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Half day discovery at Hoian ancient town

Hoian is totally a hightlight on your stay in Vietnam. This tour will help you explore quaint streets and houses, ancient shrines, cozy ambience and hospitable people with professional and knowledgeable guide

Full day discover Angkor complex joining tour

Immerse yourself in the mystifying history of Cambodia’s sacred temples and ancient archeological sites. Join with us, you will have a chance to explore and discover every corner of this UNESCO Heritage.

Yangon city sightseeing tour

You will hear about the colonial architecture, religious buildings and parks and feel the real Yangon with our tour.

Full day Luang Prabang heritage

Luang Prang is an outstanding example of the fusion of traditional architecture and Lao urban structures with those built by the European colonial authorities in the 19th and 20th centuries. Join with us, you will able to visit the most highlights in town in your own way

Thursday, March 27

Airfare promotion to Bangkok

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Saturday, March 22

Unique ancient village in the heart of the capital

Ancient Dong Ngac village is called Ve village in the past has maintain more than 100 historic buildings over 100 years old, and many valuable tangible culture and intangible culture.

 A small niche in the ancient Dong Ngac village.

Tracing the path paved incline and the smoke of kitchen, anyone who once walked along the small streets in the village are not able to think that, between the bustling capital city has a quiet peace to the world.

We like to be immersed into the past of an old artist; the sound of children is playing. An old man in the alley told us that there are two places that anyone in the ancient village is also home to the East Village and church groups.

East Village family, a house with large scales and multiple items in ancient architecture and standards have existed for 500 years. According to legend, the ancient capital is a family temple ancient building from the Tang dynasty in the seventh century. 1635, villagers had to renovate and expand the village's tutelary family to church. Family worships 3 gods symbolizing Heaven - Location - Personnel. Holy Angels is Single Charge , by Phan Phu Tien - a village - procession from Sam Son, Thanh Hoa, Nhan Le Khoi god, King Le Thai children, as well as a general, was named the Admiral village Most cross- procession from Nghe An ; Local tutelary god 's altar.

In addition, families also worship Dr. Pham Quang Dung, is the village has stood out in 1718 and renovated home Ly Pham Tho, the family donated the land for the first time in 1635. In many families still keep precious artifacts, stone monuments valuable as lacquer and the Le ...

Shocked villagers to shareholders, in addition to family about anyone cannot ignore their church group, Do, Do The period specific church, a senior martial Le - Trinh. The ordained United (United lengths) from alive and deify (Upper admirable spirit) he died. That house is now dating back over 300 years.

Wooden gate has quietly imprinted traces of time, a front garden, old house almost intact from architecture and objects in the house. The house is considered a second house about. This is one of the few houses in the village, there are many furniture and related items of great merit notability Do be solved.

According to the Do family record, Do period ancestor born on 21/10 year of the Ox, life Vinh Thinh (1709). At current, the tool is yet 4 the word “fossil sperm Set “in recognition of loyal heart, integrity of the instrument. Currently, in the harem of the house there is radiation horizontal with 4 words “mental superiority happy." Also, in other genealogical record of the legend of the deified Do family ancestor.

According to Mr. Do Quoc Hien, worship are things to be king, God gave Do ancestor during his life. Proud values and cultural history of the house much, pity the Constitution when he shared the concerns and difficulties to preserve the house. In my limited ability, he and their descendants still trying Do annual maintenance, maintenance termiticide to the old house ...

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Tuesday, March 18

Hanoi night grilled corn

People often remember about Hanoi autumn with scent of milk flower, with falour of green young sticky rice. What about winter? Probably missing the northeast moonson with flavor of grilled corn on street corners at Hanoi night.

 Boiled corn in every season. In the small streets of Hanoi night, about midnight At every corner street, we can easily hear the sound “let’s buy boiled corn” in the quiet night. But having only grilled corn from late autumn to early winter.

