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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

Full day discover Angkor complex joining tour

Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Tuesday, December 31

Five unique Vietnamese spring rolls

Thanks to Geographical features, culture, ethnicity and climate regulation culinary peculiarities of each region - region, contributing to food Vietnam abundant and diversified. Emotional words that featured good food Vietnam highway in the match with other culinary cultures around the world: Chinese food supplement, Japanese food look like eyes. Vietnamese food is delicious.

Hanoi Ear spring rolls

Hanoi ear spring rolls is considered to be a very unique dish of Hanoi, this dish is widely used in family, in the table and is very meaningful gift every time go away. Not only that, this is also a very popular dish with tourists from everywhere.

Someone said nem ear originating from Nam Dinh, Ha Noi was introduced to by a girl, when to get married at Covenant Ceremony (Ha Tay).  Due to the meticulous and requires great caution, since the ear pick, who do have to get healthy pig 's ear, such as ear seasoned meat, and to the less points. Next is cleaning the ears, this is extremely important stages and needs meticulous, if not cleaned, will leave the smell and affect the storage time. Then steamed a batch to ear not dehydrate while maintaining crispness, soft.

Pregnancy stages require very sharp knife sharpener to move to the real standard, not too thick because of loss of appetite and food will not be too thin and brittle so will not take away. However, the most important final stage, the success of the spring rolls are still hearing ear - made from green bean flour, soya bean, glutinous rice, glutinous rice and some other spices. These materials are roasted olive before breaking down, and then roasted, then puree in blender and mix on pig ear.

When enjoying, tasting rolled in rice paper with a few pieces of pickled figs, a little fig leaf, the leaf village temple, a few marjoram leaves, plus a slice of sausage rolls silk or half sour. Touching lightly spicy vinegar sauce will make you or anyone else have to remember this dish.

Giao Thuy fish sauce and spring rolls

Nem Nam Giao Thuy (Nam Dinh) famous Tran dynasty. Legend has it that, when the king chooses Minister Tran Thien Truong as a place to dwell, the village was formed. Nam Giao Thuy spring rolls are also considered king specialties offered at the time. Is a product of civilization rice, Giao Thuy mattress is made from packaging and pork mixed with rice and hearing with other additives such as garlic and fish sauce and then hold the tip in fig leaf and lentils. As large as rolls are carefully selected from the skin of healthy pigs, not too old or too young. After removing sticky hair and subcutaneous fat, pork packing was brought to boiling (boiling water for about 3-5 minutes) for medium to soft yet chewy packaging, if boiled will be mysterious glue appetite. Packaging must be sliced by hand, absolutely not used by the state machine.

Pork spring rolls as selected in the first part, the meat and little fat. Taste of spring rolls rice is largely created by the listeners. The Marine Transportation has the most delicious rice, using the delta to hearing, thus resulting flavor characteristics distinguish them from other areas.

To book rolls indulge held in San fig leaves, herbs and more briefly in the past few bowls Sa Chau fish sauce (Giao Chau Commune, Giao Thuy district). First this sauce is also very well known, it is made the traditional way, the fish is cooked naturally, not through marinated, then about 6 months to carry out juiced raw fish. Then again the sun hot sauce and pour into earthen jars buried in the ground for another 6 months. So it took nearly 1 year, Chau Sa new sauce was brought out to eat with mattress.

Xu Thanh sour pork

Referring to taste culinary Thanh country not to mention specialty nem chua - have very different tastes sour nem nem lui Hanoi and Hue, as far back spring rolls or spring rolls with ears. It's just sour, spicy to salty taste that's both spicy, sweet taste of meat do not eat we cannot continue a few more.

Making spring rolls is a unique job, not difficult but there are certain secrets. Raw materials consist mainly of lean minced meat, boiled pork packing, clean shaved, sliced into thin strands left to mill, about 3cm shorter; hearing is roasted rice, minced fine. There enamel reducers, north pepper, salt and monosodium glutamate crystals just enough.
However, the most important stage is the preparation: what to do first, what to do next, how sweet mix ... and of sanitation as well as technical pillows also very strict. So it was not really a new strain makes the exotic cuisine and alluring mouth. Banana leaves, strips are forced nem chua material things. Stripping banana leaves about 3 to 4 cm, stowed on the fork or basketry, crackers forced to soft, flexible, fiber to small depending on the size of the rolls (now replaced by the elastic ring). Hands supple, soft start throwing people do every meatballs sifted clay, usually about twice the size of pieces. Banana leaves when washed, dried meatballs wrapped around the steering leaves adorn nails. Wrap rolls that leaves much to be able to 10 times to 15 times at first, a beautiful square. These packages fingers and singing for about 1 minute , then flip forced to make hand how not to fall off the leaves that are still green and beautiful rolls .

Depending on weather rolls can eat, then summer rolls had 5 hours of eating, winter is 1 to 2 days. The population of Thanh Hoa in the South to the North, though he was very busy job, despite the heavy lifting and trying to bring a few dozen family members or relatives donations. Tet holidays or weddings, sour pork become indispensable delicacy. Included with the green pair of Chung cake, the New Year rolls are the strings made of nem chua homeland invite guests to play house.

Hue “Lui” spring rolls

Lui spring rolls is unique dishes of Hue, it was everyone's favorite. Lui spring rolls made from lean pork is hot, do not scan the inclination puree and mix with packing and cleaning the fat,  diced, thoroughly stuffed, marinated with spices like pepper, onion, fish sauce, sugar, hearing and salt. When customers call , the bartender into strings of small skewers grilled on charcoal and red flowers, fragrant, spreads throughout the city as the call period, as pedestrians hook.

The soup was first decided Lui spring rolls quality, traditional dishes are difficult to imitate. Lui spring rolls eat soups made from dozens of foods such as vegetable oil, sesame peanut, corn starch, some of the herbs, medicinal. All material that is processed into a fragrant mixture of viscous medium has succulent, fleshy sweet, eat a time to remember forever. Type broth soups are similar to delight cake, bun kebabs.
Typically, people eaten with rice paper rolls Lui, herbs, slot, green banana, fig, bean sprouts, slices of chili, garlic, ginger which just move depending on each person 's taste. Food is the harmonious combination of flavors: the smell of browning meats, slightly spicy and chili pepper and dust mops sweetness of gelatinous sauce, green vegetables are fresh.

Nha Trang Baked rolls

Nha Trang specialty dishes include lots of flavor associated with the sea, but also have heard nothing dishes involved the sea, including baked rolls.

Nha Trang baked spring rolls made from fresh lean thighs kind of real, freshly made rolls when new discharge delicious, easy and fragrant. Meat has been scanned sawn smooth, chilled little more bold spices, skewered and grilled over charcoal fire for meat rolls yellow nursery. Then book with long thin piece of rice paper, fried ram during the golden straw rolls, served with salad greens, herbs, tomatoes contract, banana and dotted with soy sauce is made from over 20 secret spices according heirloom.

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Friday, December 27

Tran Quoc pagoda - the heart of Hanoi soul

The temple was very famous with age of more than 1,500 years of history. Located at the end Co Ngu street (Thanh Nien Road), on the eastern peninsula of West Lake (Yen Phu, Tay Ho) with a history of 1,500 years is considered as Tran Quoc Pagoda has a long history of Thang Long - Hanoi is also one of the oldest temples in Vietnam. The pagoda was built in the reign of King Ly Nam De (544-548) in the Red River beach Yen Hoa ward with the name Khai Quoc Pagoda (Foundation nation). After many name changed as people get used to calling name is Tran Quoc Pagoda (Protect nation) - can be put in the late 17th century under Le Hy Tong reign.

