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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

Full day discover Angkor complex joining tour

Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Friday, November 29

Saigon sticky rice

Saigon town sells a distant city and its many sticky rice “specialty" hard to find elsewhere. Saigon sticky rice can be divided into two categories as sticky salty and sweet sticky rice. Sweet sticky rice is the most common with Gac sticky (also known as purple sticky rice), sticky bean, durian sticky rice, and sticky rice. Each type has adding onions, onion, coconut sugar or separate cells. For example, beans always eat sticky rice coated green peas puree add a piece of yellow nursery, add a little coconut small cell, is then sprinkled with a little sugar white sandy. Qigong is a kind of distant purple faithful. Eat more fat to be digging out and new non- issue right away. It is often sprinkled with onion and onions when savory food, but own with some sticky rice sticky sweet as the cam attached to these two new tasty. This way of eating is indeed just as popular in Saigon that eats food without water seemed to have more fat. The sticky rice originating from the north as sticky crumb, gill arcs away Gac stalls on the roads around Saigon. On to the South, the taste of the dish away more or less changed. Still scented sticky rice with glutinous rice, sweet flavor other than whether the taste of the South.

Southern pure sweet sticky to mention the corn away. Glutinous corn is corn, stewed with coconut water, forming a half away half porridge dishes. Thoroughly broken corn finished basement so soft, even slightly wet, fresh white, sprinkle green beans for me finely, then add little grated coconut, sesame salt. Eating fat in just sweet but not sick leave just delicious. Sweet sticky Saigon, as its name implies, the sweetness mingled with the aroma of sticky plastic, coconut fatty leopard, green beans and onion puree rotation, the extra little crunchy onions fragrant aroma creates a separate flavor but familiar. There is also a special sticky rice sweet but not quite as popular as the sweet sticky rice dish aforementioned Siamese away. Flung Siamese originated from Thailand. Flung Siamese is compiled from material from the Thai glutinous rice, coconut, durian, jiggery...

The Siamese sticky rice processing complex but need not have experience and ingenuity. Steamed sticky rice to ripe, supple and not hard nor paste, sauce, sweet, juicy but not fatty and fresh. In Saigon away Siamese is usually sold in Chinatown (District 5). Flung to mention the sticky salty chicken, sticky rice sausage, quail eggs, tiny clinic, sticky rolls, pâté... Often people will leave chicken flung aside, still sticky with sausage, rolls, quail eggs, pâté will collectively referred to as sticky salty. The dishes on common ingredients that are cooked rice, scented plastics, pig fat with chopped onion stalks green nursery intact even after grade oil is hot, add the onions crispy aromatic less. Depending on your needs and taste selected dishes that comes as dried shrimp, shrimp fried dough, sausage, quail eggs...As for the chicken away and there are many ways to enjoy. The most popular is still sticky shredded chicken, delicious just convenient, it is to meet the demand for fast, convenience of the city. Where busy people love to be made available.

Chicken pieces are torn into small erosion, while not eat the shredded chicken hand, just enjoying the delicious food brought. Shredded chicken can be boiled chicken thoroughly in fresh water for each muscle; can also be fried chicken, which is taking place to choose grilled chicken. Saigon flung usually sold in the morning or evening. Light is usually walks away gathered in front schools, or roadside sales. Before any school with at least a burden on the sidewalk away that large and small roads also indispensable burden away. Flung way to mention the high road win from the start line to the intersection of Dien Bien Phu. Cars that are investment vehicles carefully, for three or four pulses of high –sticky rice, smoke spiraling up. Mostly sweet sticky rice with colorful eye-catching. Just drive through, listening to disperse fragrance in the air it's hard to hold back hearts that go on. Each package is priced here away from 5,000 VND to 10,000 VND. Corner of intersection with Suong Nguyet Anh, Cach Mang Thang Tam also a burden away chicken, and sticky corn sold only delicious in the afternoon. Burden away has approximately twenty years.

Through many ups and downs at the same time, the son of her once stellar sales go well with a lot less, but still taste delicious packages like since when away. 7,000 Flung here only one package; it is wrapped in banana leaves, not wrapped in cellophane as elsewhere. Saigon also has a restaurant away from the old voice cried far located in Bui Thi Xuan street. It was named the best restaurant in Saigon sticky rice with fried chicken, chicken hearts and flung away Gac fame. Flung here has a moderate bloom, scented plastic back. Gac fruit is sweet sticky rice bar to cool naturally scented. People come here will definitely eat there once a second, third parties. Shop is small but has a large staff, the enthusiasm, whether to eat or will not take long to wait.

