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Wednesday, July 16

Cuisine Alley – Trang Tien

It is a narrow alley between Nguyen Khac Can Street and Phan Chu Trinh Street, located in the heart of the capital, near Opera house. On this alley, at lunchtime they displayed the plastic tables and chairs for the guests, mostly young people or office workers come here.

For diners, you can choose more dishes which are featured most northern cuisine such as mixed noodle, fish noodles, vermicelli with vegetable and vermicelli shrimp sauce ...

Fried rice is the popular dishe in the restaurant at 8 Trang Tien alley: “fried rice is fried beef with sausage, pork, carrots, sweet corn; had more melon with beef above. Fried rice is accompanied by a bowl of vegetable soup, depending on the day to eat more easily. A plate filled with rice is warm enough for you to have a lunch and no tension.

Fried rice has golden color is delicious. Although at Marinated Beef is just medium rare and soft. Yet you have to wait quite long because it is very crowded every day.
Noodle is the most attractive dish. Vermicelli, fish noodles, bun cha are popular as well...Rice noodles here are served with crab soup taste sweet fresh crab muted, more crab, crab pot surface equivocal crab pieces, sweet, placed on the tongue was immediately dissolved, add a little chili satay stir fry the shiny side up yellow then it looks very attractive.

Rice noodles with crab soup is always served with small chopped spinach, Kinky, accompanied with sliced banana trunk mourning, we coriander, smooth basil, oregano, perilla, cilantro Aaron Green clover ".

Sarah, an author on the site Travel express her most the favorite dish is fish noodle and fried noodle.
Sarah likes food that addresses not only the delicious food but also due to pricing pleasant and friendly, enthusiastic owners and staff. With 25,000 dong, she had been a vermicelli bowl mix well with arrowroot vermicelli strands produced in Cu Da village, outside Hanoi, beef or fried fish, price, fried tofu, onions, vegetables, depending season fried noodle and bean vermicelli ... also the food was Sarah alley culinary experience in Trang Tien ...

As for the western tourists cannot get used to the local cuisine, she also made an address in that alley: Exchange Café restaurants in the number 2, which serves Vietnamese and European dishes with seat more polite but also affordable prices.