Like most of the other temples in the country of Vietnam, Tran Quoc pagoda has many folds, many Buddhist statues from low to high, from big to small, glittering golden, smoky flavor year round.... Temple has three main sticky street, house burned incense and upper -shape connector Industry. But architecture to bring other distinctions is particularly wide scale. Visitors to the temple not only Buddhist prayer ceremony which was also immersed in the art space of natural harmony, that his soul still in the middle of the ancient seal bearing the perennial soul Vietnamese soil. Nestled between the immense waves of Lake Highlands has created heaven and earth for the tourists feel the majesty of the ancient architectural elegance and beauty, peaceful lakeside scenery. Through the arched curve ball is soaring coconut Tower Gardens with ancient tower from the Vinh Huu Canh Hung and 18th centuries. Especially the tower of the lotus continent has 11 floors, 15 meters high and the floor area of 10.5 square meters.

Each tower consists of 6 floor doorway archer, statues of Amitabha Buddha with precious stones. The total number of towers is 66 objects on top of cheese and has 9 floors with precious stones and lotus (Lotus- lasting products). Standing at the foot of the tower at the center for Buddhist palms, make peace together in our minds as heaven and earth, the soul who suddenly deposited between the Identity no real damage actually unspoilt of a human life. Each temple bells hum as obscure as to all the noisy bustle of the streets. Each incense smoke spiraling up seemed to savor the purity of impermanence. Going from house to burn incense and upper steeple not only make the hearts of Buddhist purification between realms. But above all, in each of the ancient moss roof, in each of the sculptural emerged on each fiber in a peaceful folds, in ancient handwriting on beer ever heard rock like aftertaste of deposition time brings old soul of Thang Long thousand years of civilization have majesty but still was very simple, humble. Tran Quoc afternoon, between the calm water of the sky, red sunset over the water pouring raised, the life exudes harmony in each temple bell rhythm steady strokes bring the ancient past are washed away his heart as part of a secular purification of the air that was peaceful. Like a beautiful green island, the waves are shed its West Lake, Tran Quoc Pagoda is today not only the Buddha's sacred place attracts so many Buddhists to worship but also as one of the attractions offices, tourist attractions of Ha Noi capital.

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Tuesday, December 24

Central paradise

Central heaven with many spectacular landscapes has bestowed by nature.
Stop in Da Nang, you will walk around the Han River felt the lyrical golden afternoon sun, or to the Gulf of Tien Sa, Son Tra Peninsula, where it is considered eco-tourism, green lung of the city, you join the marine sports such as surfing, sailing, and scuba diving to see the coral reefs under Tien Sa Gulf, Son Tra mountain is opposite to visit the historic temple with the prestigious Spirit suspected statue 67m high. On top of Son Tra, you will feel a spectacular peninsula, charming.

 To relax, you can go to My Khe Beach, a beautiful beach on the planet. Visit the Non Nuoc stone carving village is formed from the seventeenth century by artists. To live in harmony with artistic labor, with artisans in traditional villages, with inspiration was manipulated more high-value work. Leisurely stroll to the Cham Museum to be reflective of the original work nicely lay from fossil material, terracotta and copper dating from the seventh century to the fifteenth century, the Cham culture. There are 9 floors mountainous landscape between immense white water streams helps us forget the fatigue -life to enjoy the magical moments of relaxation. Go north to visit First Hung Quan, Hai Van Pass. From the Pass you panoramic views over the city to admire the scenic Da Nang will appear as captivating panorama heart.

Visit Hoi An (Quang Nam), a world cultural heritage with hundreds of old houses still preserve the pristine ancient definition, a temple was built in the late bridge the fifteenth century as a symbol tourist attraction visitors on all over the country and international friends. Hoian Pagoda Fujian, Cua Dai beach is the most crowded and Cu Lao Cham a historic cultural monument by UNESCO as biosphere reserves in the world. Here you will admire the thousands of birds nest fly around the island with its coral reefs under the Sea Islands bending. Apart from tourists visiting the places masterpiece, journey to Paradise Central, visitors will enjoy culinary culture Quang bold as pork cake, pancakes Ba Duong, Quang noodles and High floor.

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Friday, December 20

Hue Citadel

Hue Imperial City is in Hue ancient castle, where the capital of the Nguyen dynasty during the 140 years from 1805 to 1945. Currently, Hue Citadel is a relic of the cluster relics of Hue was recognized by UNESCO as World Cultural Heritage.

Under Lord Nguyen, Hue has been chosen as the capital of Cochin: years 1635-1687 Nguyen Phuc Lan, Nguyen Phuc Tan Dung at the Government of Kim Long, to the Thai Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Phuc Khoat government has moved to Phu Xuan in the years 1687-1712, 1739-1774. By the Tay Son Dynasty, King Quang Trung Hue has been chosen as the capital of the unified country Vietnam. 1802, when Nguyen Phuc Anh was crowned emperor, opening the Nguyen dynasty lasted for 143 years, again select Hue city as a place to play. Shortly, after taking the throne, Gia Long has conducted a survey to build a new positioning, he finally chose tracts of land on the north bank of the river includes part of the village land of Phu Xuan, Van Xuan Phai Forum, An Van can drive along part of the two rivers Bach Yen and Kim Long as the place to build.

In terms of feng shui, the capital convictions of Ngu Binh Mountain is 100 meters high, flat top, sleek, weight distribution between the delta fronts as a natural radiation shield before the city. The two sides are Con Hen and Con Da Vien Thanh Long as cholera, Organic White Tiger (left green dragon, white tiger on the right) how tigers dragons expressed respect for kingship. Convergence is proving waterway Huong river wide, stretched between two curved like a bow alcohol bring vitality to the city. Hue Citadel Gia Long was personally selected location and demarcation, surveying since 1803, started construction since 1805 and completed in 1832 under King Minh Mang. In the history of early modern Vietnam, construction Hue Citadel is perhaps the massive scale with tens of thousands of people participated in construction, millions of cubic meters of rock, with a workload giant trenching, filling rivers, migration, graves, covering the lasted for 30 years under two kings.

Hue Imperial City is planned on the banks of the Perfume River North, turning his face toward the south, with a surface area of 520 ha. Bible and all the structures of the Citadel, the Forbidden City are turning to the south, in the direction of the I Ching scored “male presence Saints pediatric hearing galaxy “(referring king facing South to rule galaxy). Round up nearly 10km in circumference, 6.6 m high, 21m thick built with rugged forts are arranged evenly spaced, accompanied by fireworks label, artillery, ammunition, only the original earthen embankment, Gia Long life until the late starters brick. Outside the ring into a covered trench system just outside. Particularly canals (City households Ha) is both protective function both functional water transport than 7 km in length ( in the west section of Van Ke River, north of the river segment An Hoa, the period East is East River Tuesday, based on the section south of the river).

