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Tuesday, December 31

Five unique Vietnamese spring rolls

Thanks to Geographical features, culture, ethnicity and climate regulation culinary peculiarities of each region - region, contributing to food Vietnam abundant and diversified. Emotional words that featured good food Vietnam highway in the match with other culinary cultures around the world: Chinese food supplement, Japanese food look like eyes. Vietnamese food is delicious.

Hanoi Ear spring rolls

Hanoi ear spring rolls is considered to be a very unique dish of Hanoi, this dish is widely used in family, in the table and is very meaningful gift every time go away. Not only that, this is also a very popular dish with tourists from everywhere.

Someone said nem ear originating from Nam Dinh, Ha Noi was introduced to by a girl, when to get married at Covenant Ceremony (Ha Tay).  Due to the meticulous and requires great caution, since the ear pick, who do have to get healthy pig 's ear, such as ear seasoned meat, and to the less points. Next is cleaning the ears, this is extremely important stages and needs meticulous, if not cleaned, will leave the smell and affect the storage time. Then steamed a batch to ear not dehydrate while maintaining crispness, soft.

Pregnancy stages require very sharp knife sharpener to move to the real standard, not too thick because of loss of appetite and food will not be too thin and brittle so will not take away. However, the most important final stage, the success of the spring rolls are still hearing ear - made from green bean flour, soya bean, glutinous rice, glutinous rice and some other spices. These materials are roasted olive before breaking down, and then roasted, then puree in blender and mix on pig ear.

When enjoying, tasting rolled in rice paper with a few pieces of pickled figs, a little fig leaf, the leaf village temple, a few marjoram leaves, plus a slice of sausage rolls silk or half sour. Touching lightly spicy vinegar sauce will make you or anyone else have to remember this dish.

Giao Thuy fish sauce and spring rolls

Nem Nam Giao Thuy (Nam Dinh) famous Tran dynasty. Legend has it that, when the king chooses Minister Tran Thien Truong as a place to dwell, the village was formed. Nam Giao Thuy spring rolls are also considered king specialties offered at the time. Is a product of civilization rice, Giao Thuy mattress is made from packaging and pork mixed with rice and hearing with other additives such as garlic and fish sauce and then hold the tip in fig leaf and lentils. As large as rolls are carefully selected from the skin of healthy pigs, not too old or too young. After removing sticky hair and subcutaneous fat, pork packing was brought to boiling (boiling water for about 3-5 minutes) for medium to soft yet chewy packaging, if boiled will be mysterious glue appetite. Packaging must be sliced by hand, absolutely not used by the state machine.

Pork spring rolls as selected in the first part, the meat and little fat. Taste of spring rolls rice is largely created by the listeners. The Marine Transportation has the most delicious rice, using the delta to hearing, thus resulting flavor characteristics distinguish them from other areas.

To book rolls indulge held in San fig leaves, herbs and more briefly in the past few bowls Sa Chau fish sauce (Giao Chau Commune, Giao Thuy district). First this sauce is also very well known, it is made the traditional way, the fish is cooked naturally, not through marinated, then about 6 months to carry out juiced raw fish. Then again the sun hot sauce and pour into earthen jars buried in the ground for another 6 months. So it took nearly 1 year, Chau Sa new sauce was brought out to eat with mattress.

Xu Thanh sour pork

Referring to taste culinary Thanh country not to mention specialty nem chua - have very different tastes sour nem nem lui Hanoi and Hue, as far back spring rolls or spring rolls with ears. It's just sour, spicy to salty taste that's both spicy, sweet taste of meat do not eat we cannot continue a few more.

Making spring rolls is a unique job, not difficult but there are certain secrets. Raw materials consist mainly of lean minced meat, boiled pork packing, clean shaved, sliced into thin strands left to mill, about 3cm shorter; hearing is roasted rice, minced fine. There enamel reducers, north pepper, salt and monosodium glutamate crystals just enough.
However, the most important stage is the preparation: what to do first, what to do next, how sweet mix ... and of sanitation as well as technical pillows also very strict. So it was not really a new strain makes the exotic cuisine and alluring mouth. Banana leaves, strips are forced nem chua material things. Stripping banana leaves about 3 to 4 cm, stowed on the fork or basketry, crackers forced to soft, flexible, fiber to small depending on the size of the rolls (now replaced by the elastic ring). Hands supple, soft start throwing people do every meatballs sifted clay, usually about twice the size of pieces. Banana leaves when washed, dried meatballs wrapped around the steering leaves adorn nails. Wrap rolls that leaves much to be able to 10 times to 15 times at first, a beautiful square. These packages fingers and singing for about 1 minute , then flip forced to make hand how not to fall off the leaves that are still green and beautiful rolls .

Depending on weather rolls can eat, then summer rolls had 5 hours of eating, winter is 1 to 2 days. The population of Thanh Hoa in the South to the North, though he was very busy job, despite the heavy lifting and trying to bring a few dozen family members or relatives donations. Tet holidays or weddings, sour pork become indispensable delicacy. Included with the green pair of Chung cake, the New Year rolls are the strings made of nem chua homeland invite guests to play house.

Hue “Lui” spring rolls

Lui spring rolls is unique dishes of Hue, it was everyone's favorite. Lui spring rolls made from lean pork is hot, do not scan the inclination puree and mix with packing and cleaning the fat,  diced, thoroughly stuffed, marinated with spices like pepper, onion, fish sauce, sugar, hearing and salt. When customers call , the bartender into strings of small skewers grilled on charcoal and red flowers, fragrant, spreads throughout the city as the call period, as pedestrians hook.

The soup was first decided Lui spring rolls quality, traditional dishes are difficult to imitate. Lui spring rolls eat soups made from dozens of foods such as vegetable oil, sesame peanut, corn starch, some of the herbs, medicinal. All material that is processed into a fragrant mixture of viscous medium has succulent, fleshy sweet, eat a time to remember forever. Type broth soups are similar to delight cake, bun kebabs.
Typically, people eaten with rice paper rolls Lui, herbs, slot, green banana, fig, bean sprouts, slices of chili, garlic, ginger which just move depending on each person 's taste. Food is the harmonious combination of flavors: the smell of browning meats, slightly spicy and chili pepper and dust mops sweetness of gelatinous sauce, green vegetables are fresh.

Nha Trang Baked rolls

Nha Trang specialty dishes include lots of flavor associated with the sea, but also have heard nothing dishes involved the sea, including baked rolls.

Nha Trang baked spring rolls made from fresh lean thighs kind of real, freshly made rolls when new discharge delicious, easy and fragrant. Meat has been scanned sawn smooth, chilled little more bold spices, skewered and grilled over charcoal fire for meat rolls yellow nursery. Then book with long thin piece of rice paper, fried ram during the golden straw rolls, served with salad greens, herbs, tomatoes contract, banana and dotted with soy sauce is made from over 20 secret spices according heirloom.

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