When the late autumn winds begin, when it started taking cold night, when the cold hands need to find gloom ... Grilled corn is next season. Gosh how to please people but right then, the Red River bank side also has a major corn. Look at the sticky corn mantle bomber with velvety green balls and curls silks begin to turn color was red flyaway hung in the cold wind sewing incipient, is known aromatic grilled corn season is in the streets.

We should know how to choose corn, corn is not really old. But be careful to choose the grilled corn. That must be the corn “buds” is not old or too young. Old, when baked, hardened corn kernels hard, eat well, too young to be shrunken grilled corn kernels, dry food is not tasty determined. Choose maize, bi mantle bar outside, they saw how seeds are corn, gear, pressed beads that still soft but not turned out to be the colostrum. Which is rather sticky corn sweet corn, American corn or maize that they could not baked up fragrant for well.

In the late afternoon, when the street lights started gilded on the street corners, the sister of her presentation corn rows corn begins to bake. A charcoal tray, a fan nan , chips three plastic chairs to sit and eat corn . That's enough. Then fanning embers up, slowly turning back once corn, so corn cooked slowly, the fragrant smell of ripe corn on each rotor, fly away, tangerine wrap every street corner, every corner makes anyone come across well last stupor to find ... Listen to her fragrant smell, the women, girls, men and women go through ham snacks could not resist, what type should also stop.

Grilled corn is heated in the cold winter night in Hanoi. Couple should stop and sit by the fire, buy a corn and share the warmth. The lonely wandering alone on the street the night, breaking through the rows of corn silage maize buy a kettle in hand, just inhale absently sipping just watched the blip tons of coal in the night, watching the line of life passed before his eyes slowly ...

Eating grilled corn Hanoi winter night, but every other ordinary miss when away from the skin away, as the memory of the memories of his childhood cozy.

Wednesday, March 12

Four delicious fish sauces in Vietnamese cuisine

In the culinary culture of the Southern people, every fish dish has a very particular taste.

Salted fish sauce- Chau Doc

According to people in Chau Doc, any species of fish sauce can also be made. But the experience of the village, only a few species such as snakehead fish, fish on, colorful fish, bottom fish, salted fish is flexible ... delicious fish meat by window length, when brought as new standards of fish sauce tasty .

There are many ways to eat fish sauce Chau Doc. If you like to eat hot pot sauce, fish sauce storage, use colorful fish, fish parts. And if you like them, of course fish dishes to filter them using fish sauce with minced meat with red onion, onion and eggs.

Ruot fish sauce - U Minh

There is a special kind of fish called fish gut is ancient. This is the only kind of fish gut full of snakehead fish, tuna so expensive. So rare, so when this ancient type of fish only for the nobility, officials ... now, if only to take the family to eat.

Choose fresh fish of about 4-5 kg cleaned meat to eat, take the natural heart, intestine and blood, carrying away, leaving the stomach. Thai small pieces to glue or bowl, depending on the tastes salty crackers that mixed with 2 or 3 heart rate with 1 tablespoon salt. Keep well hidden, exposing 3-5 sun. Too fast, the fish are not waterproof, do not eat salty, the sauce is too long to mature, not only tasty water.

A lantern fish bowl constant waves , fragrant dark, fleshy fat, spices, garlic, chili ... a plate of bacon ( bacon ) boiled, mixed fresh vegetables . Get basting sauce cake hearts, vegetables and meat, peppers, rice noodles rolled ... You can also use white cake, hot rolling dough shrimp, vegetables, bacon, dip it into the bowl of chili sauce with sliced hearts, delicious to forget ... forget the old name .

 Ruoi fish sauce- Tra Vinh

Flies belong to the arthropod worms, small motors have many relatives living in brackish waters. We have many in the coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta has many alluvial silt. Particularly in Tra Vinh province, the commune as: Truong Long Hoa, Dan Thanh, Dong Hai, Long Toan, Duyen Hai District, Vinh Long has appeared many annual half.

Mam half is a unique specialty, very high protein level by only some coastal alluvial silt new half off.