The door 10 includes:
The North Door (aka tailgate, located on the back of Imperial City ). Door -West (also called Hoa door, village name here). The west door. Southwest door (door Huu Thanh Kinh right). The Southern Door (also called door of that house, so close that dried bark - the weapons locker, set the Gia Long). Door East - South (also known door free traders have regular Institute and the stables located behind the door). The east door (ie the door Dong Ba, residential area named here). Door East - North (aka Who left the door). In addition, the Bible has one door connecting the Tran Binh Dai (Northeast corner of parts of the Bible, also called the gills), called Tran Binh Mon. Two doors with Citadel waterway information to outside systems Ngu Ha Dong Thanh Thuy Thanh Thuy Quan Quan and West. In the middle of the front of the mast, called the Citadel.

Inside the city
Inside the Citadel, this houses, the officials and the most important in the Citadel area - and work place of the king and the royal family.

Monday is within the inner citadel of Hue, where the King and the Royal Family, is the work of the court. Also Hue Imperial City is a place of worship and ancestor of the Nguyen kings.
The Citadel was built in 1804, but to complete the entire power supply system with more than 100 works, to the reign of King Minh Mang in 1833, every new job is completed. Citadel has 4 doors are arranged in four aspects, including the main door (in the south) is Ngo Mon. Inside the Citadel there is the Thai Hoa Palace, the throne, the temple area, and Forbidden- accommodation activities of the king and the royal family. It is often referred to Citadel and the Forbidden City is the Imperial Palace.

As of the same rounds, located in the Imperial City. The original Forbidden City Palace is called, is starting construction in Gia Long No. 2 ( 1803 ), the 2nd year of Minh Mang (1821) renamed the Forbidden City. The rectangular-shaped, 341m long north side and south, east and west side length 308m, 1300m perimeter. On the front, the main entrance is south of the Grand Palace Gate. North faces 2 General Loan and Phung Nghi, the Bao Dai, built stairs after advancing Office Office open door. Front two doors east and East An Khanh Hung, following the entrance of East An open door Browse Market Browse Market Street to the east. West sides have two gates: Gia Tuong and Xi’an. Inside the Forbidden includes dozens of structures with various large and small scale, are divided into several areas.

Also called a flag pole, in the middle of the south side of the city of Hue under the Chief South fortress is also home of the imperial flag. Citadel was built in the 6th year of Gia Long (1807) and construction time of Hue Citadel. By Minh Mang, long term, was repaired in 1829, 1831 and 1840.

Temple of literature university
In 1803, Emperor Gia Long Doc School building in the area of traditional security, Huong Tra district, Hue Citadel by approximately 5 km to the west, is located next to the Temple of Literature, facing the river. This is considered the country's first school was built under the Nguyen Dynasty. By 1908, New tepmple of literature was moved inside the Citadel, outside the southeast of the Imperial City (ie the current position).

Long An
Long An was built in 1845, King Thieu Tri, known as Long An Court is a place to stay after the ceremony the king charged (plowing) each spring. This is also where King Thieu Tri frequents, resting, reading, writing poetry, soaked bay.

Royal Fine Arts
The main building of the museum was built in 1845 in Long An electric under King Thieu Tri. Currently more than 300 museum exhibits artifacts of gold, porcelain, ceramic, enamelled Hue, physician and pragmatics, royal costumes of the Nguyen Dynasty. Royal Fine Arts Museum, Hue help attendees a comprehensive view of the royal court life.

Phu Xuan
Phu Xuan was built in the first half of the nineteenth century the total Phu Xuan Huong Tra district, Thua Thien - Hue far -Western Loc, Hue city, 2km from the city center to the north.

Tinh Tam lake
Tinh Tam Lake is a landscape monuments constructed under the Nguyen Dynasty. In the past, traces of a former lake river flow through Hue Kim Long. First time Gia Long, the court for a number of river rehabilitation and boots in the other direction to form Te Ngu Ha and coral. Two popular beaches in this lake is used as a storage building where gunpowder and salt consumption. 3rd year of Minh Mang (1822), the Nguyen Dynasty has mobilized 8000 soldiers to participate in the rehabilitation pool. 1838, King Minh Mang two warehouse relocated to the east, where the reconstruction of the target place knife, entertainment and called Tinh Tam lake. Under the reign of King Thieu Tri see here is a land of scenic Neurology 20.

Castle Museum
Long letter Museum built in 1825 is on a lake in the city of Hue Hai School, used as a place to save the old dispatch agency and record the Nguyen dynasty. This can be seen as a scripture repository of Vietnam under the Nguyen dynasty store copies of rare documents related to activities of the court and the country's transformation. Only some local contacts Gia Long and Minh Mang was stored here up to 12,000 files. Can say is very important Invisibility long letter in the local storage of documents and contacts, important papers at the time.

Members present - Tam Toa
Is the advisory body of the king's courtiers four or more Products from Tam, Switzerland is the University of the East The Electricity, Van Minh, Vo Hien and Chanh. Institute initially placed in the Ta Vu. After the capital fell in 1885 to move to the home of the ceremony, then Minister of War, and finally the temple, Giac Hoang judge Supervisors ( French ) and Girl Room of the so -called Tam Toa. Currently located in Tam Toa address 23 Tong Duy Tan, Thuan Thanh drugs, in the southeast corner of Hue Citadel, is now the headquarters of the Center for Preservation of Hue Ancient Monuments.

Xa Tac
Xa Tac was built under King Gia Long in April 1806 to land sacrificial reality (society) and the god of grain (congestion). Xa Tac leadership position now located in Thuan Hoa ward , Hue Citadel, the street block bounded by four sides: North side - line: Ngo The Times, South side - Tran Nguyen Han, east side - Tran Nguyen Dan, west side - Nguyen Cu Trinh.

Nineth god of the nine Gods is the name of the gods 9 cannon was cast Hue artisans under King Gia Long. After defeating the Tay Son, taking the throne, King Gia Long mainland for contemporary artists to focus all the loot weapons and supplies into 9 bronze cannon cast as exhibits to victory his glorious. Work officially cast in 1803 and completed in 1804.

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Monday, December 16

Hue - Picturesque work

Hue is famous not only by the beauty of the building magnificent palaces but also in the definition of the work odd tombs, temples, ancient temples ... are immersed in a charming landscape poetic nature.

Each work is a work of art by their sheer aesthetic not only demonstrates the ability of the talented artisans of Hue, but also reflect the personality each king during his life. The Nguyen Dynasty was the last feudal dynasty in Vietnam's history, beginning when Emperor Gia Long ascended the throne in 1802 and ended in 1945 when Emperor Bao Dai abdicated statement, with a total of 143 years 13 kings.

Currently, Hue still remaining 7 tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty kings, including such notable tomb of Gia Long, Minh Mang Tomb, Tu Duc Tomb.
Located center of Hue city about 16 kilometers southwest, between a paint consisting of 42 regional populations of large and small mountain Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien - Hue Gia Long Tomb (also known as Thien Tho Tomb). This is the resting place of King Gia Long (1762 - 1820), the first king of the Nguyen kings 13.
Gia Long Tomb was built in 1814, has more than 11 thousand meters circumference, in front of Dai Thien Tho Mountain as criminal, the two sides described property each party has 14 mountains flanking on how to create a "description dragon" and “organic white Tigers". Campus, in front of the mausoleum there oxbow lakes, after the lake is the pelvic floor, next to the international airport is divided into 6 levels gradually, eventually Buu Thanh, where the tomb of the king and queen. This is a mausoleum built between nature
. Facing immense spacious landscape of Gia Long Tomb, people do not feel themselves to be from the small area between the rolling hills immense.

