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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

Full day discover Angkor complex joining tour

Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Thursday, May 29

The ancient village of Phuoc Tich

This village is a kind of cultural characteristics of Vietnamese villages.
This area is poor yet still preserved many ancient houses and survives miraculously poverty.

Located between two adjacent provinces of Thua Thien - Hue and Quang Tri, far away from Hue city about 40 kilometers from the north of the ancient village of Phuoc Tich nestled on the banks of river moss ancient Lau as a living museum of village culture Vietnam is kept intact over hundreds of years.

According to the genealogy of the family, the village of Phuoc Tich was established in 1470, under Hong Duc reign with traditional craft village which is typical of pottery. From a few hundred years ago, Phuoc Tich pottery is famous throughout the country.

Thus, the architectural culture of the village inhabitants from the village temple, temples, shrines, houses were solidly built in the style of a typical garden of the ancient land of Thuan Hoa.

Come to Phuoc Tich today, we lost in the green space of the garden and the trees tinged fairy. Trees under the first village has recalled nearly 1,000 years old.

Nestled under the shadow of ancient trees is a field where the population density dense than Hue.

The whole village has 117 homes, up to 37 houses on 100 year old beam, and their 12 churches, temples intact. There are 12 homes beam are extremely rare, have a lifespan of 150-200 years, time shiny black wooden columns, trusses, regular, rectangular, horizontal board, the department, door carving intricate puzzle... not lost less the wooden structures in the palace dynasty.

Typical of the old house as his house beam Ho Dinh Lan, old worked as district chief. From a front entrance, shallow pools designed by the town style. More than 100 years old which store the column was polished wooden meetings. Between the horizontal images of the king was Duy Tan (1909 - 1916) are credited with integrity. Or as specific house was 200 years old Truong Cong Tien, three architectural styles left two spaces, deep roof tile paralysis has brown, mossy brick wall. The department store black dark. Large yard, front immense Bat Trang brick...

Most houses in Phuoc Tich beam are associated with extensive gardens until 1000 - 1.500m2, the tea house separated by a row boat straight undercut, creating a green space close to that neck strange glass.

In ancient beam house that we like to see as deposition time on items from hundreds of years ago. That's where the jar vase lime was high under thick layers of time, then drink tray, wooden food tray, assorted jars, sauce jars, salt, water jars by the village's pottery manufacturing ago was several hundred years and still maintain a daily basis, people still travel with as sediments of the time, recalls the heyday of the pottery village.

Not only known for the supply pottery from hundreds of years ago, Phuoc Tich village is also famous school, the village's children generation after generation serial solid education, many high achieving parking. Only in the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 - 1945) in the imperial city of Hue, the village has 19 bachelor's degrees, PhDs as court officials.

Phuoc Tich is also the only country in Central Confucius Temple built over a hundred years ago to honor the studious, encouraging children in the village working diligently under the pen now. That is why almost Phuoc Tich from past to present, virtually none of illiteracy, a rare thing for an ancient village of Phuoc Tich like sucking pig.

Today, the pottery village of only a legacy of the past, no longer economic life past its heyday, but the foundation of the village was studious wings flies away. This explains why, in the village now mostly elderly, young children but who also thorough history of the village as the first lesson in life. It is this has surprised researchers and tourists witnessed behaviors very culture of the people of Phuoc Tich on his father’s legacy.

Vestiges of ancient pottery remains are kept; the villagers also dedicated a land called alcohol Treng to store old pottery shards as a museum of traditional villages.

We can say, Phuoc Tich was almost intact to preserve the pristine beauty of daily life associated bucolic scenery, ancient architectural space beam house, temples, pagodas, ancient temples; pottery tradition village ... deserves a unique cultural heritage of Central and country.

Professor - Architect Dao Heng Glass, Chairman of Vietnam Association of Architects exclaimed when the Phuoc Tich “... I was really shocked to see a Vietnamese ancient village in the ancient land is not of Vietnamese people. On this land, there are too many houses still exist across chest with rain and poor sun miraculously. This discovery is like finding a Hoi An " forgotten " in the 80 years of the twentieth century ... "

Indeed, after being awakened " reveal the forgotten " in thickets of time ( since 2003 ) to date , Phuoc Tich has become an attractive tourist sights of numerous domestic and foreign tourists . Has appeared in the period Hue Festival with “Perfume old ancient village”. Since then a lot of research projects ancient village of Phuoc Tich conservation has been made. Especially in two days 17 - 08/18/2011 past, the project " Promoting the role of communities in sustainable development through heritage tourism " by the agency Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) supported assistance has been made in Phuoc Tich, with many cultural activities, travel, seminars ... to find solutions for tourism development, improving people's lives, contribute to the conservation and sustainable development of the ancient village.

