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Wednesday, June 11

Hue people with Bun bo Hue

My aunt – a woman is 84 years old, overseas Vietnamese in France - explained: "Do you know what I miss? ... Missing the homeland."
For travelers:

Cook a delicious noodle pot way of Hue is a contemplative process, exploration of "the ancients". Bun is soft and tough fibers must, wet, sweet. The famous restaurant in Hue noodles themselves do not have to buy their noodles in the village of Van Cu, Bao Vinh - two villages specializing in Hue noodle from 2-10 km. In addition to noodles, secrecy is in turmoil pot cooking techniques.
Noodles in water, only to find the sweet taste of water flesh tunnel - achieve two requirements that are difficult, but with a nod to the customers enjoying their food, the cook must have a spicy secrets, namely that art wedge procession, the characteristics of the bun bo Hue.

How do the dishes still in the water, but not with strong smell procession. O LET - 64 years old - selling noodle stall at number 6 Ba Trieu - who has over 20 years in selling noodles, "Unveiled": "It is the procession of Thuan An, mixed with the water in a separate saucepan, bring to the boil, remove Clean foam, so it's cool, just take the top layer of water to cook. Thus be avoided foul procession ". The selection of meats to cook as well as an important factor: the meat must be fresh. Thus in Hue noodle sellers got up from 3 am to slaughterhouses for their meat.

But not "every day as a day", with a pot noodle Hue, the seasonal cooking to the quarterfinals. Summer is lighter than the salt, there is always next disk for raw vegetables, banana porcelain, basil, cilantro looks just eat the loss that the noise level.

Hue winter dresses for special rain, bitter cold skin, cook the noodles to taste darker note; besides, add some water to the pot boring lemongrass noodles, just stop to smell the aroma of lemongrass see more outdoor warm despite the pouring rain. Even more cups of sauce to use with bun bo Hue also is noted: the kind of fish sauce, thinly sliced red pepper slices cooked sauce beams. Want to eat spicy, use more peppers sliced thin, not "hear" the pungent smell of spicy chili, but only with the warm, dark strange!

Hue, go any which way you can also catch a bun or a few selling points, there are shops selling point of the house, but mostly you will see the burden bun sidewalk or street vendors. The main burden of the bun was very crowded, so delicious, just convenient, but affordable prices "parts shop" but a gourmet's Hue: 2.000d/ bowl to trishaw riders, his wagon; 3.000d/ bowl  for sale you go early or employees; 4000 - 5.000d/ bowl for customers to more and 6.000d - for visitors to 9.000d/ bowl more. Although visitors to or poor, all attentive service. So, until about 9 am, many noodle shops were gone of Bun bo Hue.

Place the rings on the shoulder ball pole, a pair of aligned clouds (clouds aligned ethos is not aligned in rows of steel as she Saigon), the noodle restaurant in Hue her sleep late and get up early though, sun oil ranges but when she rows to rain, you still get the beautiful smile and the word "labor", no-pounding holy as the daughter of that charming "internal wind flow direction" of Thuy An village.
The majority of prostitutes are bun bo Hue countryside burden in Thuy An (a regional agricultural production and small business, near the city center 3 km). Here, has formed a semi-bun village, every family has one or two bear bun. Especially the mother, daughters, daughters are sold bun. It is because of this that the burden of noodles to feed her family; children have mothers into the school year; have her sister, mother and father both died young adopted children to school due to a shoulder just noodles!

Where not only is the food, the food is associated with culture and history. Then where is the specification of Hue beef noodle bowl again, but this time you're faced her mind noodle restaurant on River Huong Giang, about what was hidden inside humans Hue.