The center of Hue city about 12km southwest, where the confluence of two lines Trach and Huu Trach to merge into the river, the mountains Cam Khe, Huong Tho commune, Huong Tra district, Thua Thien - Hue, there is a house that other famous tomb of Minh Mang tomb (also called Xiaoling Mausoleum). This is the resting place of King Minh Mang (1791 - 1841), the second king Nguyen.
Tomb of Minh Mang 26ha wide is an overall size of 40 architectural constructions situated on a hilly area, cool lakes. Lang started construction in 1840 and completed in 1843.

Looking down from above titles shaped prism design that lie in a comfortable position with your knees up Kim Phung mountain, river fork legs stretched out in front, two in the second half of their eggs, watch as the steering arms natural soft surrender.
Landscape tomb is adorned by many beautiful works like a lotus pond; weightlifting family, flower gardening, ornamental trees, pine trees.

Before steering 3 doors, the center is the Great Red Gate, flanked by the Hong Ta Huu Hong Mon and Mon. Inside the courtyard flanking the Great Red Gate, flanked by two rows of stone statues carved image and promote the cultural martial elephants, horses stood yet.

Also posted in nature, majesty, Minh Mang Tomb is considered seductive by nature poetic landscape.

Fourth emperor Tu Duc Nguyen Dynasty’s (1829 - 1883) has a beautiful house tomb Khiem Lang is called folk which is often called the Tu Duc Tomb. Mausoleum was built between the ancient forest of Duong Xuan Thuong village (currently Thuong Ba village, Thuy Xuan ward, Hue city), the city center about 8km southwest. This is one of the most beautiful works of the Nguyen Dynasty imperial palace. Tu Duc Mausoleum was built in 1864 and completed in 1867. During his lifetime, King Tu Duc up here often resting, reading, poetry.

The overall architecture within a mausoleum located in La wide range of 12ha, including 50 large and small structures. Other than posting the architecture seen in the Nguyen Dynasty tomb, Tu Duc Tomb architectural style liberal, liberal-like romantic personality of the poet king.

Tu Duc Tomb looks like a large park. There were scenes of streams, pine trees and the Bat Trang brick road at the time hidden under the canopy of old pine vu in the wind . The scene of the burial grounds mixed with the natural landscape to create a poetic landscape water clouds, the odd life of people thought it was paradise of trees, flowers rather than a mausoleum the deceased.

Although the resting place of the deceased but also the Tu Duc Tomb king place for entertainment, poetry, reading, working during his life. Even here there are places in both the theater and the plastic female concubines. In particular, Germany also deposited large stone tablet engraved all “humility signed" long 4935 letter drafted by King Tu Duc to speak about his life, career and mistakes king and his mistakes.

Among the Nguyen Dynasty tomb, Khai Dinh tomb (also called application Lang) is the only building architecture blend of East and West. This is the resting place of King Khai Dinh (1885 - 1925, the 12th emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. Mausoleum is located on Chau Chu mountain (also called Chau E), Thuy Bang Commune, Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien - Hue, Hue city about 10km southwest. Tomb of Khai Dinh (also known as application Lang), is the only tomb architecture blend of East and West. This is the resting place of King Khai Dinh (1885 -1925), the 12th emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty.

The highlight of Khai Dinh tomb is a blend of many different architectural schools such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Roman, Gothique. Especially, Khai Dinh tomb is famous for the art of mosaic and exquisite gourmet full 3 photos mural " Mekong dressed " beautiful, most major Vietnam, decorated the ceiling of 3 times in the middle of meditating.

In addition to the tombs, Hue also owns hundreds of famous ancient buildings such as: Forum Nam Giao Thien Mu Pagoda, Ho Quyen Van Thanh Mieu Temple Saint Martial, Binh Dai district, Hai Thanh district, RE electricity, Hon Chen, and Dinh Palace. These buildings, along with the natural scene not only gives poetic form of Hue ancient citadel, poetic and magnificent but also contribute to a unique architectural ensemble are worthy wonder of World Cultural Heritage.
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Sunday, December 15

Great Church in Hanoi

Live in Hanoi, perhaps no one knows the Church Street area. Many people say if visitors to the capital that will not come here because I was sorry to miss many interesting things.

“Let’s meet infont of the church” is a common saying of many young people here in Hanoi and becoming familiar rendezvous of many groups of friends. If you walk through here, you will be able to answer this question.
Located in the center of Hanoi, Hanoi church has had a quiet bustle. Church is always open to visitors at all times, except when the ceremony.

Leave the noise of the streets, entering inside the campus, you will feel peaceful space. It has a large yard; they hear the sound of children playing in the adjacent school, occasionally a few birds Ethyl jump shots on the lower canopy. In the hall is a large church with rows of benches and the sparkling glass windows.

Not only had the largest cathedral in Hanoi, where there are more people called “cooperatives”. Because only in a small area around the city of poets, Chung, Au Trieu, Ly Quoc Su had all kinds of restaurants and shops to sell for people of all ages.

Young Adults prefer to church because this is an area famous lemon tea and coffee in Hanoi sidewalk. Hot summer with lemon tea became fashionable for young people. Dating, birthday, meeting, gathering all leading to lemon tea.

By winter, the shop is less busy but still dark days. The afternoon is the busiest time. This is an appropriate time to sit along the church, drink a glass of water, watching the sun slowly shuts down and starts concentrations floral aroma milk.

If you do not like lemon tea, you can choose the luxurious cafe or younger. There are cute little shops like La Place, Hanoi House, as well as comparison shop chic hot, Paris Deli ...
It is also home to many cafes in Hanoi mentioned handbook popular Lonely Planet travel. So many foreign tourists also known here as consistent with Moca, Highland.

It would be flawed if prompted to “cooperative “without talking about the food here. Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su, her American chicken soup, porridge son Lane County, Lane Tho Xuong ribs, fried cheese box, nem chua fried pillow bread, and dumpling ... all will be found only in a few steps around the cathedral.

This is also the busiest shopping for clothing store specializing in silk and handmade jewelry, crafts and fine art.

Just take a walk, you will find a few favorite items and originality. And who knows, you will also want to go back “cooperative “this much again.
By Gray Line Vietnam

Monday, December 9

Hanoi Museum

Besides the famous sights such as Hoan Kiem Lake, the old quarter, the temple literature, perhaps Hanoi Museum is a place not to be missed for those who want to explore the capital via line length thousand years of history.

