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Tuesday, January 21

Delicious “Gio” fish in the Lan Ha Bay

On Lan Ha Bay (Haiphong),
Far from Viet Hai wharf about only about 20 minutes by ship, there are many seafood cages located close together in an awkward stage. Of these, perhaps the most special friends throughout the Navy with “soldier”.

This is a favorite location for fishing. You can fish by yourself or after the wave of delight in sea water, friends is right up fresh seafood dishes to enjoy with friends. Worth mentioning, the service costs are quite reasonable, trip time held just two days, one night.

In a sunny day, I go quietly between fish cages, a young soldier called to weigh fish. The fish were picked up from the cage rolls, tail thrashed wildly, and mouth open as if to bite always my camera lens is pointed at it. “8kg”. And the iPhone is ready to swallow it," the other a soldier, "warning", because inherently cobia fish are voracious.

Two soldiers had just done talking fish straw, hand scaling and singing. After cleaning, the cobia own cut heads, tails and fins, then cut pieces aside to sour soup with pineapple, tomatoes and herbs. The body then filters out most lean fish to fish lemon salad. The meat is sliced, no need to put up as much stone cold salad the other, do not over- water as well as salt itself so fresh and clean.

The process is quite simple and fast under the skilled hands of some young soldier shoots. Cobia salad when eating broccoli leaves washed with mustard dots are crunchy and sweet. Part stomach and heart fish are cleaned, sliced sautéed peppers discharge. A body mass leave to other fish in the bowl, then added steamed spiced ginger, pepper and red pepper. Fish skin very soft after steaming sweet and fatty.

After a two hour swim around purge, the group returned to friends, slam rushing water bath aisle near the cage. Look at hot lunch tray, attractive dishes on the table is waiting, hearts disk fried fish and sour soup hot evaporation, fresh red chili color on the back piece of steamed fish... oh it's impossible not to delight.

I put pieces of raw fish reform swept into the mouth, sweet, slightly spicy mustard burst of light on the nose, a very special feeling, delicious and fresh.
Lan Ha Bay is located in southeast Cat Ba Island Tingle would have known this if not adjacent to a “giant” of tourism destinations: Ha Long Bay.

This is a smooth Gulf arcs with approximately 400 islands make up a huge painting depicting the scene first. Ha Long Bay is a little different though which is just like a tiny island, the island oasis of Lan Ha and covered with trees and vegetation.