Cultural diversity away in Saigon that. Sticky rice dish is always delicious, has had no bread no less convenient. The Saigon minded, receptive and core erosion. Burden away that also which become abundant, more varied. From a rustic little sticky rice is also part should portray distinct culture of Members chosen the wrong people.

(Source: Gray Line Vietnam)

Saturday, November 23

Bach Dang festival

Bach Dang River is the evidence of many battles which were against many invaders. It was also a place we memorize many heroes. That is Ngo Quyen with wooden stakes battle defeated Han army (938), Le Hoan (981 years) against the Sung, Hung Dao Vuong-Tran Quoc Tuan - the famous general Tran (1288) against the Mongol.
Location: Taking place in Yen Giang Commune, Yen Hung district, Quang Ninh Province.
Time: To be held on March 8th (lunar calendar) every year, this lasted four days and nights.
Meaning: The festival celebrates the victory of Bach Dang national heroes who fight invaders.
Bach Dang Festival takes place on the ancient land with evidence of heroes, attracting thousands of people around the delta of the Red River. Ceremonial procession took place from Holy Temple. From the Yen family then brought back home from the temple with solemn ceremonies. After the game is to retell the glorious victory of Bach Dang River as sailing brush, oratorio of Bach Dang battle: offering the tide schedule, plan on fire, hauling poles on the Bach Dang River...
Center for the festival at Tran Hung Dao Temple – Vua Ba Temple and other family temple Yen Hung district, The Dinh Trung (Lien Hoa) Chinese cup Temple (Nam Hoa commune) Dinh Dien Cong (Cong Dien) Holy Mass procession from the temple Tran Bach Dang, Giang Linh from the Yen family, and returned. Games review the glorious victory of Bach Dang River as sailing brush, oratorio of Bach Dang battle: offering the tide schedule, plan on fire, hauling poles on the Bach Dang River...

Tran Hung Dao Temple festival includes: the load resistance of the civil and military drills Tran, rituals, ceremonies statue of Tran Hung Dao, the swimming traditional Bach, Bach oratorio tradition, wrestling, human chess ... Bach Dang Festival is the largest and sacred. There are many state leaders attend. The swimming custom is a vital ritual. On large rivers, the race of much bamboo leaf boat race spiraling labor, the cheers of the Assembly on the waterfront as revive echoes of battles in the past. The games were held in many places such as wrestling, chess people, and fighting cock.

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Tuesday, November 19

The Temple of Literature

Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam in Quoc Tu Giam street, Dong Da district , Hanoi. The Temple of Literature was built in October 1070 where worship Confucius, Confucian sages and  Quoc Tu Giam Justice Chu Van An, the typical teacher and moral importance of education in Vietnam.
In 1076, Quoc Tu Giam was built adjacent to the Temple of Literature then  initial placement of the prince, after expanding the student receiving good in the galaxy .

V ăn Mieu was surounded  by brick’s wall. Inside the barrier layer, there are 5 zones. The first zone begins with the main entrance, on the word of Literature port, the port is under two stone dragons period of Le style ( 15th century ). Aisle leading to the Great Central Square gate opening for the second one. The two sides are two small ports. The walkway that leads to Khue Van The ( watching the beauty of Sao Khue -literary themes ). The two sides have also hung two small ports. The third zone is from guard to Khue Van Dai Thanh Mon , in the middle of the square there is a lake called Thien Quang Tinh ( skylight in the morning ).
Two side of lake are stone steles garden  that named the doctoral degree ( in 1993 with funding from a portion of U.S. business organizations, Van Mieu Management has built eight houses for cover of this beer ).  Dr is the highest pass in the exam regulations. In the past, the school after about 10 years of capital letters light enough books for immediate examination exam guide provincial organizations, opened a department every three years.  Achieving high point of this exam at Bachelor degree. The following year his Bachelor of capital to the exam. Those benchmarks will be enough exam Dinh ( Dinh exam and the exam is actually two phases of a competition ) .

Matriculation exam called Dr . Doctoral degree which can be undermined . There are 82 stone steles , stone stele is the oldest record of the examination in 1442 , the latest science of stone steles  in 1779 . It is the most precious relics of the ruins. Step through the door to the University of the fourth.  A large yard, two blocks from the Ta Vu, Vu Huu, which lists up to worship the grape . At the end of the game and defeated the harem, beautiful and monumental architecture. There are a number of precious objects: the left bell cast in 1768, opening the right side there is a stone plate, engraved on the article about the use of this type of instrument.

