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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

Full day discover Angkor complex joining tour

Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Wednesday, February 26

Eight inspiring locations for taking photo in Hanoi

Yen Vien strain station, Long Bien Bridge and the streets are littered with fallen yellow leaves are always inspiring places for photo hunter.

1. Longan garden 

Location: Located at the foot of Vinh Tuy Bridge.
About 2 years recently, with about 500 longan trees near Vinh Tuy bridge (Long Bien district, Hanoi) has become an attractive place for young people to take photo.

2. Yen Vien station

Location: Going toward to Bac Ninh and go through Duong bridge, the Railway Station is on the left.

Peaceful scene with the trains, where appropriate place for enjoying tinkering with something new, classic and a little personality.

3. Nhat Tan flower garden

Location: Going on from lane 264 Au Co , Tay Ho District.

Here flowers bloom all year round, from the most pressing, sunflower, butterfly flower, flower nail to the spoiled dragon ... and the young couple posing.
The fee for each garden is 20,000 VND / person, for the bride and groom, can cost up to VND 200,000 - 300,000 per pair.

4. The street s with yellow leaves falling

Location: Hoang Dieu, Phan Dinh Phung, Dien Bien Phu, Kim Ma.

The road is pretty popular in Hanoi with trees, creating a peaceful feeling, fresh.

Whenever you walk up to Kim Ma Street, near the Diplomatic Area and Van Phuc street, you can find a nice angle to take pictures. In the spring, the road covered with red buds of the plant Lagerstroemia closely.

In the summer, the cool green grass becomes more brilliant in the sun. Autumn, fall leaves and even full path winters Kim Ma street with spindly trees also attract teenagers pose bewitching figure.

5. Temple of literature

Temple of literature is particularly impressive in the heart of Hanoi and attracts tourists every day. That fall leaves, green grass and old buildings from the Ly dynasty. This place is always the first choice of who wants to retain memories.

At any angle, one can also see images of flowing robes, the manipulator amateur but enthusiastic.

6. Imperial Citadel of Thang Long

Location: Located on Hoang Dieu.

There are not too many features but here attracted by landscape photographer ancient, inspired artistic creations.

7. Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge is not only a witness to history, connecting the banks of the Red River that connects life was idyllic, unspoiled beaches of the people between the Red River to the bustling urban prosperous place.

Every moment of the day will bring this historic bridge a different beauty. If the early morning, the bridge looming in the mist unfurl unfurling behind the beach between the Red River at evening begins, the Long Bien Bridge has become quiet old age as an artist at sunset.

8. Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter

Location: around Hoan Kiem Lake, the ancient streets.

If you want to keep it quiet beauty, the gentleness of Hanoi Old Quarter is the most suitable destination. Green lakeside scene they earn, with The Huc Bridge, turtle tower prominent among them. But district board with dazzling Hang Ma always lanterns, fabrics with bar bamboo create unique shapes or the old neighborhood craft will be beautiful backdrops.

When autumn brings Hoan Kiem Lake a strange beauty, will collect chilly wind, one can clearly feel the smell of fallen leaves and water mingles with the smell of earth. This is also the time when the inflorescences sesame graceful drooping crimson lake. If late winter, sesame replace the late autumn leaves yellow, red flowering tree as a curtain to let the water surface. Sky blue water and sesame flowers will create a beautiful, poetic scene.

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Saturday, February 22

Ten great festival in the first month of lunar new year part 2

1. Horse racing Go Thi Thung, Phu Yen

The festival is held on the 9th January, at Go Thi Thung, An Xuan Commune, Tuy A district. Although the track is participating horses and pack daily rider is the honest farmers, but at the festival, visitors will see the screen gallop in cheerleader cheers of thousands viewers. In addition to racing, the festival also has the vibrant folk games.

2. Yen Tu Festival in Quang Ninh

As one of the Buddhist center of Vietnam, Yen Tu festival season every year attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. In the 10th day of January meeting, Spring Festival is the highlight of this year outside of the royal statue on Tran Nhan Tong An Ky Sinh area was opened to serve the needs worship, celebration of Buddhist tourists, will there are many other activities such as : Mass for peace, blessing, organizing programs on the source ...

3. Society for fishermen, Hue

Every year on January 12, resident Thai Duong Ha, Thuan An solemnly held back for sleep. Games played fishermen netted in Congress will be held before the village temple. Then out of the regatta on neighboring communes.

End of the ceremony was intimate dinner guests and local villagers. The festival is held for fishermen to pay their gratitude to the village scene is Angela, respectfully known as Truong Quy Cong.

