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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

Full day discover Angkor complex joining tour

Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Saturday, November 22

The masterpiece of caves in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Nature always has a lot of magic things for us to discover. Here are our country's most beautiful caves.

1. Son Doong Cave

 Son Doong cave is the world's largest cave, located in the national park Phong Nha - Ke Bang, Quang Binh, Vietnam. This beautiful cave was first discovered by locals in 1991. Then, by 2009, the British explorers led by Howarf Limbert officially learn deeply this mysterious cave.

2. Phong Nha - Ke Bang

Phong Nha Cave is known for unique rocks named according to the natural shape as "Lion", "Unicorn", "royal" or "Buddha". It has a length of 7.729m, 83m in deep and 50m in high with a lot of side branches, large and small caves including Bi Kí cave, Royal cave, Phong Nha cave with unique characteristics of water underground in the mountains with massive stalactites blocks.

3. Tam Coc, Bich Dong

It is far about 100km from Hanoi, Tam Coc - Bich Dong is one of the famous tourist resorts in Ninh Binh province. Departure from Dinh Cac wharf, go along the Ngo Dong River, visitors will explore the three turns are magnificent caves:  Hai Cave and Ba Cave. Far away from Tam Coc about 2 km, tourists will have the opportunity to explore Bich Dong. ( Emerald Cave )

It highlights the beauty of the stalactites hang down from the cave ceiling, with all shapes and colors which create a multitude of strange shapes: a lotus bud, the breast, crocodile ...

4. Dau Go Cave

Located in the tourist area of Ha Long Bay, Dau Go soon is known for its ancient beauty, unspoiled and quiet. It has numerous stone columns, stone pillars, and stalagmites, petite with various extremely vivid shapes. This cave is divided into three compartments specifically, each block is completely different.

First compartment is the familiar images of animals such as lions, pythons, turtles, and even a pair of fighting cocks pictures ... The other one likes a monumental wave and the third compartment features a huge stone pillars.

5. Dong Huong Tich

Huong Tich attracts many people by the jaws of a dragon, vast, immense, and smoking. Like many other caves in Vietnam, Huong Tich has no rhyme stalactites, stalagmites, with many unique shapes.

It is easy to imagine of many interesting image as sows, piglets, rick, grapefruit, silver trees, gold trees, and Buddha statue.

Thursday, November 13

Sam Son - Enticing Destination

Sea resources are infinite for Sam Son to built key economic sectors of touristy. The interest and investment of the State, the provinces and also the contribution of the individuals, Sam Son town has tried its best to bring a replacement face on the premise of each physical and cultural touristry.

Over the last year, with the determination to initiate within the leadership and direction of the city government with the correct policy, forceful measures, with the support and consent of the individuals have created breakthrough Sam Son touristry.

Sam Son is that the most well liked tourer destinations throughout the country, however recently left a fairly spectacular variety of holiday makers on cutting deforestation, worth pressure, forcing guests and it accustomed be in danger of boycott tourists. To come back the gorgeous photos of guided missile Son have a thickness of over a hundred years of development isn't any simple job.

By 2014, Sam Son created by specific measures all business travel services into order. Additionally to enhancing and managing the State for touristry activities, the sanctions are the primary sort of the city applied to each organization or individual participation as a tourer.

In 2013 tourer season, the city has sanctioned many cases ex-directory costs, assembling felonious parking, vehicle sales misplaced, activity pavement encroachment passageway ... Through stricter penalties for those business interests appropriated jerk to line associate degree example to discourage alternative facilities, whereas making the conditions for business premises real development.

Though summer simply when a renovation, however a mirrored image of the many tourists and also the analysis of the many delegates at the event to touristry activities 2013, news conference recently information tour 2014 guided missile Son has received a lot of praise over criticism.

However, to tour the mansion guided missile Son becomes a civilized urban touristry - the govt and also the friendly native individuals got to be determined and additional forceful. Even so, with what has been done may be a sensible sign, guided missile Son nice motivation to draw in additional tourists.

These coaching course of skilled, social skills, manners and civilized ... for people, teams of business travel maintained and additional innovation. A replacement feature this year is that the city invited lecturers are leading specialists in touristry at the University of Hanoi National faculty of touristry and also the Hanoi teaching. At identical time, extended coaching participants are key officers from the city to the ability and business house owners, hotels and motels.

