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Wednesday, April 2

Five new destinations in Vietnam

Community based tourism is not only help visitors mingle with nature but also unleash explore cultural minorities.

Located in the master plan for tourism development 2010 - 2015, enters this year's tourist season Bat Xat district ( Lao Cai ) has developed and launched the five cultural tourist village located on the online community Lao Cai - Bat Xat - Sa Pa forming chain link extends points.

1. Lung Po

Lung Po is far away from Lao Cai city is about 70km. The Road to Ban Xeo- Den Sang is very bad with large riprap little lumpy on road, beneath the Muong Vi wool stream flows through rocks deep spleen hun smoke to pour on the Red River at The Vuoc so you have to drive slow, stable handlebars.

 Road is higher gradually, there are places up to 12 % slopes and cliffs protruding.

Around noon, you will reach the Y Ty - a famous highland in Bat Xat district at an altitude of 2660m, the people here are mostly ethnic Ha Nhi, Mong, Dao. Every time the road will make you a worse driver braced to avoid the jolt but two scenes offset the picturesque, sparkling slopes wipe flowers, wild chrysanthemum bushes, far away from the vast dunes corn, bananas, like matchbox houses are tiny protruding above the mountains, fertile valleys and quiet villages.

You will be the next milestone of 92 and found a big tree - this is natural landmarks marked borders Vietnam - China, beneath the alluvial intersection of small stream from mountain A Mu Sung by the Red River Bat Xat district. That is where the main rivers flowing into the soil Vietnam Hong us - Lung Po.
This is where the Red River flows into Vietnam land. Here, visitors can get very immersed in the river, mountains and explore the culture of the Mongolian people.

2. Lao Chai

Lao Chai village of Black Ha Nhi, Lao Cai city 70 km ( Bat Xat district ). On looking down, Lao Chai is situated between mountains and rocky hills with cogon houses look like giant mushrooms growing on the side of the mountain at an altitude of 2,660 m; around namsuong Government and cold.

Lao Chai has 76 households, the village has some black Hanhi east living in Y Ty plateau. The homes here are made according to the type of wall, by land with two laps inside and outside. Wall rubs her thick 40 - 45cm, height of about 4.5 to 5 m in ice cores arranged, by holding hands.

Each house measuring 65-80 square meters, has a short slope (four roofs) cogon roof, no porch. In the middle of the house has a door and a door or two ventilation to the left or right side of the aisle. Once inside the second door as thick outer walls. After this time the kitchen door and bedroom family home.

3. Den Sang

Area: 40.72 km ² with a population of 1,784 people. This is the land of cultural sexism of the Red Dao people customs renowned as excellent levels, fire jumps and processing of tobacco leaves from trees.

Especially popular with spring here called The poetic stream between green valleys. This springs from the center of Bat Xat district 40 km road passes. Jungle streams derived from black to flow through this commune, a meeting place, a center of youth or the young couple that middle-aged people also flock to tingle slave to exchange about life, how do eat, how to build a happy family...

4. Muong Hum Market

Muong Hum market is small longstanding located between the villages of ethnic minorities, specific to the highlands in Vietnam market. Market meeting on Sunday, the busiest day of alpine Bat Xat.

 For the year under small valley adjacent to the stream with clear water, surrounded by towering mountains clouds overlap. Weekdays, who also likes to admire this charming Muong Hum, also on the fair visitors the most stunning is the market along streams.

Beside a stream, waiting for all horses in the spring market focus with enough hair color, sometimes we take whinny echoes charges made painting even more vivid, very rarely seen elsewhere. The suspension bridge or a stone bridge spanning the stream always brought the horse back and forth...

Inside Market noisy, crowded and not from the client before admiring costumes “blinding” of the ethnic girls.

Girls, boys in the village where grocery purchases, but only to go to learn, to have fun, find your love, so anyone can do pretty much less attend the festival. The flower girl dresses sexy Butt, the team added the wig with brilliant colored wool yarn looks like a walking flower, blooming shimmer.

Equally Beautiful Red Dao costume: the girls wear black indigo dotted pattern on the chest like the butterflies and the red scarf is to add a lot of silver jewelry, always sparkles. Both the Dao ethnic baby, despite being on the back sling mom mother but also cared about clothes, hat and scarf children are most people prefer to watch ...

5. Ban Xeo

Ban Xeo ( Bat Xat ) is located in Muong Vi east, near the west to Thang commune, commune south and Nam Pung Pa Cheo, north Ban Vuoc and cup noodles.

So, come to this place, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the interesting culture and life of the people.