4. Lim Festival, Bac Ninh

Lim Festival is a major festival in Bac Ninh, the Assembly was held on 13 January every year, the Tien Du district.

Coming to the festival, visitors not only get to listen to them singing the captivating, from betel invited to sing, to the flute to call the river, spider spin her web, which is also involved in many folk games as fighting, wrestling, chess, enough money, loom weaving contest, cooking.

5. Tran temple, Nam Dinh

This year, Tran Temple Festival will take place from January 12 to 16 with two ritual processions and restore the health of fish.

Ceremony publication for people and pilgrims started from 7am on 15 January (14/2). India will be played at the Tran Temple 3 is the Universe, gallery to China and a garden area Tran temple.

Monday, February 17

Ten great festival in the first month of lunar new year

During the first month of the year, over nation are jubilant to celebrate festival with many exciting activities and attractions.

1. The festival of catching husband in Lam Dong

From the first day to the end of time is the lunar festival began husband of the Chu Ru ethnic, CIL, and The Ho ... Lam Dong in the Central Highlands in particular and in general. The festival takes place at night. When a guy like that, inform girls about family and family know. The family will hold talks to the boys. If the guy agreed, husband arrested ceremony will be held on the day before the wedding. She will be on hand to ring the son. 7 days after the wedding, her mother takes off the ring and back ring store guy kept by her mother.

2. Dong Da Festival - Tay Son, Binh Dinh

Dong Da Festival – Tay Son area commemorates the occasion of the illustrious leader of the Tay Son movement, especially cloth hero Quang Trung - Nguyen Hue and celebrates the victory of Ngoc Hoi - Dong Da. The festival takes place from the 4th to the 5th lunar month, in Quang Trung Museum, Phu Phong town, Tay Son Binh Dinh.

In addition to traditional ceremonies, festival has organized many cultural activities like folk and martial arts demonstrations war drums Xishan, sailing, traditional games, singing opera ... attract domestic and foreign tourists.

3. Ba Den Mountain Festival , Tay Ninh

Ba Den Mountain Spring Festival this year was the opening of the 4th Lunar New Year properly and lasts until the end of January. This is a traditional festival and the famous Tay Ninh Province Southeast.

Visitors to the temple she could on foot or by mountain system of chutes and cable cars. In addition to early Buddhist pilgrimage holidays, with the high of Ba Den Mountain is 968 m interesting challenge for many young people love to conquer.

4. Huong Pagoda Festival in Hanoi

Perfume Pagoda Festival this year with the theme “Tourism festival - Huong Pagoda beauty of Vietnamese traditional culture " will officially open on January 6 meeting, and lasted until the end of March lunar calendar. Huong Son Commune, My Duc district, Ha Noi , Huong pagoda festival is one of the longest running festivals in the country. Coming to the festival , visitors not only get involved in the process up to the Buddha but also be immersed in the small space of the vast country with a sightseeing boat sits now.

5. Long Tong Festival, Tuyen Quang

Long Tong Festival is a traditional festival of the Tay ethnic Tuyen Quang province. The festival is held on the 8th of January every year with new year wishes for a good rain, and wind, harvests, family warm and happy.

In this day, which also prepared the items made from agricultural to rising gods, such as rice cakes, pork, boiled eggs, sticky rice five colors? Also part of the ceremony, the opportunity associated with traditional games and people are always waiting to welcome visitors as throwing, walking on stilts, puppetry, cock fighting, swinging, martial dance , tug, push sticks, shoot crossbows and then sing.

Wednesday, February 12

Visiting “Bich Dong” - Ninh Binh

Located in a tourist complex of Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, Bich Dong has long been known for one of the most beaituful cave after Huong Tich. In cool weather in the first day of autumn, with the distance over 100km from Hanoi to Bich Dong apparently does not take any energy. From a distance, the pagoda is appearing from Ngu Hanh Son mountain.

It was not very close, go through a lotus pond, ancient entrance gate out front last. The road shaded red brick making people feel extremely grateful. Bich Dong Pagoda is built in a “Tam " kanji, not three adjacent buildings, along the ridge three levels, based on how high up the mountain from the lower three separate temples: Lower, Middle and Upper.
This unique mountain Bich Dong Pagoda, Temple and complement each other, hidden among the giant trees as blue temples mingle with spectacular natural scenery. Three temples built on a high ridge, under the Trans- Cards have. Between the majestic mountains painting a frieze inlaid on the temples of ancient, moss -tiled roofs, 8 scenic enough that the ancients used to call '' Bich '' painted bowl scene.
5 times lower temple built on a high platform at the foot of the mountain. In Buddhist temples, pagoda style architecture intended. Trusses, bar, iron wood spars. The roof is two curving roof, including roof 8.

