opera house. On this alley, at lunchtime they displayed the plastic tables and chairs for the guests, mostly young people or office workers come here.

For diners, you can choose more dishes which are featured most northern cuisine such as mixed noodle, fish noodles, vermicelli with vegetable and vermicelli shrimp sauce ...

Fried rice is the popular dishe in the restaurant at 8 Trang Tien alley: “fried rice is fried beef with sausage, pork, carrots, sweet corn; had more melon with beef above. Fried rice is accompanied by a bowl of vegetable soup, depending on the day to eat more easily. A plate filled with rice is warm enough for you to have a lunch and no tension.

Fried rice has golden color is delicious. Although at Marinated Beef is just medium rare and soft. Yet you have to wait quite long because it is very crowded every day.
Noodle is the most attractive dish. Vermicelli, fish noodles, bun cha are popular as well...Rice noodles here are served with crab soup taste sweet fresh crab muted, more crab, crab pot surface equivocal crab pieces, sweet, placed on the tongue was immediately dissolved, add a little chili satay stir fry the shiny side up yellow then it looks very attractive.

Rice noodles with crab soup is always served with small chopped spinach, Kinky, accompanied with sliced banana trunk mourning, we coriander, smooth basil, oregano, perilla, cilantro Aaron Green clover ".

Sarah, an author on the site Travel express her most the favorite dish is fish noodle and fried noodle.
Sarah likes food that addresses not only the delicious food but also due to pricing pleasant and friendly, enthusiastic owners and staff. With 25,000 dong, she had been a vermicelli bowl mix well with arrowroot vermicelli strands produced in Cu Da village, outside Hanoi, beef or fried fish, price, fried tofu, onions, vegetables, depending season fried noodle and bean vermicelli ... also the food was Sarah alley culinary experience in Trang Tien ...

As for the western tourists cannot get used to the local cuisine, she also made an address in that alley: Exchange Café restaurants in the number 2, which serves Vietnamese and European dishes with seat more polite but also affordable prices.

Thursday, July 10

Pristine Bai Dai – Phu Quoc

Phu Quốc is the biggest island in Vietnam. This beautiful island still keeps its pristine and rich in nature sceneries.  Whoever come to Phu Quoc, they could not miss Long beach ( Bai Dai ) beach which is voted as one of 13 most beautiful beaches in the world. Long Beach ( Bai Dai) is located in the west of  Phu Quoc island.

Long beach is famous for its virgin nature. With a length of approximately 1500m, Long beach is a paradise of sunshine, cool water and a big blue ocean wind.

Compared with Khem Beach which is the southern of Phu Quoc, Long Beach is straighter and the waves are gentler surrounded by.

From Long Beach, you can easily travel to some tourist sites such as Dinh Cau Night Market, visiting after a day shopping delight waving along the turquoise sea, or enjoy Nhum soup.

Long Beach is a golden sandy beach natural; Bai Sao is different from the same island with white sand smooth as a huge range of cakes, golden sand and the sea as jade xnah in Long Beach as belonging to a different place, separated by virginal serenity.

Beautiful sceneries here bring the peaceful feeling to tourists. In Long Beach, you also can two more islets are Doi Moi islet and Dam islet. You can rent a boat to this small island for fishing, snorkeling and diving from the Ocean Dock East.

Compared to other famous beaches of Vietnam like My Khe beach - Da Nang and An Bang Beach - Hoi An, Long Beach can take advantage of the pristine nature to attract more tourists. This has created its own gravitational attraction of tourists at home and abroad.

Wednesday, June 11

Hue people with Bun bo Hue

My aunt – a woman is 84 years old, overseas Vietnamese in France - explained: "Do you know what I miss? ... Missing the homeland."
For travelers:

Cook a delicious noodle pot way of Hue is a contemplative process, exploration of "the ancients". Bun is soft and tough fibers must, wet, sweet. The famous restaurant in Hue noodles themselves do not have to buy their noodles in the village of Van Cu, Bao Vinh - two villages specializing in Hue noodle from 2-10 km. In addition to noodles, secrecy is in turmoil pot cooking techniques.
Noodles in water, only to find the sweet taste of water flesh tunnel - achieve two requirements that are difficult, but with a nod to the customers enjoying their food, the cook must have a spicy secrets, namely that art wedge procession, the characteristics of the bun bo Hue.

How do the dishes still in the water, but not with strong smell procession. O LET - 64 years old - selling noodle stall at number 6 Ba Trieu - who has over 20 years in selling noodles, "Unveiled": "It is the procession of Thuan An, mixed with the water in a separate saucepan, bring to the boil, remove Clean foam, so it's cool, just take the top layer of water to cook. Thus be avoided foul procession ". The selection of meats to cook as well as an important factor: the meat must be fresh. Thus in Hue noodle sellers got up from 3 am to slaughterhouses for their meat.