Located on Pham Hung Street, right next to the National Convention Centre, Hanoi Museum - one of the important works inaugurated the festival in 1000 years of Thang Long - Ha Noi - Ha Noi is home to recreate the past and present thousands of artifacts related to the capital, thousands of years of civilization. With an area near campus than 50.000m2 and 12.000m2 land construction, this is a large and modern museum in the country. Seen from afar, the Hanoi Museum impresses with a unique architectural design vertical inverted pyramid. The museum has six floors, including four storey and two basements, the floor area gradually scaled down in order from top to bottom. Museum impresses visitors by that appearance, modern design, convenient. Visitors can on the other floors by elevator or by stairs designed into a spin round the museum. Upon entering the first floor, visitors will admire “column Botanical dragon” - large lamp lighting between rooms highlights majestic dragon fly. . Zone floor is designed as a temporary place to display some pottery and souvenir shops. The second floor is a miniature Hanoi Hanoi natural areas, parks Money Thang Long, grave Phung Nguyen, Loa diagram three rounds, boat burial zones along the Dong Son culture of Hanoi pictures. Sample was dried pressed flowers, leaves milk flower - flowers suggestive of an immense fiery Hanoi each fall, or suggestions about the beautiful singing, Cha Ca La Vong, West Lake shrimp cake. Memories Ha went into how the poems, music art, faith becomes inconsolable longing in my heart not only for children but also for anyone Hanoi has few fleeting opportunity here.

 Hanoi Museum, visitors have the opportunity to admire the antiques collected from all parts of the country. Let's take up three floors of the museum - a collection of space artifacts showing his heart with beloved capital, which showcases the documents, artifacts due to the way organizations and individuals with a lot of toys donated pottery like bowls, vases ... or manufacturing tools, canoe found in Tien Giang, Ca Mau ... through archaeological excavations are on display on the fourth floor museum.
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Tuesday, December 3

24 hours for living in Hanoi

If there are 24 hours to live in Hanoi, what would you do? Please refer to the very interesting suggestion below. My friend used to be a tour guide said that there are many foreign backpack tourists alone in Hanoi. Many had only 24 hours to “live" with this city, so after they left Hanoi on various forums wrote "lament" that they are exposed exclusively to Hanoi as a destination, but cannot touch a corner of Hanoi soul.

So today, if you only have 24 hours in Hanoi, I would volunteer to lead you. Have you actually lived with the capital of my country? Have to get up early, let’s start with an early morning routine. 4 o'clock in the morning, I’ll pick you up and carry you across the West Lake, where every magic mist like a thousand years ago. In the early summer, when Hanoi was not awakened by Kin Kin vehicle, you will also find the smell of lotus in the wind.

But now is the last day of the year, West Lake lotus season was off. But step into Quang Ba flower market you will have the opportunity to touch the soul of Hanoi. Because in this land, every float trip is a highlight on the street and each bottle are always fresh flowers the family habit of Hanoi.
Like all other wholesale markets, the largest flower market in Hanoi is from midnight meeting, but last to 3, 4 hours when is the most crowded. The flower inserts, insert the flowers, the voice coil laughter. You will not be able to do the camera clicks a row.

And you can chat with people all year round care for the suburban flower fields, so each morning, the bus helped put flowers on the streets of Hanoi, the capital city adorned for a thousand years old, that I sure, you hardly find in other city.  I’ll take you to the most popular noodle shop in Hanoi situated on Bat Dan Street, or just cave to taste the world famous city of Hanoi, while watching each doorway of the City open neck pick a new date. And there is nothing more wonderful, if you and I go in with the flow along the horizontal Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake swept down into the early morning.

I’ll tell you about Turtle Tower, the sacred turtle in Hoan Kiem Lake. It’s just a legend, both rare animals of the world today but the clouds are invasive red-eared turtle habitat. Standing between Huc bridges, I’ll tell you about the “specialty" lake of my nation's capital.

Hundreds of lakes in the city are really good examples in which there are few cities. And thus, the Hanoi people are very proud of the lake in the city. Then, I will take you to visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. Our people are often called Vietnam President Ho Chi Minh loved by his name: Uncle Ho. Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is a chance for you to learn deeply about a national hero of our country, has gained worldwide recognition.

If you are a lover of literature, I will take you to explore winding alley in the small Bui Xuong Trach’s town, where the writer lived quietly. His garden is large cards but not as ancient Buddha statues Quan route no longer just in the middle of the garden as the author of “Golden Fire”, “For Excellence”, “No king “has cut a portion of the ancestors to build a house to sell for money for his two sons, but still large enough for you to discover in a few hours. Nguyen Huy Card is one of the famous writer in Vietnam, is also the author of a work is translated into many languages around the world (hence, perhaps he is the writer Vietnam cards received net cash best pen from foreign publishing units).

If you do not refuse, writer Nguyen Huy will invite you to eat an informal lunch with the vegetables in the garden and tells the story writing, interesting life story in a slow whispering voice. If you are painting the word of love, I’ll take you round the edge of the village of West Lake, met Bui Hanh Be, 91 years old, the painting is quite special word of Hanoi; you’ll notice a surprising, unexpected fun. Written in Chinese characters or scripts, but are symbolic in nature, the text is annotated with Vietnam and the international language below for you to from any country in the world can “read “the picture content. For example the word " Code " shaped span a horse 's hooves, tossing mane, accompanied by the word " horse " and the word Eevalo below.

If you are a lover of books, I’ll ring you back on Bat Dan Street, where there is both an old book store in the heart of the old town old teacher named Mr. Phan Trac Canh. The house number 5 always closed the door, turned the front as busy street disallow the golden rule about... 10 tons of old books filled every corner, along the stairs. Old books in many different areas, there are special rare publications, such as the book “Souvenirs de Hue “print from 1867 by French author Michel Duc Hue Chaigneau wrote memories about worn wrapped carefully kidney. The book “modern Chinese literature textbooks letter” published in 1928 and “Five geniuses” in 1929 also intact.

The owner of the “private library” was also collected books about Hanoi is quite impressive. Many foreign researchers like Professor Yao Takao archaeologist husband or wife and Abe Yuriko Kikuchi Seichi... also had to look to “clean house “thanks to his scene looking for the documents for the study. Afternoon Hanoi, I will lead you to the Opera House runs through the city and do not forget to turn over the books Trang Tien Street. Then I take you to Temple of Literature, where I will have plenty to tell you about the history and traditions of Hanoi. 3/2010, 82 doctoral stone steles were built from 1484 to 1780, has been recognized as a UNESCO documentary heritage of the world and the beer was ice has become the first world heritage site of Hanoi.

Leaving the Temple of Literature, the car runs really slowly on Hoang Dieu Street, and shows you the simple house where General Vo Nguyen Giap lives with his family many decades. “The General “- make sure that you already know the name, he was associated with the war to protect Vietnamese people.
When the city lights up, I’ll walk with you to the final step of a day in Hanoi, through the door Gate - a single gate remains just been renovated to turn into a “stranger”.  And I’ll tell you about the cell door were lost the battles of the civil and military capital to protect every inch of land is much loved.

Dinner has come. I invite you to Cha Ca restaurant - a place has been included in the list of “10 places need to before you die “worldwide. Background downs of this restaurant is the story I think will surprise you there. Then we lined up the Long Bien Bridge - the bridge crossed the age of 100, became a familiar symbol of Hanoi. Just walking on the bridge, just hear waves gently slapping the Red River around her and rushes to the bitter cold winds of winter characterized Hanoi via sliding collar. I want to stop here to offer you a cup of coffee in a cafe on Thanh Nien Road, so you look up and down a crowded street.