In 1705, two monks are legal identity and knowledge is intelligent beings piety wants to go to many places to spread Buddhism and built the temple. Come to see Bich Dong mountain terrain and spectacular temple should have two monks decided to stop, fix you to the old pagoda, assigned to rebuild the temple into three: Lower, Middle and Upper Quaternary action.

Year of the Pig (1707), two monks and Furnishings knowledge has cast a huge bell, hanging out at The Max. In year of horse (1774), Tinh Do Vuong Trinh Sam (1767-1782) visited the temple and named Bich Dong Pagoda.

After the Pagoda House, becoming the courtyard faces north, 80 -step stone steps around the mountain men, coming halfway up the mountain to the Middle Temple, sell architectural roof outside.

This is a very unique temple where there is little, half embedded in the cave, half exposed. 3 Buddhist pagoda worship space. Buddha Ceremony finished in the upper house, 21 steps up the stone steps to the dark current. This is the main, of deep, quiet, nature has absorbed many generations meticulously polished extremely subtle, penetrating to every little detail to create his first, fairies, sub- contract, dragon eel, swimming turtles, elephants flanking, tiger for ...
Top healing, travelers must step stone steps near the ridge 40. Temple also known as the Upper East Pagoda where worship buddha.

This temple is located at the highest peaks near Bich Dong. Standing on healing from eye drop sweeping mountains alternating fields as aquatic paintings. After visiting the temple unique populations, both groups interested sailing caving beneath Xuyen Thuy three temples.

Just in people overwhelmed by the beauty of the stalactites hang down from the cave ceiling. The stalactites in all shapes , colors forming countless fancy shapes : time as a lotus bud , as elected at the mother's milk , which is shaped when a crocodile ...
Immerse yourself in a beautiful space to mystical, anxiety troubles in life suddenly disappeared. Even when the journey ends, peaceful feeling throughout sedimented still inside ...

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Saturday, February 8

Hanoi old quarter

From King Ly Cong Uan moved the capital to Dai La (1010) and changed name to Thang Long (Flying Dragon), the capital is divided into two areas: the king and his throne area called Thang Long City and region residential places for business of all classes of commercial agriculture officer. Each street produces and sells its unique product.

This residential area has surrounding, suburbs called Thang Long. Both areas are organized into an administrative unit, known as Ung Thien. In 1014 is changed to Nam Kinh. With the process of urbanization, many wards turn into the agricultural trade, as Giang Khau Ward (Ha Khau) at To Lich river is a bustling wharfs where boats, boats and foreign traders in trade, business.

There's also the ward trade, craft new form multiple row spectrometer as The Market (silk, silk, the), Lime goods, paper goods, etc. . . By the 18th century, Dutch traders, British, Portuguese and most overseas Chinese came to open the shop in Hanoi, the service shop and trade. Since then shaped into a bustling 36 streets.

Hanoi Old quarter which is the ancient city of Hanoi tourism. It's an old town triangle, the first edge adjacent to the Red River from Hang Dau. Second scene from Hang Dau to Cua Nam. The third factor from last year's run through Hang Bong, Hang Gai, Cau Go. 36 street’s name associated with item name production and trafficking from past to present. In this area, the house church patriarchs still trades.
The majority of the ancient yin-yang tiles, tubular -style architecture with 3 rooms and two wings, or 5 times, vertical development, deep Hun smoking. This is the famous Old Quarter; Hanoi bold ancient culture is being invested, to study conservation and preservation.

Today, on the innovation, integration, Hanoi has many times larger than that of old, no one new city Hanoi remembers now, but 36 streets cannot forget the past and is still there. Hanoi People's Committee is currently mobilizing public streets; the right kind of business has a street name, to a private motu brand, serving tourists. Let them understand the culture of Hanoi - Thang Long, the cultural origin of Vietnam.

