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Wednesday, January 8

Tuy Van Son - Hue city

Far away from Hue city about 40km towards the east, stopping at the end of Vinh Hien commune, Phu Loc district. You will find a small mountain sides between the standing waves of the Tam Giang lagoon and the South China Sea. That is the keynote mountain; on the top of the mountain, the temple tower has a history of hundreds of years old.

According to the monks in the temple, yet it is still the old mountain named My Am Son, in which Lord Nguyen Phuc Tan in passing Tu Hien and found the charming scene where is the top of “My Am Son”. He should have chosen to establish My Am Son and to bless people safe. In the
6th Minh Mang (2826), on the occasion of the Tu Hien inlet, the King visited the My Am Son pagoda, rebuilt and renamed the pagoda is” Túy Bà”. In the 17th Minh Mang (1837), the temple was restored and up more stairs. Under Thieu Trị reign (1841), it is continued the restoration and renamed the pagoda is “Túy Vân”.

Ancient appearance, yet it is still peaceful temple.

Over hundreds of years, yet it is still has deteriorated temples, crumbling ruins but still retain features of an ancient temple with a history of hundreds of years.

This is the original temple has hundreds of ancient trees, the temple is surrounded by primeval forest system with two -diameter tree hugging Xue three people, tangled vines. The road is hundreds of stairs steps amidst ancient trees, forest leaves empty aisle who visit the temple that feels different from the other temples.
The most interesting is the tower climb three storey tower known as Dieu Ngu, from here take the eye away from the direction can observe all the panorama of Phu Loc district, overlooking the immense grandeur of Tam Giang Lagoon, Port sea fish and Tu Hien. Afternoon, outside boats from breaking the nose had herded together to create a painting as beautiful arrangement.

A  Monk said Van Son has been placed on the national landscape, located so far from the city so rarely visits, sometimes a few new temple to welcome the delegation from the city. Currently, due to time and the inadvertent use of visitors to the pagoda system has deteriorated much.