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Sunday, December 15

Great Church in Hanoi

Live in Hanoi, perhaps no one knows the Church Street area. Many people say if visitors to the capital that will not come here because I was sorry to miss many interesting things.

“Let’s meet infont of the church” is a common saying of many young people here in Hanoi and becoming familiar rendezvous of many groups of friends. If you walk through here, you will be able to answer this question.
Located in the center of Hanoi, Hanoi church has had a quiet bustle. Church is always open to visitors at all times, except when the ceremony.

Leave the noise of the streets, entering inside the campus, you will feel peaceful space. It has a large yard; they hear the sound of children playing in the adjacent school, occasionally a few birds Ethyl jump shots on the lower canopy. In the hall is a large church with rows of benches and the sparkling glass windows.

Not only had the largest cathedral in Hanoi, where there are more people called “cooperatives”. Because only in a small area around the city of poets, Chung, Au Trieu, Ly Quoc Su had all kinds of restaurants and shops to sell for people of all ages.

Young Adults prefer to church because this is an area famous lemon tea and coffee in Hanoi sidewalk. Hot summer with lemon tea became fashionable for young people. Dating, birthday, meeting, gathering all leading to lemon tea.

By winter, the shop is less busy but still dark days. The afternoon is the busiest time. This is an appropriate time to sit along the church, drink a glass of water, watching the sun slowly shuts down and starts concentrations floral aroma milk.

If you do not like lemon tea, you can choose the luxurious cafe or younger. There are cute little shops like La Place, Hanoi House, as well as comparison shop chic hot, Paris Deli ...
It is also home to many cafes in Hanoi mentioned handbook popular Lonely Planet travel. So many foreign tourists also known here as consistent with Moca, Highland.

It would be flawed if prompted to “cooperative “without talking about the food here. Pho 10 Ly Quoc Su, her American chicken soup, porridge son Lane County, Lane Tho Xuong ribs, fried cheese box, nem chua fried pillow bread, and dumpling ... all will be found only in a few steps around the cathedral.

This is also the busiest shopping for clothing store specializing in silk and handmade jewelry, crafts and fine art.

Just take a walk, you will find a few favorite items and originality. And who knows, you will also want to go back “cooperative “this much again.
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