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Wednesday, February 5

Tet reminds Vietnamese customs

Tet is from “Tiet” it means a season or “weather”, or understanding in other meanings Tet is a festival. Tet is the occasion of family reunion, visiting relatives, ancestor worship. Tet is also an opportunity to rest, to play to prepare for a new year.
Tet tradition reflects the particularities of culture Vietnam through many generations, and will depend on the region of the country. But we can still divide into two main types: Tet with family and Tet with village.
Tet is the time as all family members gathering. Whoever is going far for studying will be home around December 23 to welcome the New Year with family. Typically 1 Vietnamfamily spent half months to prepare for the New Year, such as housekeeping, shopping, decorating house... Normally Tet customs with families include: visiting ancestral graves, grandparents shadowy procession, fireworks, exodus, stormed the house, good life, taciturn, visits, and continuous abstinence.
We also welcome Tet traditions from ancient villages because society is organized according Vietnam village system, in which the village is the smallest unit. Welcoming New Year with villages include: up yet, Lucky early spring, the crowd singing the Spring Festival as they sing, then wrestling, rowing competition, competition for food.
The spring recreation include: pen spring opening, Festival couplets, New Year paintings, knife sharpener, rated chess lion dance.
Food is very much spring day on the altar but usually always have 4 fruits (bridges, coconut, papaya, mango) stands for " spending enough bridges " in the South, also in the North often green bananas, grapefruit, blueberries, persimmons, eggs, Buddha's hand fruit. Especially some indispensable on ancestral altars that pair’s rice cakes, jam box.
Some cultural practices:
Visiting ancestral graves: From 23 December to 30 children in the family gathered together enough east to visit, remodel ancestral graves and bring fruit aroma lamp to cozy, inviting ancestral spirits to eat Festival for children.
Give the kitchen god to heaven also known as king kitchen. Legend each year to theHeaven god gives kitchen god 1 time, on December 23 to report to God what's happened in that time of year. So on that day people usually worship Vietnam is a precursor to Apple solemn adoration of the Creator and to 30 re-offered to invite grandparents and military Apples spend the holidays. According to custom, practice outside of Kitchen god  also coat crown tray of rice paper, double- hia, and carp drop in the water bowl to create military ride to heaven. Generally this ratio in order to keep the commandments we should preserve behavior, because everything would ship up to the Jade Emperor.
His torch shadowy third: the festival invited him to spend the holidays with her children and grandchildren.
On the afternoon of 30 December, on the ancestral altar was presented first feast included fruits and food. The chief offered incense on the altar, begging ancestors witness and bless the family many blessings in the new year. By then everyone in the family are respectfully invited to join hands and shadowy grandparents spend the holidays.
Fireworks: firecracker believed to be able to drive out evil spirits and bring blessings for the new year. There are legends that among teenagers Na 2 Asian couple or vandalism Vietnam harm people, they are just afraid of light and noise, and the people we laid out loudly dazzling fireworks to chase the 2 teenagers. New Year's Eve fireworks right (time between 12 midnight reconciled December 30 of the previous year and the first of the new year), people set off firecrackers at the same time, all sorts of wild crunchy crackers main gun and the burning smell firecrackers mingled scents of incense on the altar lights create a very special festival atmosphere of our nation.
Today not many people still believe the fireworks to banish evil spirits, but firecracker explosions today represents the day the jubilant excitement of spring, determine crimson fireworks symbolize good luck for the new year . But now this is no longer customary for the production and fireworks have caused too many tragic accidents.
Choose a family member passed out in the first minute of the new year. The exodus to view the calendar, choose a good direction, steamed with lucky old to look forward to in the new year when stepped out of the house.
There are so many people believe that the first step in his house at the beginning of the year will bring luck, bad for families throughout the year. Should one or inviting people have luck (thriving, happy family) stormed home to Dum. The bath house had dressed, walked into the front door and went around the house, the kitchen, implying bring luck in every corner home.
In the morning first day of Tet, the children in the show filial piety through good old congratulated for their parents and grandparents. Good old as the Vietnam notion that each person that day to 1 year old, regardless birthday as Westerners.
Li xi word means: is the transliteration from Cantonese to Vietnamese, formerly the “marketing margin “in kanji, which means money, benefits. To celebrate the age of the children, the adults in the family donated the money and wished them a small fast growing, reaching that learning in the new year. It is placed in the red bag, because red symbolizes luck.
Visiting customs: it's time to welcome all the dear friends to visit, and also visited paid holidays. Usually the first day is dedicated to the good life for elders, relatives. 2nd day for teachers, the 3rd is fun to visit with friends
In the first 3 days it is common to eat voices cautious words and actions because we believe that it may bring bad luck for the whole year. For example, do not sweep, scan identify most guns out of the money being considered to the door sweep. No drugs or knives gift of being seen as a sign of illness and conflict. Do not lament or weep smashing dishes because it is a sign of the breakdown of the family. Do not wear white or black because being seen as a sign of mourning.