The experience in 24 short hours, I also believe that you have touched the depth, touching a corner and soul of Thang Long.
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Friday, November 29

Saigon sticky rice

Saigon town sells a distant city and its many sticky rice “specialty" hard to find elsewhere. Saigon sticky rice can be divided into two categories as sticky salty and sweet sticky rice. Sweet sticky rice is the most common with Gac sticky (also known as purple sticky rice), sticky bean, durian sticky rice, and sticky rice. Each type has adding onions, onion, coconut sugar or separate cells. For example, beans always eat sticky rice coated green peas puree add a piece of yellow nursery, add a little coconut small cell, is then sprinkled with a little sugar white sandy. Qigong is a kind of distant purple faithful. Eat more fat to be digging out and new non- issue right away. It is often sprinkled with onion and onions when savory food, but own with some sticky rice sticky sweet as the cam attached to these two new tasty. This way of eating is indeed just as popular in Saigon that eats food without water seemed to have more fat. The sticky rice originating from the north as sticky crumb, gill arcs away Gac stalls on the roads around Saigon. On to the South, the taste of the dish away more or less changed. Still scented sticky rice with glutinous rice, sweet flavor other than whether the taste of the South.

Southern pure sweet sticky to mention the corn away. Glutinous corn is corn, stewed with coconut water, forming a half away half porridge dishes. Thoroughly broken corn finished basement so soft, even slightly wet, fresh white, sprinkle green beans for me finely, then add little grated coconut, sesame salt. Eating fat in just sweet but not sick leave just delicious. Sweet sticky Saigon, as its name implies, the sweetness mingled with the aroma of sticky plastic, coconut fatty leopard, green beans and onion puree rotation, the extra little crunchy onions fragrant aroma creates a separate flavor but familiar. There is also a special sticky rice sweet but not quite as popular as the sweet sticky rice dish aforementioned Siamese away. Flung Siamese originated from Thailand. Flung Siamese is compiled from material from the Thai glutinous rice, coconut, durian, jiggery...

The Siamese sticky rice processing complex but need not have experience and ingenuity. Steamed sticky rice to ripe, supple and not hard nor paste, sauce, sweet, juicy but not fatty and fresh. In Saigon away Siamese is usually sold in Chinatown (District 5). Flung to mention the sticky salty chicken, sticky rice sausage, quail eggs, tiny clinic, sticky rolls, pâté... Often people will leave chicken flung aside, still sticky with sausage, rolls, quail eggs, pâté will collectively referred to as sticky salty. The dishes on common ingredients that are cooked rice, scented plastics, pig fat with chopped onion stalks green nursery intact even after grade oil is hot, add the onions crispy aromatic less. Depending on your needs and taste selected dishes that comes as dried shrimp, shrimp fried dough, sausage, quail eggs...As for the chicken away and there are many ways to enjoy. The most popular is still sticky shredded chicken, delicious just convenient, it is to meet the demand for fast, convenience of the city. Where busy people love to be made available.

Chicken pieces are torn into small erosion, while not eat the shredded chicken hand, just enjoying the delicious food brought. Shredded chicken can be boiled chicken thoroughly in fresh water for each muscle; can also be fried chicken, which is taking place to choose grilled chicken. Saigon flung usually sold in the morning or evening. Light is usually walks away gathered in front schools, or roadside sales. Before any school with at least a burden on the sidewalk away that large and small roads also indispensable burden away. Flung way to mention the high road win from the start line to the intersection of Dien Bien Phu. Cars that are investment vehicles carefully, for three or four pulses of high –sticky rice, smoke spiraling up. Mostly sweet sticky rice with colorful eye-catching. Just drive through, listening to disperse fragrance in the air it's hard to hold back hearts that go on. Each package is priced here away from 5,000 VND to 10,000 VND. Corner of intersection with Suong Nguyet Anh, Cach Mang Thang Tam also a burden away chicken, and sticky corn sold only delicious in the afternoon. Burden away has approximately twenty years.

Through many ups and downs at the same time, the son of her once stellar sales go well with a lot less, but still taste delicious packages like since when away. 7,000 Flung here only one package; it is wrapped in banana leaves, not wrapped in cellophane as elsewhere. Saigon also has a restaurant away from the old voice cried far located in Bui Thi Xuan street. It was named the best restaurant in Saigon sticky rice with fried chicken, chicken hearts and flung away Gac fame. Flung here has a moderate bloom, scented plastic back. Gac fruit is sweet sticky rice bar to cool naturally scented. People come here will definitely eat there once a second, third parties. Shop is small but has a large staff, the enthusiasm, whether to eat or will not take long to wait.

Cultural diversity away in Saigon that. Sticky rice dish is always delicious, has had no bread no less convenient. The Saigon minded, receptive and core erosion. Burden away that also which become abundant, more varied. From a rustic little sticky rice is also part should portray distinct culture of Members chosen the wrong people.

(Source: Gray Line Vietnam)

Saturday, November 23

Bach Dang festival

Bach Dang River is the evidence of many battles which were against many invaders. It was also a place we memorize many heroes. That is Ngo Quyen with wooden stakes battle defeated Han army (938), Le Hoan (981 years) against the Sung, Hung Dao Vuong-Tran Quoc Tuan - the famous general Tran (1288) against the Mongol.
Location: Taking place in Yen Giang Commune, Yen Hung district, Quang Ninh Province.
Time: To be held on March 8th (lunar calendar) every year, this lasted four days and nights.
Meaning: The festival celebrates the victory of Bach Dang national heroes who fight invaders.
Bach Dang Festival takes place on the ancient land with evidence of heroes, attracting thousands of people around the delta of the Red River. Ceremonial procession took place from Holy Temple. From the Yen family then brought back home from the temple with solemn ceremonies. After the game is to retell the glorious victory of Bach Dang River as sailing brush, oratorio of Bach Dang battle: offering the tide schedule, plan on fire, hauling poles on the Bach Dang River...
Center for the festival at Tran Hung Dao Temple – Vua Ba Temple and other family temple Yen Hung district, The Dinh Trung (Lien Hoa) Chinese cup Temple (Nam Hoa commune) Dinh Dien Cong (Cong Dien) Holy Mass procession from the temple Tran Bach Dang, Giang Linh from the Yen family, and returned. Games review the glorious victory of Bach Dang River as sailing brush, oratorio of Bach Dang battle: offering the tide schedule, plan on fire, hauling poles on the Bach Dang River...

Tran Hung Dao Temple festival includes: the load resistance of the civil and military drills Tran, rituals, ceremonies statue of Tran Hung Dao, the swimming traditional Bach, Bach oratorio tradition, wrestling, human chess ... Bach Dang Festival is the largest and sacred. There are many state leaders attend. The swimming custom is a vital ritual. On large rivers, the race of much bamboo leaf boat race spiraling labor, the cheers of the Assembly on the waterfront as revive echoes of battles in the past. The games were held in many places such as wrestling, chess people, and fighting cock.

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Tuesday, November 19

The Temple of Literature

Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam in Quoc Tu Giam street, Dong Da district , Hanoi. The Temple of Literature was built in October 1070 where worship Confucius, Confucian sages and  Quoc Tu Giam Justice Chu Van An, the typical teacher and moral importance of education in Vietnam.
In 1076, Quoc Tu Giam was built adjacent to the Temple of Literature then  initial placement of the prince, after expanding the student receiving good in the galaxy .

