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Thursday, May 29

The ancient village of Phuoc Tich

This village is a kind of cultural characteristics of Vietnamese villages.
This area is poor yet still preserved many ancient houses and survives miraculously poverty.

Located between two adjacent provinces of Thua Thien - Hue and Quang Tri, far away from Hue city about 40 kilometers from the north of the ancient village of Phuoc Tich nestled on the banks of river moss ancient Lau as a living museum of village culture Vietnam is kept intact over hundreds of years.

According to the genealogy of the family, the village of Phuoc Tich was established in 1470, under Hong Duc reign with traditional craft village which is typical of pottery. From a few hundred years ago, Phuoc Tich pottery is famous throughout the country.

Thus, the architectural culture of the village inhabitants from the village temple, temples, shrines, houses were solidly built in the style of a typical garden of the ancient land of Thuan Hoa.

Come to Phuoc Tich today, we lost in the green space of the garden and the trees tinged fairy. Trees under the first village has recalled nearly 1,000 years old.

Nestled under the shadow of ancient trees is a field where the population density dense than Hue.

The whole village has 117 homes, up to 37 houses on 100 year old beam, and their 12 churches, temples intact. There are 12 homes beam are extremely rare, have a lifespan of 150-200 years, time shiny black wooden columns, trusses, regular, rectangular, horizontal board, the department, door carving intricate puzzle... not lost less the wooden structures in the palace dynasty.

Typical of the old house as his house beam Ho Dinh Lan, old worked as district chief. From a front entrance, shallow pools designed by the town style. More than 100 years old which store the column was polished wooden meetings. Between the horizontal images of the king was Duy Tan (1909 - 1916) are credited with integrity. Or as specific house was 200 years old Truong Cong Tien, three architectural styles left two spaces, deep roof tile paralysis has brown, mossy brick wall. The department store black dark. Large yard, front immense Bat Trang brick...

Most houses in Phuoc Tich beam are associated with extensive gardens until 1000 - 1.500m2, the tea house separated by a row boat straight undercut, creating a green space close to that neck strange glass.

In ancient beam house that we like to see as deposition time on items from hundreds of years ago. That's where the jar vase lime was high under thick layers of time, then drink tray, wooden food tray, assorted jars, sauce jars, salt, water jars by the village's pottery manufacturing ago was several hundred years and still maintain a daily basis, people still travel with as sediments of the time, recalls the heyday of the pottery village.

Not only known for the supply pottery from hundreds of years ago, Phuoc Tich village is also famous school, the village's children generation after generation serial solid education, many high achieving parking. Only in the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 - 1945) in the imperial city of Hue, the village has 19 bachelor's degrees, PhDs as court officials.

Phuoc Tich is also the only country in Central Confucius Temple built over a hundred years ago to honor the studious, encouraging children in the village working diligently under the pen now. That is why almost Phuoc Tich from past to present, virtually none of illiteracy, a rare thing for an ancient village of Phuoc Tich like sucking pig.

Today, the pottery village of only a legacy of the past, no longer economic life past its heyday, but the foundation of the village was studious wings flies away. This explains why, in the village now mostly elderly, young children but who also thorough history of the village as the first lesson in life. It is this has surprised researchers and tourists witnessed behaviors very culture of the people of Phuoc Tich on his father’s legacy.

Vestiges of ancient pottery remains are kept; the villagers also dedicated a land called alcohol Treng to store old pottery shards as a museum of traditional villages.

We can say, Phuoc Tich was almost intact to preserve the pristine beauty of daily life associated bucolic scenery, ancient architectural space beam house, temples, pagodas, ancient temples; pottery tradition village ... deserves a unique cultural heritage of Central and country.

Professor - Architect Dao Heng Glass, Chairman of Vietnam Association of Architects exclaimed when the Phuoc Tich “... I was really shocked to see a Vietnamese ancient village in the ancient land is not of Vietnamese people. On this land, there are too many houses still exist across chest with rain and poor sun miraculously. This discovery is like finding a Hoi An " forgotten " in the 80 years of the twentieth century ... "

Indeed, after being awakened " reveal the forgotten " in thickets of time ( since 2003 ) to date , Phuoc Tich has become an attractive tourist sights of numerous domestic and foreign tourists . Has appeared in the period Hue Festival with “Perfume old ancient village”. Since then a lot of research projects ancient village of Phuoc Tich conservation has been made. Especially in two days 17 - 08/18/2011 past, the project " Promoting the role of communities in sustainable development through heritage tourism " by the agency Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) supported assistance has been made in Phuoc Tich, with many cultural activities, travel, seminars ... to find solutions for tourism development, improving people's lives, contribute to the conservation and sustainable development of the ancient village.

With conservation efforts to preserve people's Phuoc Tich, as well as the industry level functions, the ancient village of Phuoc Tich is becoming a cultural destination tourist attraction, a sure living museum of cultural history unique village of Vietnam.