Sprinkle the sauce cup tangerine or more lives, ginger, chilli hit the cotton up and sprinkle a little pink shrimp shrimp paste on your face. Surrounded chrysanthemum, is necessary, is cut out flower, is basil. Eating fish is boiled pork leg meat disk slices or replace its three discs are no longer just nothing.

Salted crab sauce

Bake the crab and take some basil. A little fish sauce, stirring spoons back more sweet. And ... peppers; lot of chili. Chili as spicy as possible. How hot that diners can tolerate - even though sometimes eating just " crying " ... It's crab sauce dishes.

The crab crushed, swept along with red pepper puree, green leaves, then MSG sauce and mix up a paste. The plate of rice served on; pot of steaming white rice, green crab sauce bowl um, aromatic. Needless meat, vegetables basket if there is good, otherwise, just the " raw rice " that " fish trap ".

Saturday, March 8

Bat Dan street- Hanoi

Bat Dan street is that the cultural values of ancient traditions seem only to be reminded, to keep the roof over the family name and the ancient city located inside a humble little corner.

 Bat Dan street has 248m long, linking Phung Hung street to Hang Bo street. Bat Dan today is belong to two wards: Cua Dong and Hang Bo, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi.

Under French colonial period, the street was called Hang Chen (Rue Vieille des tasses). Here is the original part of the village’s land and Tan Khai Noi, are under continual review (later renamed the U.S. Thuan), old Tho Xuong district.

Bat Dan Street formerly divided into two sections: the section of land Tan Khai village was built around 1920. At the top of the city, adjacent to the city of Phung Hung and Duong Thanh is the land of the former East elementary school.

Human Affairs Section of rural land, there is an ancient city, which sells all kinds of bowls, plates, kettle, cups, jars, jars, bud vases conductivity (  pottery ), so the name Bat Dan today. That furniture business is largely native men in two villages Phuong Duc and Dong Guan (Phu Xuyen district, Ha Tay, now part of Hanoi).

Where ceramics are known throughout the land of Thang Long periods. These types of bowls, plates, and jars are people selling Bat Dan Street purchased from Bat Trang and Phu Lang brought across the Red River of the sale. Products placed pottery handmade sifted, feat. Bat Trang Village using white clay Phu Lang village also uses red clay.

However, both types of land being used for pottery and ceramics are the kind of special, highly flexible. Obtaining the land, workers exposed to the soil, mixing the soil once, beating the pellets with the big toe and then to “suck” the water, then obliquely rounded, heavy soil to puree until smooth like a new spring pieces only. A piece of land before broaching to hit you, get up to ten times more newly delineated for production turntable manipulation.

Artisan pottery also depends on the size, the texture of the business Bat Dan Street Prepared requirement that land with different proportions to create appropriate products. Therefore, the quality and the floral motifs on the ceramics in Bat Dan Street is old people land cycle is very popular.

Forum shop often simple: often expressed by the people on the ground, the wall is much more price floor presentation vase, bow tie each rope, ceramic warmer.

Later, due to convenient trade, more trade Bat Dan street porcelain China and Japan. Chinese porcelain, Japanese, though not as elaborate as Bat Trang pottery but with new motifs to the traditional pottery sale at Bat Dan gradually shrunk. In about 20 years, 30 of the twentieth century, the city has made some leather shops as suitcases, backpacks, handbags, travel goods. At first a few streets bordering Thiec vendor rope, hemp rope, hammocks, ropes braided jute and hemp.

Over time, Bat Dan street crowded with ancient ceramics gradually pushing the other items, weaving and ceramics business overshadowed, and lost in oblivion. So far, Bat Dan is only one name evokes the bustling streets of this place with all the traditional ceramic items in Thang Long ancient fame.

Bat Dan - beauty only remaining cultural side with thousand years old pavilion

If Bat Dan street names evoking a part of people's lives, the Thang Long pavilion located inside the humble little corner is a testament to the long-standing cultural tradition of this street.