But not "every day as a day", with a pot noodle Hue, the seasonal cooking to the quarterfinals. Summer is lighter than the salt, there is always next disk for raw vegetables, banana porcelain, basil, cilantro looks just eat the loss that the noise level.

Hue winter dresses for special rain, bitter cold skin, cook the noodles to taste darker note; besides, add some water to the pot boring lemongrass noodles, just stop to smell the aroma of lemongrass see more outdoor warm despite the pouring rain. Even more cups of sauce to use with bun bo Hue also is noted: the kind of fish sauce, thinly sliced red pepper slices cooked sauce beams. Want to eat spicy, use more peppers sliced thin, not "hear" the pungent smell of spicy chili, but only with the warm, dark strange!

Hue, go any which way you can also catch a bun or a few selling points, there are shops selling point of the house, but mostly you will see the burden bun sidewalk or street vendors. The main burden of the bun was very crowded, so delicious, just convenient, but affordable prices "parts shop" but a gourmet's Hue: 2.000d/ bowl to trishaw riders, his wagon; 3.000d/ bowl  for sale you go early or employees; 4000 - 5.000d/ bowl for customers to more and 6.000d - for visitors to 9.000d/ bowl more. Although visitors to or poor, all attentive service. So, until about 9 am, many noodle shops were gone of Bun bo Hue.

Place the rings on the shoulder ball pole, a pair of aligned clouds (clouds aligned ethos is not aligned in rows of steel as she Saigon), the noodle restaurant in Hue her sleep late and get up early though, sun oil ranges but when she rows to rain, you still get the beautiful smile and the word "labor", no-pounding holy as the daughter of that charming "internal wind flow direction" of Thuy An village.
The majority of prostitutes are bun bo Hue countryside burden in Thuy An (a regional agricultural production and small business, near the city center 3 km). Here, has formed a semi-bun village, every family has one or two bear bun. Especially the mother, daughters, daughters are sold bun. It is because of this that the burden of noodles to feed her family; children have mothers into the school year; have her sister, mother and father both died young adopted children to school due to a shoulder just noodles!

Where not only is the food, the food is associated with culture and history. Then where is the specification of Hue beef noodle bowl again, but this time you're faced her mind noodle restaurant on River Huong Giang, about what was hidden inside humans Hue.

Thursday, May 29

The ancient village of Phuoc Tich

This village is a kind of cultural characteristics of Vietnamese villages.
This area is poor yet still preserved many ancient houses and survives miraculously poverty.

Located between two adjacent provinces of Thua Thien - Hue and Quang Tri, far away from Hue city about 40 kilometers from the north of the ancient village of Phuoc Tich nestled on the banks of river moss ancient Lau as a living museum of village culture Vietnam is kept intact over hundreds of years.

According to the genealogy of the family, the village of Phuoc Tich was established in 1470, under Hong Duc reign with traditional craft village which is typical of pottery. From a few hundred years ago, Phuoc Tich pottery is famous throughout the country.

Thus, the architectural culture of the village inhabitants from the village temple, temples, shrines, houses were solidly built in the style of a typical garden of the ancient land of Thuan Hoa.

Come to Phuoc Tich today, we lost in the green space of the garden and the trees tinged fairy. Trees under the first village has recalled nearly 1,000 years old.

Nestled under the shadow of ancient trees is a field where the population density dense than Hue.

The whole village has 117 homes, up to 37 houses on 100 year old beam, and their 12 churches, temples intact. There are 12 homes beam are extremely rare, have a lifespan of 150-200 years, time shiny black wooden columns, trusses, regular, rectangular, horizontal board, the department, door carving intricate puzzle... not lost less the wooden structures in the palace dynasty.

Typical of the old house as his house beam Ho Dinh Lan, old worked as district chief. From a front entrance, shallow pools designed by the town style. More than 100 years old which store the column was polished wooden meetings. Between the horizontal images of the king was Duy Tan (1909 - 1916) are credited with integrity. Or as specific house was 200 years old Truong Cong Tien, three architectural styles left two spaces, deep roof tile paralysis has brown, mossy brick wall. The department store black dark. Large yard, front immense Bat Trang brick...

Most houses in Phuoc Tich beam are associated with extensive gardens until 1000 - 1.500m2, the tea house separated by a row boat straight undercut, creating a green space close to that neck strange glass.