With conservation efforts to preserve people's Phuoc Tich, as well as the industry level functions, the ancient village of Phuoc Tich is becoming a cultural destination tourist attraction, a sure living museum of cultural history unique village of Vietnam.

Monday, May 19

Twenty-five things not to miss in Vietnam

Specialist famous tourist sites of the British Rough Guides listed the same location should not miss when traveling in Vietnam on “inspiration” on his website.

1. Upland areas

The fair highland ethnic minorities are always to attract tourists. One can clearly see the special culture of the nation through colorful traditional costumes, cuisine and handicraft products made out of people. The atmosphere is boisterous spirit characteristic of the ethnic minority market, Bac Ha market is typical.

2. Temples

Temples reflect religious characteristics of Vietnam, as well as a unique architecture with the beauty essence that Long Son Pagoda in Nha Trang is one example.

3. Tet

As the most important holiday of the year in Vietnam. In these days, many traditional customs of Vietnam by region are shown. Tet atmosphere bustling with blooming, decorative street lights and colorful performances, spectacular fireworks or concerts skillful art dragon dance always attracts everyone’s eyes and all.

4. The Cu Chi Tunnels

Just reached the top 10 of the world's most underground, Cu Chi Tunnels has many interesting and attractive than you think. Coming here, tourists will experience life underground as real residents previously (sightseeing, eating). This defense system is still attractive destination for many tourists, especially veterans.

5. Draught

Drinking beer at the bar located deep in the heart of Hanoi's Old Quarter is an interesting foreign tourist. This way of saving travel, just to be able to soak up the lifestyle of the natives.

6. Hue

Relics of Hue in its retention characteristics of particular historical tombs, ancient ramparts time kings. Cultural and architectural works are always impressed with not only foreign tourists but also from Vietnam.

7. Puppet State

Water Puppetry is the art form of traditional folk theater unique, born from rice culture. Due to the unique and innovative performances, puppetry water quickly and received many visitors preferred.

8. May god speed measurement

Try a visit to Hoi An and visit the tailoring goods here, you 'll see surprise and delight when she saw workers cutting and singing , sewing to fashion a product after only a few hours.

9. Trekking Sapa

Climbing Fansipan - Vietnam's highest mountain and explore the highland town of Sapa is the first choice when visiting Vietnam of foreign tourists.

Sapa , tourists will have surprise for scenic sky blend together incredibly romantic and poetic . Weather and cool air in Sapa is one of the many attractions visitors.

10. Dak Lak lake

As one of the largest freshwater lake in Vietnam, province of Dak Lak lake is a destination to attract pilgrims. Only once the water naked, paddling canoe on a peaceful lake or riding elephants roam between vast countries, or explore the woods surrounding the lake will make visitors memorable.

11. Tours in Hoi An

Possesses a rich cultural heritage with the beautiful house still retains the old value , such as a picture Hoi rustic , casual, romantic , always charming and anxiety all visitors to this heart .

12. The Red River Delta

Visiting the peaceful countryside of the northern region and experience the simple life is not only not changed over the years , but still retain many traditional beauty in cultural activities is one of the tourist attractions RRD calendar.

13. Mekong Delta

Tourism Mekong Delta is one of the most fascinating tours in Vietnam. Here, in addition to visiting the floral and fruit garden, go on one of nine tributaries of the river to the sea Me Kong, ca tai tu listen and enjoy Southern specialties, tourists hardly skip visiting the floating markets, a feature found only in the western rivers.

14. Taking cyclo

Enjoy watching and scenic streets by pedicab are a special flavor not get anywhere outside Vietnam. This makes traveling tourists (especially foreigners) just feels new, just closer to the life and culture of Vietnam. Du cyclo city are common in old town Hanoi , Hoi An , Nha Trang , Da Nang ...

15. Cruising on Ha Long Bay

As one of the 7 natural wonders of the new world and is recognized as a world natural heritage Ha Long Bay as a beautiful gentle water color painting. To admire the beauty of this, visitors must go inside the yacht bay. There will be tours of the day, spending the night on the boat with many attractive activities visitors as squid fishing, swimming, rowing kayak.

16. Phu Quoc resort

Phu Quoc is blessed for blue beaches, pristine looks intact with coconut trees along the coastline. Go south at An Thoi Phu Quoc , tourists will admire the beauty of the marine life in the waters pure .

17. Cruise Unified

Send your bike on the train, then sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful views from South to North as the ship slowly run between Hanoi and HCMC.

18. Colonial architecture

The French colonial legacy can be easily found in the impressive architecture as the Hanoi Opera House, the French house painted yellow wall with a fireplace or wood stairs in niches characterized. Currently in the old town and many other towns in Hanoi houses remains durable French architecture over the years.