Bat Dan today’s Cabinet of ancient villages. Based on the ancient document that the village elder 's Cabinet ( today Bat Dan Street ) store is also Human Affairs is one of the few villages were formed over 1,000 years ago, when Ly Thai moved the capital to Thang Long Hanoi 's village from there also.

Noi’s village with history of Thang Long associated with the remnants witnessed many vicissitudes of history. Old road, ancient streets ... all only saved through the pavilion’s Cabinet (ie Gold Bat Trang Dinh old). Noi’s family now bearing the number 33 Bat Dan Street.

Family worship Long Do Great King, alias the Great White Horse. The spirit lies in “Thang Long”. Noi’s family is in two folds: money and health harem.
Gates is also home doors currencies. Outside the gate of the office building up sentences, covering office top craft, picture scrolls up the middle, there are four Chinese characters in "The Inner Spirit from”. Indoor furniture placed incense and eight weapons.

Harem is also doing a domed roof space tube. Inside the building located Buddha altar, throne of god church all the White Horse, flanked by statues form ...

After many ups and downs of history, through many events change, the family which preserved some precious relics such as god ordained 17 leading Bach Ma. Ordained as early as the 6th Vinh Thinh (1710) and the latest 3rd Duy Tan (1909). Besides, there is Long throne by the worship Bach, great early twentieth-century art, with beautiful definition touch of elegance. These are artifacts of historical value and artistic. In addition, there are ancient weapons, the horizontal couplets, are trimmed with gold lacquer. Binh copper, copper incense burners, Buddhist statues most of the twentieth century art. The group can meet the target in a synthesis between the gods and Buddha, reflect a “three religions” of the Vietnamese people.
Every year, at this house 2 times festival takes place on 13 /2 and 13/8 ( date of birth and of saints ) , to commemorate the great merit of Long gods that helped King Ly Thai build up the ancient Thang Long lay the foundation for this piece of land in Hanoi . At the same time, the festival is also a chance the next generation of the Bat Dan Street said about ancestry and ancient cultural beauty needs to be appreciated and preserve.

Today, the vestiges of the ancient culture of Bat Dan just lingering on the neck or comfortable family home a few old moss ... But that's part traces evoke depth cultural history of the piece land thousands of years of culture that each child Hanoi always looking for.

Bat Dan noodle ( Pho) 

Bat Dan roof ancient family, ancient pottery town only hours remaining in mind each child Hanoi, but in the small town still retains full dishes of the culinary elite Ha Thanh.

“Pho is a kind of special gift of Hanoi, Hanoi is not only new, but rather because only in new Hanoi delicious “( Thach Lam ) . Along with Pho Thin, Phu Xuan Pho, Pho Gia - Bat Dan made features exquisite cuisine, unique people land menstruation. Hanoi Pho Gia Communication has existed for more than half a century. Cramped space bar, everything old old, from signs, tables and chairs for the service. Apparently not all changes, dust mist of time on each corner of the restaurant, as worn every corner of the table.

Perhaps, people today are always looking Hanoi traditional noodle to not only taste very different than that in the old space that they want to find a little taste of old Hanoi lingering somewhere in a small corner shop.

If a visit to Hanoi and want to feel the life of ancient Hanoi, slowly, gently but peace then you go buy a newspaper, waiting in line and sit in the corner antique shop. Sniffing pho bold flavor, slightly salty and not only the sound of lemon vinegar narrow space between the old and you will feel more life half a century ago by the ancient Ha Thanh on this street. All the air is completely original peaceful, gentle, completely original features exquisite cuisine that hidden depth cultural history of the people in Thang Long pompous, elegant old.

Tuesday, March 4

Sapa winter

 Tourists often come to Sa Pa in the summer. But if you have the opportunity to Sa Pa in the winter, you will realize that Sa Pa in winter is extremely attractive.

