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The destinations that cannot be missed when visiting Laos

Laos is the ‘Land of a million elephants’ and home to numerous temples of original architectures. Laos is sandwiched between Me Kong river and Truong Son mountains. The most attractive tourist sites in this country are Vietiane,  Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng town with spontaneous natural scenes and adventure tours. If you have time, you are advised to visit Chum field in Phonesavanh (Xieng Khuang). Also, you should not overlook any temple in Laos. You are sure to find the temples here very special and different from the ones in Cambodia or Thailand. If you visit the country in April, you will have an opportunity to enjoy the traditional splashing water festival - the most interesting festival in Laos.

Vientiane – the capital of Laos

Vientiane is located on the bank of Mekong river and became the capital of Laos in the mid 16th century.
This is also home to numerous national relics in Laos such as That Luang – the symbol of sovereignty and Buddhism.

Must – visit destinations in Vientiane:

Wat Sisaket temple: The temple which was built in 1818 by King Anouvong is one of the oldest temples in Vientiane. It is situated in the central of an old city. Hundreds of small houses and 6840 Buddha statues can be found at the temple. The temple welcome visitors everyday from 8 am to 4 pm.
That Luang Stupa: It was first built in the 3rd century on the order of the first governor of Vientiane – Mr. Phaya Chanthabouri Pasitthisack. The Stupa is 45 meters high and surrounded by 30 small stupas. That Luang Stupa is believed to be preserving a holy relic of Buddha. Today, it is the most important cultural relic of Laos.

Hor Pha Keo museum

The museum was built as a temple in 1656 by King Sayasetthathirath and rebuilt in 1936. The temple was turned into a museum in 1970. It is now preserving numerous national collections and Buddha sculptures. From the terrace of Pra Keo lake, people can have an overview of the Royal Palace.

Patuxay Gate

The monument which was built in 1957 is probably the most stand – out destination in the centre of Vientiane. It is located on Lanexang avenue. Visitors can get to the top of the monument and have a stunning panoramic view of Vientiane.

Xieng Khuang Buddha garden

The Buddha garden which was built in 1958 displays a collection of Buddhist and Hindu sculptures. Xieng Khuang  is located 28 kilometers from the South of Vientiane on the bank of Mekong river.
There are also some other tourist destinations that you can visit such as Wat Simuang temple or Tri Pitaka library.

The main transport in Vientiane in particular and Laos in general is tuk tuk. But note that it would be really difficult to find a tuk tuk when you go out late at night since almost every family in Laos has their own car.