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Wednesday, February 12

Visiting “Bich Dong” - Ninh Binh

Located in a tourist complex of Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh province, Bich Dong has long been known for one of the most beaituful cave after Huong Tich. In cool weather in the first day of autumn, with the distance over 100km from Hanoi to Bich Dong apparently does not take any energy. From a distance, the pagoda is appearing from Ngu Hanh Son mountain.

It was not very close, go through a lotus pond, ancient entrance gate out front last. The road shaded red brick making people feel extremely grateful. Bich Dong Pagoda is built in a “Tam " kanji, not three adjacent buildings, along the ridge three levels, based on how high up the mountain from the lower three separate temples: Lower, Middle and Upper.
This unique mountain Bich Dong Pagoda, Temple and complement each other, hidden among the giant trees as blue temples mingle with spectacular natural scenery. Three temples built on a high ridge, under the Trans- Cards have. Between the majestic mountains painting a frieze inlaid on the temples of ancient, moss -tiled roofs, 8 scenic enough that the ancients used to call '' Bich '' painted bowl scene.
5 times lower temple built on a high platform at the foot of the mountain. In Buddhist temples, pagoda style architecture intended. Trusses, bar, iron wood spars. The roof is two curving roof, including roof 8.

In 1705, two monks are legal identity and knowledge is intelligent beings piety wants to go to many places to spread Buddhism and built the temple. Come to see Bich Dong mountain terrain and spectacular temple should have two monks decided to stop, fix you to the old pagoda, assigned to rebuild the temple into three: Lower, Middle and Upper Quaternary action.

Year of the Pig (1707), two monks and Furnishings knowledge has cast a huge bell, hanging out at The Max. In year of horse (1774), Tinh Do Vuong Trinh Sam (1767-1782) visited the temple and named Bich Dong Pagoda.

After the Pagoda House, becoming the courtyard faces north, 80 -step stone steps around the mountain men, coming halfway up the mountain to the Middle Temple, sell architectural roof outside.

This is a very unique temple where there is little, half embedded in the cave, half exposed. 3 Buddhist pagoda worship space. Buddha Ceremony finished in the upper house, 21 steps up the stone steps to the dark current. This is the main, of deep, quiet, nature has absorbed many generations meticulously polished extremely subtle, penetrating to every little detail to create his first, fairies, sub- contract, dragon eel, swimming turtles, elephants flanking, tiger for ...
Top healing, travelers must step stone steps near the ridge 40. Temple also known as the Upper East Pagoda where worship buddha.

This temple is located at the highest peaks near Bich Dong. Standing on healing from eye drop sweeping mountains alternating fields as aquatic paintings. After visiting the temple unique populations, both groups interested sailing caving beneath Xuyen Thuy three temples.

Just in people overwhelmed by the beauty of the stalactites hang down from the cave ceiling. The stalactites in all shapes , colors forming countless fancy shapes : time as a lotus bud , as elected at the mother's milk , which is shaped when a crocodile ...
Immerse yourself in a beautiful space to mystical, anxiety troubles in life suddenly disappeared. Even when the journey ends, peaceful feeling throughout sedimented still inside ...

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