At the height of 1,600 m above sea level , Da Lat, Sa Pa as a Northwest Homeland . Since the 30s of last century, Sapa was chosen as tourist destinations by French, with luxury villas and paved paths between the garden dreamy peach, plum gardens each spring flowers scattered about.

Sa Pa is still known around the city in the fog. But in winter, fog in Sa Pa denser, causing blurry landscape, full of mystery. Clear spread everywhere, like a thin pale gray chiffon panels.

Fog lurking inside the prickly pine roadside lãng on the terraced plots, causing blurred shadows indigo shirt at shows. Clear screw on the far peaks ...

Sa Pa town with homes looming in the fog. The ancient castle villa beside the modern Western architecture, follow the winding roads or protruding or on the slopes, hillsides.

The road in the picturesque town. Despite the cold and fog, the ancient trees along roadsides are still blue.

The forest structure, vast pine forests remain impartial vu song of the wind. On the red- tiled sidewalk, way back there is a section of the “shop” consists of two cells, Brocade sales. Merchandise (hat, scarf, pillow, purse ...) present on the plastic plate, shielded by an umbrella. A charcoal fire covers other cells flowing.

Looming in the fog, the woman wearing bow bearer plugged steps. The colorful towel on top and colorful gowns made ​​in the brilliant animated dotted the streets.

Small town closely with countless stalls of goods, categories, very rich and diverse. Most kinds of souvenirs, warm clothing, shoes, electronics, toys ...

Most products are imported from China. Only brocade (blankets, pillow covers, clothing, handbags, purses, handkerchiefs, embroidery...) is “homegrown”, made skillful hands of women ethnicity, with decorative motifs and sophisticated and fancy. 

Despite the fact that the cold weather and fog hung like wet cutting, Sapa market remains very active. In addition to Vietnamese tourists and visitors West, on the street, in the market is very much fellow Hmong, Red Dao, Giay ... White Hmong people wear costumes patterned colorful.

The Red Dao girl red turban studded red tassels. Black Hmong black turban, black shirt, black short trousers to the knee, leg black leggings. The Po Sa skirts or pants, short sleeve patterned border ... They sell goods and brocade, acquired the necessary utensils. 

Located in Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa town less than 10 km, the Cat is a vivid picture of the Hmong culture. The houses are in the po mu wood roofing, with the tree on the stone pillars round or square. The outer room types Brocade sale , souvenirs, bronze and silver jewelry and ethnic instruments : new leads, pan leaf, bamboo flute ...
Not as dry Silver waterfall in winter, Cat falls in love valley, still rushing white water pouring from dozens of meters high, strung between blinding fogs. Under streams, on rocks looming round the ball girls in red dress sitting green washing ashore small hydropower stations were built by the French from the 30s of the last century still standing, with challenges time. 

Winter resorts Ham Rong as a sleeping princess, mysterious and beautiful magic. Go on small roads winding between stone peculiar shapes enough, watching the apricot trees, peach trees bare, quiet in the mist, visitors suddenly feel like you are lost in a world without real. Scattered here and there are the " shop " souvenir Brocade : hats , bags , towels , wallet ..., as the glorious blue stand out among the trees, the gray fog and rocks. Not all flowers are evading winter. Natural apricot flavor was white as snow before the wind calm flyaway. Marigold yellow, immense. Convolvulus flower purple floral still immense space. The spring orchid, orchid message, comedy dancer ... still blooming, beautiful yet heart ... It was here, in the warm house floor, visitors will see a program of dance music peculiar ethnic. 

 Sa Pa Market night filled with tasty, aromatic spice. Most baked products: chicken, pork, beef ... At this point, you will have the opportunity to taste the famous horse trying to win the Sa Pa. Sitting around the pot of boiling water, dip leisurely travelers met a lush little green vegetables: cabbage, frequency plots, sweet cabbage, watercress, improved cat ... take out the cup, blowing taste. Click to try to win a hot spoon, sweet muted, suddenly turned cold frostbitten where it was ...