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Saturday, February 22

Ten great festival in the first month of lunar new year part 2

1. Horse racing Go Thi Thung, Phu Yen

The festival is held on the 9th January, at Go Thi Thung, An Xuan Commune, Tuy A district. Although the track is participating horses and pack daily rider is the honest farmers, but at the festival, visitors will see the screen gallop in cheerleader cheers of thousands viewers. In addition to racing, the festival also has the vibrant folk games.

2. Yen Tu Festival in Quang Ninh

As one of the Buddhist center of Vietnam, Yen Tu festival season every year attracts hundreds of thousands of pilgrims. In the 10th day of January meeting, Spring Festival is the highlight of this year outside of the royal statue on Tran Nhan Tong An Ky Sinh area was opened to serve the needs worship, celebration of Buddhist tourists, will there are many other activities such as : Mass for peace, blessing, organizing programs on the source ...

3. Society for fishermen, Hue

Every year on January 12, resident Thai Duong Ha, Thuan An solemnly held back for sleep. Games played fishermen netted in Congress will be held before the village temple. Then out of the regatta on neighboring communes.

End of the ceremony was intimate dinner guests and local villagers. The festival is held for fishermen to pay their gratitude to the village scene is Angela, respectfully known as Truong Quy Cong.

4. Lim Festival, Bac Ninh

Lim Festival is a major festival in Bac Ninh, the Assembly was held on 13 January every year, the Tien Du district.

Coming to the festival, visitors not only get to listen to them singing the captivating, from betel invited to sing, to the flute to call the river, spider spin her web, which is also involved in many folk games as fighting, wrestling, chess, enough money, loom weaving contest, cooking.

5. Tran temple, Nam Dinh

This year, Tran Temple Festival will take place from January 12 to 16 with two ritual processions and restore the health of fish.

Ceremony publication for people and pilgrims started from 7am on 15 January (14/2). India will be played at the Tran Temple 3 is the Universe, gallery to China and a garden area Tran temple.