In addition, the city additionally encourages businesses; accommodation institutions no appointive officers, faculty workers additional skilled colleges at intervals and outdoors the province to boost the standard of human resources for the event of touristry. Besides, the city began piloting cultural and tourer streets on Ba Trieu Street (Ward Bac Son) to form powerful modification in perception of the individuals within the implementation of urban civilized manner, created cultural atmosphere, bit by bit establishing norms of cultural behavior.

To guided missile Son is that the initial selection of guests, this year's tourer season, the city determined to form uniform and overall additional adjustment measures to manage touristry activities. Consequently, the city needs all business institutions, hotels; motels should publically ceiling worth, sold at denote costs and temporary rules a most worth of products, services and touristry. On the beach and within the relics, scenic spots, wherever tourists visit, the costs of services are listed publically.

Gentrification, restaurants kind of business in line with the look, to not re-squatter households pavement and roadbeds, urban aesthetic; business activities like photography, pedicabs, electrical cars, bicycles typically be closely managed so as to avoid competitory for audiences. Besides varied marine legal notices and rules are construction the hotline numbers of Chairman city, police and market management ... 24/24 for guests promptly report the negative development.

At identical time, issued twenty three travel management plans, eleven plans magnified over the previous year. The contents of the arrange very well, clarity and tighter, assignment specific responsibilities for every department involved to strictly handle violations so as to realize the best potency. Additionally, touristry website Sam Son formally place into operation since the start of the tourer season.

Coming to Sam Son this year, guests are attending the gap ceremony happened on the evening of 1-5, with a program of dance room music festivals celebrate the 2014 tour and fireworks colorful. These provincial sports activities like court game, Ping-Pong, tennis, water motor performances "dance on the waves" ... can happen when gap.

Festivals like rice cakes - cake, for fishermen - pool brush and cultural events, and alternative sports also are control throughout the tourer season. Above all, food competition - this year's new location are control at space beaches to draw in tourists to go to and luxuriate in the normal specialties of specific guided missile Son, Thanh Hoa general.

In addition, the city additionally invests concerning half dozen billion over the roof melioration, Swimming Swords and Central Park; construction of public bogs three clusters with international standards to serve tourists. Additionally, a mix of recreation for teenagers Company White Rabbit (HCMC) designed and put in on a part of eight thousand m2, with a 24-point game can produce additional recreation and site for tourists.

Thursday, November 6

Experience nature of Cuc Phuong

Far away from Hanoi about 120 km, Cuc Phuong national park is located adjacent to Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa. It is a friendly spot to environment and tourists can join many interesting activities here.

Cuc Phuong is suitable for a field trip in 2 weekends, where you can just stay in open space of the jungle and take an opportunity to learn about the natural surroundings.

Cuc Phuong National Park covers an area of 25,000 hectares, is the first national forests of Vietnam. Characterized by tropical rain forest, evergreen, Cuc Phuong pants rich flora and fauna, including many species of rare plants and animals. Black Delacour's langur primate species are very rare and beautiful chosen as the symbol of Cuc Phuong National Park.

Every year, national park welcomes numerous of people and nature lovers to explore and experience the forest. With a rich ecosystem, Cuc Phuong tours are suitable for relaxation, sightseeing and exploring. There are many ways to entertain between open spaces, hundreds of thousands of floral.

One of exciting activities is camping and walking on the small trails to admire rare plants in the dense forest. Besides there are many other activities such as biking through the forest, taking a key bird watching tour, search for the ancient caves or jungle trekking cross.

From Hanoi, you can take a motorbike or a bus but it's best to travel by private car thus you can go deep into the forest and ensure safety if traveling with young children. The road through jungle and rice paddies fragrant is very nice.

Cuc Phuong National Park has three areas of accommodation, dining and entertainment in order as the garden gate, the Lake Mac and the Center, of which the garden gate is a great place for stay.
Garden’s gate Area: There are all kinds of floor rooms, private apartments or modern launch price of 200,000. Also rental equipment jungle, bicycles.

Mac Lake Area: far away from Garden’s gate about a kilometer. There is a house on stilt and bungalow for rent. This is suitable for many people to make campfire or singing performances.

Downtown Forest: Includes floor, two-story house and separate apartment.


Cuc Phuong botanical garden: The area is designed to discover collection of rare plants of Cuc Phuong, Vietnam and the World.

Animal rescue center Cuc Phuong Primate: There are rescue missions individual primate species of rare animals.

The ancient Cave: The ruins of residence and burial of prehistoric man.

Crescent Moon Cave: Located deep in the forest, from the mouth of the cave looking out the crescent shaped.