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Saturday, February 8

Hanoi old quarter

From King Ly Cong Uan moved the capital to Dai La (1010) and changed name to Thang Long (Flying Dragon), the capital is divided into two areas: the king and his throne area called Thang Long City and region residential places for business of all classes of commercial agriculture officer. Each street produces and sells its unique product.

This residential area has surrounding, suburbs called Thang Long. Both areas are organized into an administrative unit, known as Ung Thien. In 1014 is changed to Nam Kinh. With the process of urbanization, many wards turn into the agricultural trade, as Giang Khau Ward (Ha Khau) at To Lich river is a bustling wharfs where boats, boats and foreign traders in trade, business.

There's also the ward trade, craft new form multiple row spectrometer as The Market (silk, silk, the), Lime goods, paper goods, etc. . . By the 18th century, Dutch traders, British, Portuguese and most overseas Chinese came to open the shop in Hanoi, the service shop and trade. Since then shaped into a bustling 36 streets.

Hanoi Old quarter which is the ancient city of Hanoi tourism. It's an old town triangle, the first edge adjacent to the Red River from Hang Dau. Second scene from Hang Dau to Cua Nam. The third factor from last year's run through Hang Bong, Hang Gai, Cau Go. 36 street’s name associated with item name production and trafficking from past to present. In this area, the house church patriarchs still trades.
The majority of the ancient yin-yang tiles, tubular -style architecture with 3 rooms and two wings, or 5 times, vertical development, deep Hun smoking. This is the famous Old Quarter; Hanoi bold ancient culture is being invested, to study conservation and preservation.

Today, on the innovation, integration, Hanoi has many times larger than that of old, no one new city Hanoi remembers now, but 36 streets cannot forget the past and is still there. Hanoi People's Committee is currently mobilizing public streets; the right kind of business has a street name, to a private motu brand, serving tourists. Let them understand the culture of Hanoi - Thang Long, the cultural origin of Vietnam.

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