V ăn Mieu was surounded  by brick’s wall. Inside the barrier layer, there are 5 zones. The first zone begins with the main entrance, on the word of Literature port, the port is under two stone dragons period of Le style ( 15th century ). Aisle leading to the Great Central Square gate opening for the second one. The two sides are two small ports. The walkway that leads to Khue Van The ( watching the beauty of Sao Khue -literary themes ). The two sides have also hung two small ports. The third zone is from guard to Khue Van Dai Thanh Mon , in the middle of the square there is a lake called Thien Quang Tinh ( skylight in the morning ).
Two side of lake are stone steles garden  that named the doctoral degree ( in 1993 with funding from a portion of U.S. business organizations, Van Mieu Management has built eight houses for cover of this beer ).  Dr is the highest pass in the exam regulations. In the past, the school after about 10 years of capital letters light enough books for immediate examination exam guide provincial organizations, opened a department every three years.  Achieving high point of this exam at Bachelor degree. The following year his Bachelor of capital to the exam. Those benchmarks will be enough exam Dinh ( Dinh exam and the exam is actually two phases of a competition ) .

Matriculation exam called Dr . Doctoral degree which can be undermined . There are 82 stone steles , stone stele is the oldest record of the examination in 1442 , the latest science of stone steles  in 1779 . It is the most precious relics of the ruins. Step through the door to the University of the fourth.  A large yard, two blocks from the Ta Vu, Vu Huu, which lists up to worship the grape . At the end of the game and defeated the harem, beautiful and monumental architecture. There are a number of precious objects: the left bell cast in 1768, opening the right side there is a stone plate, engraved on the article about the use of this type of instrument.

The layout of the latest Van Mieu is  also from the Le Dynasty ( 15th century - 18th century ). Particularly Khue Van The newly built in the early 19th century , but also in the overall planning of the capital of Literature ( Van Mieu as in Qufu , China , the hometown of Confucius , the Great Central Square meet, The Van Khue , Dai Thanh Mon , Dai Thanh Dien , Ph.D. beer ... ). Khue Van The Temple of Literature in Hanoi hosts usually average of all of the medical literature or death .
After  “ Dai Bai” hall is a contemporary  Quoc Tu Giam university. When  Nguyen Hue was leaving the school to ease transition to this Holy Temple,  Confucius parents, but this temple was damaged during the war . Van Mieu is relic abundance and diversity complex and being the leading destination in Hanoi.

Tuesday, November 12

Tra Co - The most Romantic Beach

Tra Co Beach is officially awarded as the most beautiful beach in Vietnam by the Vietnam Guinness Association. Located in the northeast of the country, bordered between Vietnam and China, Tra Co is in Quang Ninh province. This is the outer edge of a natural excavation affected by wave and coastal line. The beach is situated on Tra Co peninsula, Binh Ngoc, Tra Co, 350km from Hanoi; connected to Mong Cai center by Hung Vuong Street about 7km long.

Being a remote area and near industrial zones, the climate is so cool, quiet with white sand stretching in the calm blue water. Come here, you will see a typical fishing village with the casuarinas forest and long coastline. Still unspoiled, only a small part of the beach becomes resort and golf course; another is the beach for visitors and locals, the huge rest with white sand and rustling trees will attract those visitors who love the beauty & purity of nature.

Tra Co beach has gained the following records:

- The Vietnam Longest Beach:
 With over 15km of coastline extending from Cape Sa Vi (Mui Got) to Ngoc Mountain (where the peninsula ends) forming an arc, Tra Co is one of the longest beaches in Southern Vietnam.

- The first beach on the country’s map:
If you line up the Vietnam’s sea border , Tra Co is the first beach that you see.

- The closest beach to the border:
Tra Co beach is one of two nearest beaches to VN border. If you stand at Sa Vi Cape, about 6km from Tra Co beach: you can zoom into Chinese shores. For shopping, you can go to Mong Cai town (about 12 km away) for immigration procedures. There is Mui Nai beach in the south, only about 5 km from Cambodia border.

- The beach has the most tourist destinations:
There are many beautiful tourist destinations that you can visit such as Tra Co church, Tra Co temple (Trang Vy village) with soaring arched roof, Sa Vi park (where you can see the sea border post), pristine Ngoc mountain, Black Rock beach...

- One of the most pristine beaches:
The pace of urbanization has not spread to this urban area, which makes Tra Co beach a wild and sparsely travel services. If you want to enjoy seafood you can buy at the beach right when the fishermen come back from fishing.

- The Most Romantic Beach
With fine white sand, broad coastline, and the roaring waves rushing to shore, you can enjoy playing with water.
And dawn or sunset is when you should come to Con Mang, about 6km to the north of Tra Co to enjoy the idyllic scenery here. And down to the south, Black Rock beach is also poetic.

(Source: Places to visit in vietnam)

Wednesday, November 6

Tuan Chau island - Halong bay

Halong Bay - the World Natural Heritage with thousands of small islands on the vast sea:  Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave... Particularly Tuan Chau Island, the only land in heritage areas outside the natural beauty of pine trees, lakes, beaches on the island also offers history of the country.

Tuan Chau Beach, located on the island of the same name, is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Halong city with white sand stretching over 2km and blue waves. Tuan Chau Island is the entertainment, sports, and tourism activities spot. The beach villa with 50 rooms of international 5-star standard brings visitors comfortable moments.Go to Tuan Chau island resort, visitors can swim, go sightseeing, and participate in recreation activities, such as hiking, camping on eco-tourism resort hill or resting, watching the performance of dolphins, sea lions...

Next to the coast is a series of 4-5 star luxury villas, a neighborhood cuisine, a regional performing dolphins, seals, sea lions, with a modern theater with 3,000 seats. The west side of the island is a 500 seat theater with circus animals like elephants, tigers, horses, pythons, snakes... Along with the work on the artificial streams, waterfalls music, zoo, marine lakes, swimming pools, tennis courts, water games and a rocky islet is the restaurant, surrounded by beaches...

Tuan Chau Beach is contributed to this tourist island famous both at home and abroad and is considered an indispensable destination of the tour.

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Thursday, October 31

Things to do in Hanoi

Most visitors to Vietnam will begin their holiday by flying into Hanoi. With it's atmospheric old quarter, lantern-fringed lake and an abundance of bustle and noise resonating from the local stalls and mopeds, it's easy to spend a happy couple of days experiencing this vibrant Asian city.

1. Get lost amongst the steamy streets of Hanoi's old quarter

Hanoi's old town is a myriad of sights, smells and noise. Give yourself time on your Vietnam holiday to wander into the heart of the city's narrow streets, finding pop up stalls on every corner selling delicious cuisine, and dodging mopeds as they wind lazily in and out of strolling pedestrians.

2. Attempt to cross a road

When you first arrive in bustling Hanoi the sheer amount of mopeds (and lack road rules) can be slightly daunting. However, once you realise that you won't get much sightseeing done without crossing a road or two, just start walking across slowly and you'll find that the drivers will just wind around you and you'll get to the other side with no problems.

3. Visit the Huc Bridge & Hoan Kiem river at night

This famous bridge is definitely worth a visit on your Hanoi trip. In the daytime the bridge is flanked by emerald water, but at night the waterside becomes lit by lanterns hanging from the trees and the bridge glows a firey red, adding to the reflections in the lake. It really is a not to be missed sight on your Vietnam holiday.

