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Monday, December 17

Hanoi improves craft villages

Hanoi will develop six traditional craft villages to attract more domestic and international tourists and establish the city as a tourism gateway.

The six traditional craft villages are: Phu Vinh rattan and bamboo weaving in Chuong My district; Son Dong fine art sculptures in Hoai Duc district; Bat Trang-Kim Lan pottery in Gia Lam; Van Phuc silk in Ha Dong district; Ngo Ha mother-of-pearl inlay in Phu Xuyen district; and Du Du sculptures in Thanh Oai district.

Phu Vinh village has been chosen to pilot the scheme that will run until 2015.

According to the development plan, the city will focus on preserving old houses, restoring historical and cultural sites, building areas for product displays and upgrading transport, waste and water treatment facilities at the villages.

Also home-stay services will be offered to give visitors an opportunity to learn about local people’s daily life and the handicrafts they produce.

Based on the success of the six villages in phase one, the city says that by 2015, it can complete development of 14 village-cum-tourist destinations which in turn will encourage more visits to the capital.

It is forecasting visits to all 14 villages at 300,000 to 500,000 international visitors and 2 to 3 million domestic tourists a year once the project is up and running.

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