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Monday, January 21

Hue tourism plan unfolds

Key tourism initiatives are being introduced by Thua Thien-Hue in the hope they will help to attract 2.5 to 3 million visitors this year.

In 2012, the province welcomed 2.4 tourist arrivals representing both international and domestic visitors to the province.

To reach the arrivals target, the province has drafted a marketing plan, while it will upgrade attractions and facilities. The objectives are:
  • Tap markets in ASEAN and Northeast Asia;
  • Cater to the traditional overseas Vietnamese market. They revisit their homeland after having settled in Europe, North America and Australia;
  • Open up new markets such as India, Russia, Latin America, South Africa, and the Middle East;
  • Develop high-end and luxury services;
  • Tap the potential of various festivals and folk games like the wrestling competitions in Sing and Thu Le villages;
  • Restore heritage sites and attractions such as Ho Quyen (tiger fighting) arena, Voi Re temple, Tinh Tam Lake, and Tang Tho tower;
  • Introduce tourism products based on the province’s traditional crafts such as bronze casting, paper painting, and flower making in Thanh Tien village, weaving in Bao La village, conical hats in My Lam, and knitting in A Luoi;
Recently, the province focused on shopping tourism, establishing night and food market streets. It also launched special offers and events to attract more tourists during the low season.

With such clear aims, Hue’s tourism sector is expected to bloom sharply in 2013. Visit Hue and take part in our stunning Hue’s tour to explore more about this ancient charming city. Check out more details at Grayline Vietnam and leave your opinion at We will return to you as soon as possible.