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Thursday, October 16

Dyed red eggs of the La Hu in Lai Chau

During the holidays, especially the ritual, the La Hu often dyed red eggs as gifts with purpose of blessing and get good luck. The La Hu is living in Muong Te district, Lai Chau province. Eggs dyed red is one of the oldest traditions of ethnic minorities here, bring a unique culture.

Worshiping the (Ga Ma Te) is one of the traditional holidays, usually held on the Tiger in the lunar calendar every year in March to demand peace to the villagers. On this day, families sacrifice a map prepared with rice yellow, red eggs and gifts such as corn, potatoes, white wine ...

Preparatory work for sacrificial offerings to enforce offerings is the participation of all citizens of her children, showing high coherent community. Dyed red eggs is one of the important parts are usually made before the day of the holidays.

To dye eggs, La Hu women find the roots get 'reserved vertices' - a plant used to dye, wash and bring back to boil liquids to create red and adhesion. Eggs after boiling the water will be dyed with plant roots 'cautious vertices' has boiled, when dipped in this solution; the eggs will be dark red, become stiffer and more difficult to break.

The eggs are dyed red after, will be placed in the baskets. Basket weaving style is quite simple. Vertical baskets of eggs small end up on top to spin. With deft hands of La Hu women, when elected basket weaving is finished, dyed red eggs will lie in the middle of the basket. Eggs are usually woven baskets lattice. There are many different ways for making baskets, egg baskets long dislodging eggs after they finished knitting a long section to wear a neck cord, avoid falling down.

In the opinion of the La Hu, red eggs symbolize fullness, good luck and prosperity, the egg has to be placed in baskets with only the red, green, yellow, white and black, symbolizing: metal, wood, water, earth, fire - the basic elements forming the earth to wish her luck is sustainable.