4. Visit a temple during Tet (Vietnamese new year)

If you manage to book your Vietnam trip over TET, you will find it is a great time to experience this spiritual city. All through February the smell of incense fills the air and you'll spot shrines and offerings all around. If you decide to visit a temple or two you will more than likely discover a religious ritual occuring and brightly coloured flowers on display. If you see a statue of a turtle, don't forget to pat it on the head for good luck, and if you're feeling flush, tuck a couple of dong under it as your own personal offering.

Wednesday, October 23

Things to do in Hanoi on rainy day

Situated in the north, Vietnam's capital Hanoi is often the first stop on a travellers visit due to it's flight path and reputation for being the hub of traditional Vietnam culture. Visit this vibrant fast-paced city on your Vietnam holiday and you will encounter a vast number of sights and experiences . From crates of chickens whizzing by on the back of mopeds to the intriguing food being cooked on street corners, the photo opportunities are endless and there are many things to do and see.

Stepping out onto the streets of Hanoi for the first time is a little overwhelming to say the least. The heat, the smells, the noise, the traffic; you barely have time to catch your breath. The biggest impression for me was the manic traffic which makes just crossing the road an adventure in itself. As dangerous and ridiculous as it may seem, waiting patiently by the side of the road for the traffic to cease will get you nowhere. It’s a case of taking your life in your hands and just going for it. Vietnamese drivers are very skilled at swerving and avoiding pedestrians so take it slow and you will be fine.
Hanoi locals can be very friendly, welcoming you into their restaurants and helping you choose a good meal off their mouth watering menus. However, friendliness unfortunately does not come hand in hand with cleanliness and you may find that on your Vietnam travels toilets are not quite up to western standards. A particularly memorable experience for me was following signs to the toilets in a restaurant and ending up in a semi destroyed garden shack which appeared to be part of the neighbouring garden. Braving the less than ideal dark damp conditions I lived to tell the tale but would advise taking the opportunity when you can and not waiting until you get caught out.

As in any city, weather can make all the difference and everyone dreads the day the weather turns. However, Hanoi is quite unique in that whatever the weather the experience doesn’t change that much. I was greeted with two days of solid rain but for me it just added to the experience. There are plenty of activities such as museums (most of which are closed on Mondays), theatres and temples which all offer a great deal of culture. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is worth a visit for something a bit different but be sure to check out opening times in advance. A particular highlight of mine was the Water Puppet show which was a rather novel theatre experience. It involves wooden men, women and dragons moving about on water to Vietnamese dialogues accompanied by a live orchestra. Yes it is just as surreal and intriguing as it sounds.

Enjoy our stunning Hanoi Tours and Saigon Full-day Tour with various special packages to know more about Vietnam tourist attraction and places to see. Contact us for detailed information and we will return to you as soon as possible. - See more at:
Enjoy our stunning Hanoi Tours and Saigon Full-day Tour with various special packages to know more about Vietnam tourist attraction and places to see. Contact us for detailed information and we will return to you as soon as possible. - See more at:
 Enjoy our stunning Hanoi Tours and Saigon Full-day Tour with various special packages to know more about Vietnam tourist attraction and places to see. Contact us for detailed information and we will return to you as soon as possible.
Enjoy our stunning Hanoi Tours and Saigon Full-day Tour with various special packages to know more about Vietnam tourist attraction and places to see. Contact us for detailed information and we will return to you as soon as possible. - See more at:

Enjoy our stunning Hanoi Tours and Saigon Full-day Tour with various special packages to know more about Vietnam tourist attraction and places to see. Contact us for detailed information and we will return to you as soon as possible. - See more at:

Monday, June 24

Vietnam’s tourism grows 19%

Vietnam National Administration of Tourism estimates the country welcomed 558,751 international travellers in May representing an increase of 19.7% over the same month last year.

Thailand’s outbound trips to Vietnam ranked 10th with 21,281 trips down 2.5% from 21,828 trips last year.

China led the field as the top source during May with 148,606 trips improving 65.0% from 90,064 followed by South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and the United States.

 Neigbouring Cambodia was in seventh place supplying 25,829 trips, up 16.4% from 22,184 trips during the same month last year.

All of the country’s top markets are in the Asia/Pacific region with the exception of  the US and Russia (eighth).

The bulk of arrivals in May (424,602) passed through the two main aviation gateways Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

For January to May, international tourist arrivals reached 2,973,712 visits, a slight decrease of 1.4% over the same period last year.

VNAT updated its data on its website, Monday, sourced from the government’s statistics office.

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Tuesday, June 18

Red river culture, sports and tourism week kicked off

On Saturday, May 11 2013, the opening ceremony of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Week and the second Red Flamboyant Festival were officially held in Hai Phong City, which triggered another fantastic National Tourism Year.

With a wide range of performances: art shows, water puppet performance, culinary exhibition, fireworks or boat racing, etc, this year’s festival promises a golden chance for Hai Phong City to differentiate itself with distinctive features of the culture and nature, as well as those of the Red River Delta provinces in general.

Addressing the event, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung indicated that tourism is the critical economic sector that not only contributes a massive scale on the development of the country, but also promotes the images of Vietnam all over the world.

The opening ceremony attracted thousands of both domestic and international visitors thanks to a lively ambiance with a series of enthusiastic art performance and fireworks.
Among Vietnam tourist attraction and the Red River Delta localities, Hai Phong holds plentiful unique cultural values of the ancient civilization. It is blessed with diverse natural resources to develop sea and island tourism, notably Cat Ba island close to Ha Long Bay.

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Thursday, June 13

Vietnamese restaurants in the list of top 101 asia's best

The famous US food website Daily Meal has just selected five restaurants in Vietnam to be in the list of the 101 best restaurants in Asia.

In which, four restaurants come from Ho Chi Minh City: “Lemongrass” was ranked the 21st, “Quan Ngon” took the 28th place, “Hoi An” came up with the 71st place and finally “Mandarine” with the 95th position.

“Le Maison 1888” is the only restaurant of Da Nang to be listed in the list, which was ranked 58th.

The result of the list of 101 best restaurants in Asia was collected from food critics, writer and veteran expatriates in Asia; and was based on the variety of dishes, service quality, cuisine value and taste.

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Tuesday, June 11

New Hanoi – Bangkok route by VietJetAir

Low-cost VietJetAir has high hopes that its latest service linking Hanoi and Bangkok will boost business and leisure travel between the two cities during the tourist low-season.

The airline’s business development manager, Desmond Lin, said the daily connection between the two capital cities should increase two-way traffic with a profitable mix of business and leisure traffic.

“This new route will help build demand and encourage growth … it will promote Hanoi, as a city of cultural heritage and cuisine. The connection will also help business travellers.”

In the near future, VietJetAir will launch more domestic and international routes, he added.

VietJetAir says it has inked a deal with the Tourism Authority of Thailand to launch a series of promotional programmes and incentives with the airlines.

Other airlines serving the route include THAI and Thai AirAsia, but they are not currently engaged in joint promotions with TAT.

Launched 1 June, the new Vietjet flight departs Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport daily at 1050 and arrives in Bangkok at 1240. The return flight departs from Suvarnabhumi Airport at 1325 and arrives in Hanoi at 1525.

The airline launched its first international route linking Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, 10 February. It currently operates 300 flights weekly using a fleet of new Airbus A320 aircraft.

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