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Wednesday, January 28

Heart-pounding with adventure game hang nets at middle of the depths

People we all have different fears as fear of insects, fear of needles, fear of reptiles, or simply afraid ... ma. Among the fear, the fear of heights is the most common, and science has shown that, in a more or less has a little afraid of heights. But there are people like the feeling particularly adventurous when aloft.

Moab Monkeys, is a special group of "addiction" adrenaline, not only passionate about sport altitude BASE jumping, slacklining, highlining, has woven mesh that looks like a spider web on canyon near city of Moab in Utah (USA) to enjoy the feeling of heaven hideout. Apart from Moab, Utah, USA, the group has performed in many famous terrain hazards, such as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil or the Alps, Austria.

Learn a little about the sport Slacklining offline. If it says the sport climbing, cycling terrain is the sport to focus on strength and ability, technique itself; it represents the ability Slacklining balance. If you look at a simple aspect, Slacklining is a sport requires the implementation of balancing and walking on wires were stretched at both ends.

The tightrope walker requires a lot of things, from the elements ability, technique, knowledge, strength of body, there is the balance, and most importantly, mental focus. You have to train for a long time, and to know what kind of wire slackline matching condition, its weight to achieve the best performance.

Back to Moab Monkeys group, most recently, they've done a hideout on the screen with no elevation of 120m above the ground, and a mesh wall closest mountain 60m. They have woven a screen that looks like a spider with 5 top rope chronic problems on the mountain, which means they have to balance on the rope at a height of 120m over 60m rope to get to the center of the grid. And here, they can rest, take pictures, and even jumped into the hole in the center of the grid and unwind whether to land.

Even if you think I'm keen on adventure, the rollercoaster of such poignant to you, you'll look startled when people sit cliff scene between heavens, the only thing supporting they are just a screen full vibrant color.

This group of friends has been the corner nice and impressive footage turns Base jumping down the center of the grid area in the town of Moab is famous for its scenery was named the same on Mars with the canyon, cliffs, natural arches giant, extremely impressive and unique. Let's take a look at the impressive footage of them.

By Gray Line Vietnam