19. Traditional music

Performing traditional music is one of the important performance art in Vietnam. Each region has its own unique music. Foreign tourists often enjoy watching and listening to traditional types such as ca tru , concerned they reformed ...

20. Going for market

One of the things that visitors to enjoy Vietnam’s walking around and shopping at the market. Here, apart from fresh foods, including salty food stalls stomach lining, as the region that sells typical dishes. For example, Binh Tay Market that sells soup, spring rolls, rice cakes or bread pate help you fight hunger while shopping. Besides the cultural experience “bargain “when traveling to Vietnam.

21. Playing Dangerous Sports

Due to the structure of terrain especially so when it comes to Vietnam , tourists will enjoy the adventure sports " stunt " as climbing, parasailing , kite surfing , kayak or bike mountains , suitable for those who feel strongly preferred .

22. Cao Dai Temple

A place of worship of the Cao Dai religion - one of the most influential religions in Vietnam, churches are built with special architecture (modeled Tay Ninh Holy See, but smaller and simpler). It also often has ceremonies and cultural activities specific to religious believers.

23. Village of Ba Na

The Ba Na communal house is famous for is the meeting place of the villagers in the village in the Central Highlands. Ba Na communal house has many unique features in the architecture, shape, and pattern. If possible, make a visit to Gia Lai and Ba Na people live together in communal houses to learn more about Highland culture. In Hanoi, visitors can also admire the Ba Na communal house at the Museum of Ethnology.

24. Sidewalk food

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the kitchen eating roadside, mobile food stalls around the streets; enjoying fresh delicious dishes typical of each region is one of the cultural experiences and exciting cuisine in Vietnam.

25. Pleasure in Nha Trang

Scuba diving in the secluded small island offshore, but green as emeralds in Nha Trang is one of the most amazing things to come. Or just relax on the sea breeze soot sandy slopes is enough to wowing visitors at the beach paradise of Vietnam.

Monday, May 5

The tourist spots near Hanoi

1. Dong Mo

Far from Hanoi about 40 km to the west, located in Culture Village populations of ethnic tourism and is Vietnam’s top tourist complex of Son Tay - Ba Vi, eco-tourism center opens considered a tourist attraction near Hanoi ideal for your family. It meets 3 factors for family relaxation: Nature in healing, there are many entertainment and cuisine.

Open automatically, you can visit Son Tay ancient citadel, temples and Mia pagodas and Suoi Hai resort, visit K9 and Uncle temple in Ba Vi, then return to the resort to enjoy the delicious dishes specialty services using steam, relaxing massage.
Phoenix Island area with the green foliage is appropriate locations for outdoor play activities of children. Fishing, catch the chicken, peach shoots ... as well as children's activities are extremely preferred to come here. This is the point at which there are any ecological zones.
Dong Mo enough motels, budget hotels to luxury so you can easily select the appropriate getaway with the economic situation. Hotel room rates here average around 600000-700000 copper / room / night.

2. Tam Dao

How about 80km from Hanoi, Tam Dao resort has spectacular mountain scenery, covering an area of vast plains north. Year -round cool climate, the average temperature is 18-25 degrees C, Tam Island is an ideal place for the apparent rotation of 4 seasons in one day: the morning will spring breeze, warm season afternoon summer, clear autumn afternoon romantic autumn, cold evenings of winter.

This really is the ideal retreat for your family after the working day, study stress. TV Tower, Ngan Thuong Temple Princess, Silver mining, golf courses and ancient church of Tam Dao ... is the place to visit not to be missed to Tam Dao. Regarding food, do not forget to taste the green tops of chayote is grown immensely popular here.
Tam Dao with winding roads up and down the many bends and sleeves are very attractive to those who want to experience the feeling of traveling by motorcycle.

3. Ba Vi

53 km away from Hanoi, Ba Vi’s famous green space, clean, place to contain the pristine beauty and fascinating ideal for picnics of your family.

To Ba Vi National Park, you can explore pleasure, resort to the resort has been invested, a spacious renovated day, with many exciting tours are well organized.

4. Dai Lai
The center of Vinh Yen town about 25km, Dai Lai lake poetic calm where visitors can walk, sightseeing, boat trip to the water, cool shower, fishing, hiking, forest.
Dai Lai attractive resort with beautiful natural scenery, good service. Here, you can also visit the San Diu village, Soong hear her sing, enjoy ethnic cuisine or visit the Bat Cave, a walk in the pine forest ...

Those who prefer can organize hiking journey up north, threading passes through forest land to Thai Nhe or turn to the scale of the mountain, or explore the castle ruins of the ancient citadel of Nguyen Danh Local District.
Also the tour is extended to visit such as Dai Lai Lake Explore sail, yacht tours and Bat Cave area, skylights, mountains excursions Dai Lai, learn, explore life countryside as well as the local culture...