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Monday, February 4

Hanoi tops dining options

Hanoi Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism says the latest survey shows food  is the most favorable factor attracting international travelers Vietnam’s capital city.

Hoan Kiem Lake
Released last week, the department survey showed food was ahead of all other attractions including cultural and historical attractions. The survey findings were based on interviews with 1,400 foreign tourists during their stay in the city. The actual dates when the survey was conducted were not disclosed.

More than 93% of respondents said they believed Hanoi was best known for its gastronomy followed by landscape, service and its people. Around 25% of the interviewees believed cultural heritage attractions were top, while 17% preferred the city’s landscapes. The survey also indicated that 90.1% of those interviewed travelled to Hanoi by air. Of that total, 67.2% visited the city for tourism and recreational purposes followed by business (14.9%) and visiting relatives (3.7%). Over 45% said they consulted guide books for travel information, followed by online sources (25.6%), travel agencies (16.9%), and word-of- mouth recommendations (12.3%).

Last year, Hanoi welcomed more than 2 million foreign tourists, accounting for one third of the total foreign tourists to Vietnam. The city was also listed as the cheapest global tourist destinations for the summer of 2012 by TripAdvisor. The US141,12 index cost was based on two people staying one night in a four-star hotel (twin-share rate), a cocktail drink per person, a two-course dinner for two with a bottle of wine, and round-trip taxi transfer (distance each way 2 miles).

Beijing in China was second with an index cost of US$159.05, followed by Bangkok in Thailand US$161.90, Budapest in Hungary USS$193.78 and Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia US$194.43.

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