In ancient beam house that we like to see as deposition time on items from hundreds of years ago. That's where the jar vase lime was high under thick layers of time, then drink tray, wooden food tray, assorted jars, sauce jars, salt, water jars by the village's pottery manufacturing ago was several hundred years and still maintain a daily basis, people still travel with as sediments of the time, recalls the heyday of the pottery village.

Not only known for the supply pottery from hundreds of years ago, Phuoc Tich village is also famous school, the village's children generation after generation serial solid education, many high achieving parking. Only in the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 - 1945) in the imperial city of Hue, the village has 19 bachelor's degrees, PhDs as court officials.

Phuoc Tich is also the only country in Central Confucius Temple built over a hundred years ago to honor the studious, encouraging children in the village working diligently under the pen now. That is why almost Phuoc Tich from past to present, virtually none of illiteracy, a rare thing for an ancient village of Phuoc Tich like sucking pig.

Today, the pottery village of only a legacy of the past, no longer economic life past its heyday, but the foundation of the village was studious wings flies away. This explains why, in the village now mostly elderly, young children but who also thorough history of the village as the first lesson in life. It is this has surprised researchers and tourists witnessed behaviors very culture of the people of Phuoc Tich on his father’s legacy.

Vestiges of ancient pottery remains are kept; the villagers also dedicated a land called alcohol Treng to store old pottery shards as a museum of traditional villages.

We can say, Phuoc Tich was almost intact to preserve the pristine beauty of daily life associated bucolic scenery, ancient architectural space beam house, temples, pagodas, ancient temples; pottery tradition village ... deserves a unique cultural heritage of Central and country.

Professor - Architect Dao Heng Glass, Chairman of Vietnam Association of Architects exclaimed when the Phuoc Tich “... I was really shocked to see a Vietnamese ancient village in the ancient land is not of Vietnamese people. On this land, there are too many houses still exist across chest with rain and poor sun miraculously. This discovery is like finding a Hoi An " forgotten " in the 80 years of the twentieth century ... "

Indeed, after being awakened " reveal the forgotten " in thickets of time ( since 2003 ) to date , Phuoc Tich has become an attractive tourist sights of numerous domestic and foreign tourists . Has appeared in the period Hue Festival with “Perfume old ancient village”. Since then a lot of research projects ancient village of Phuoc Tich conservation has been made. Especially in two days 17 - 08/18/2011 past, the project " Promoting the role of communities in sustainable development through heritage tourism " by the agency Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) supported assistance has been made in Phuoc Tich, with many cultural activities, travel, seminars ... to find solutions for tourism development, improving people's lives, contribute to the conservation and sustainable development of the ancient village.

With conservation efforts to preserve people's Phuoc Tich, as well as the industry level functions, the ancient village of Phuoc Tich is becoming a cultural destination tourist attraction, a sure living museum of cultural history unique village of Vietnam.

Monday, May 19

Twenty-five things not to miss in Vietnam

Specialist famous tourist sites of the British Rough Guides listed the same location should not miss when traveling in Vietnam on “inspiration” on his website.

1. Upland areas

The fair highland ethnic minorities are always to attract tourists. One can clearly see the special culture of the nation through colorful traditional costumes, cuisine and handicraft products made out of people. The atmosphere is boisterous spirit characteristic of the ethnic minority market, Bac Ha market is typical.

2. Temples

Temples reflect religious characteristics of Vietnam, as well as a unique architecture with the beauty essence that Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang is one example.

3. Tet

As the most important holiday of the year in Vietnam. In these days, many traditional customs of Vietnam by region are shown. Tet atmosphere bustling with blooming, decorative street lights and colorful performances, spectacular fireworks or concerts skillful art dragon dance always attracts everyone’s eyes and all.

4. The Cu Chi Tunnels

Just reached the top 10 of the world's most underground, Cu Chi Tunnels has many interesting and attractive than you think. Coming here, tourists will experience life underground as real residents previously (sightseeing, eating). This defense system is still attractive destination for many tourists, especially veterans.

5. Draught

Drinking beer at the bar located deep in the heart of Hanoi's Old Quarter is an interesting foreign tourist. This way of saving travel, just to be able to soak up the lifestyle of the natives.

6. Hue

Relics of Hue in its retention characteristics of particular historical tombs, ancient ramparts time kings. Cultural and architectural works are always impressed with not only foreign tourists but also from Vietnam.

7. Puppet State

Water Puppetry is the art form of traditional folk theater unique, born from rice culture. Due to the unique and innovative performances, puppetry water quickly and received many visitors preferred.