The layout of the latest Van Mieu is  also from the Le Dynasty ( 15th century - 18th century ). Particularly Khue Van The newly built in the early 19th century , but also in the overall planning of the capital of Literature ( Van Mieu as in Qufu , China , the hometown of Confucius , the Great Central Square meet, The Van Khue , Dai Thanh Mon , Dai Thanh Dien , Ph.D. beer ... ). Khue Van The Temple of Literature in Hanoi hosts usually average of all of the medical literature or death .
After  “ Dai Bai” hall is a contemporary  Quoc Tu Giam university. When  Nguyen Hue was leaving the school to ease transition to this Holy Temple,  Confucius parents, but this temple was damaged during the war . Van Mieu is relic abundance and diversity complex and being the leading destination in Hanoi.

Tuesday, November 12

Tra Co - The most Romantic Beach

Tra Co Beach is officially awarded as the most beautiful beach in Vietnam by the Vietnam Guinness Association. Located in the northeast of the country, bordered between Vietnam and China, Tra Co is in Quang Ninh province. This is the outer edge of a natural excavation affected by wave and coastal line. The beach is situated on Tra Co peninsula, Binh Ngoc, Tra Co, 350km from Hanoi; connected to Mong Cai center by Hung Vuong Street about 7km long.

Being a remote area and near industrial zones, the climate is so cool, quiet with white sand stretching in the calm blue water. Come here, you will see a typical fishing village with the casuarinas forest and long coastline. Still unspoiled, only a small part of the beach becomes resort and golf course; another is the beach for visitors and locals, the huge rest with white sand and rustling trees will attract those visitors who love the beauty & purity of nature.

Tra Co beach has gained the following records:

- The Vietnam Longest Beach:
 With over 15km of coastline extending from Cape Sa Vi (Mui Got) to Ngoc Mountain (where the peninsula ends) forming an arc, Tra Co is one of the longest beaches in Southern Vietnam.

- The first beach on the country’s map:
If you line up the Vietnam’s sea border , Tra Co is the first beach that you see.

- The closest beach to the border:
Tra Co beach is one of two nearest beaches to VN border. If you stand at Sa Vi Cape, about 6km from Tra Co beach: you can zoom into Chinese shores. For shopping, you can go to Mong Cai town (about 12 km away) for immigration procedures. There is Mui Nai beach in the south, only about 5 km from Cambodia border.

- The beach has the most tourist destinations:
There are many beautiful tourist destinations that you can visit such as Tra Co church, Tra Co temple (Trang Vy village) with soaring arched roof, Sa Vi park (where you can see the sea border post), pristine Ngoc mountain, Black Rock beach...

- One of the most pristine beaches:
The pace of urbanization has not spread to this urban area, which makes Tra Co beach a wild and sparsely travel services. If you want to enjoy seafood you can buy at the beach right when the fishermen come back from fishing.

- The Most Romantic Beach
With fine white sand, broad coastline, and the roaring waves rushing to shore, you can enjoy playing with water.
And dawn or sunset is when you should come to Con Mang, about 6km to the north of Tra Co to enjoy the idyllic scenery here. And down to the south, Black Rock beach is also poetic.

(Source: Places to visit in vietnam)

Wednesday, November 6

Tuan Chau island - Halong bay

Halong Bay - the World Natural Heritage with thousands of small islands on the vast sea:  Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave... Particularly Tuan Chau Island, the only land in heritage areas outside the natural beauty of pine trees, lakes, beaches on the island also offers history of the country.

Tuan Chau Beach, located on the island of the same name, is regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Halong city with white sand stretching over 2km and blue waves. Tuan Chau Island is the entertainment, sports, and tourism activities spot. The beach villa with 50 rooms of international 5-star standard brings visitors comfortable moments.Go to Tuan Chau island resort, visitors can swim, go sightseeing, and participate in recreation activities, such as hiking, camping on eco-tourism resort hill or resting, watching the performance of dolphins, sea lions...

Next to the coast is a series of 4-5 star luxury villas, a neighborhood cuisine, a regional performing dolphins, seals, sea lions, with a modern theater with 3,000 seats. The west side of the island is a 500 seat theater with circus animals like elephants, tigers, horses, pythons, snakes... Along with the work on the artificial streams, waterfalls music, zoo, marine lakes, swimming pools, tennis courts, water games and a rocky islet is the restaurant, surrounded by beaches...

Tuan Chau Beach is contributed to this tourist island famous both at home and abroad and is considered an indispensable destination of the tour.

(Source: Activities in Vietnam)