8. May god speed measurement

Try a visit to Hoi An and visit the tailoring goods here, you 'll see surprise and delight when she saw workers cutting and singing , sewing to fashion a product after only a few hours.

9. Trekking Sapa

Climbing Fansipan - Vietnam's highest mountain and explore the highland town of Sapa is the first choice when visiting Vietnam of foreign tourists.

Sapa , tourists will have surprise for scenic sky blend together incredibly romantic and poetic . Weather and cool air in Sapa is one of the many attractions visitors.

10. Dak Lak lake

As one of the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam, province of Dak Lak lake is a destination to attract pilgrims. Only once the water naked, paddling canoe on a peaceful lake or riding elephants roam between vast countries, or explore the woods surrounding the lake will make visitors memorable.

11. Tours in Hoi An

Possesses a rich cultural heritage with the beautiful house still retains the old value , such as a picture Hoi rustic , casual, romantic , always charming and anxiety all visitors to this heart .

12. The Red River Delta

Visiting the peaceful countryside of the northern region and experience the simple life is not only not changed over the years , but still retain many traditional beauty in cultural activities is one of the tourist attractions RRD calendar.

13. Mekong Delta

Tourism Mekong Delta is one of the most fascinating tours in Vietnam. Here, in addition to visiting the floral and fruit garden, go on one of nine tributaries of the river to the sea Me Kong, ca tai tu listen and enjoy Southern specialties, tourists hardly skip visiting the floating markets, a feature found only in the western rivers.

14. Taking cyclo

Enjoy watching and scenic streets by pedicab are a special flavor not get anywhere outside Vietnam. This makes traveling tourists (especially foreigners) just feels new, just closer to the life and culture of Vietnam. Du cyclo city are common in old town Hanoi , Hoi An , Nha Trang , Da Nang ...

15. Cruising on Ha Long Bay

As one of the 7 natural wonders of the new world and is recognized as a world natural heritage Ha Long Bay as a beautiful gentle water color painting. To admire the beauty of this, visitors must go inside the yacht bay. There will be tours of the day, spending the night on the boat with many attractive activities visitors as squid fishing, swimming, rowing kayak.

16. Phu Quoc resort

Phu Quoc is blessed for blue beaches, pristine looks intact with coconut trees along the coastline. Go south at An Thoi Phu Quoc , tourists will admire the beauty of the marine life in the waters pure .

17. Cruise Unified

Send your bike on the train, then sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views from South to North as the ship slowly run between Hanoi and HCMC.

18. Colonial architecture

The French colonial legacy can be easily found in the impressive architecture as the Hanoi Opera House, the French house painted yellow wall with a fireplace or wood stairs in niches characterized. Currently in the old town and many other towns in Hanoi houses remains durable French architecture over the years.

19. Traditional music

Performing traditional music is one of the important performance art in Vietnam. Each region has its own unique music. Foreign tourists often enjoy watching and listening to traditional types such as ca tru , concerned they reformed ...

20. Going for market

One of the things that visitors to enjoy Vietnam’s walking around and shopping at the market. Here, apart from fresh foods, including salty food stalls stomach lining, as the region that sells typical dishes. For example, Binh Tay Market that sells soup, spring rolls, rice cakes or bread pate help you fight hunger while shopping. Besides the cultural experience “bargain “when traveling to Vietnam.

21. Playing Dangerous Sports

Due to the structure of terrain especially so when it comes to Vietnam , tourists will enjoy the adventure sports " stunt " as climbing, parasailing , kite surfing , kayak or bike mountains , suitable for those who feel strongly preferred .

22. Cao Dai Temple

A place of worship of the Cao Dai religion - one of the most influential religions in Vietnam, churches are built with special architecture (modeled Tay Ninh Holy See, but smaller and simpler). It also often has ceremonies and cultural activities specific to religious believers.

23. Village of Ba Na

The Ba Na communal house is famous for is the meeting place of the villagers in the village in the Central Highlands. Ba Na communal house has many unique features in the architecture, shape, and pattern. If possible, make a visit to Gia Lai and Ba Na people live together in communal houses to learn more about Highland culture. In Hanoi, visitors can also admire the Ba Na communal house at the Museum of Ethnology.

24. Sidewalk food

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the kitchen eating roadside, mobile food stalls around the streets; enjoying fresh delicious dishes typical of each region is one of the cultural experiences and exciting cuisine in Vietnam.

25. Pleasure in Nha Trang

Scuba diving in the secluded small island offshore, but green as emeralds in Nha Trang is one of the most amazing things to come. Or just relax on the sea breeze soot sandy slopes is enough to wowing visitors at the beach paradise of Vietnam.