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Monday, September 29

Hanh Cave, Ha Long Bay

Hanh Cave is a beautiful and longest cave compared to those existing caves in Halong Bay. Its length is 1300 m, running through Quang Hanh mountain range to the sea.

Small boat leads tourists to each winding rocks under the flickering torchlight, clusters of stalactites hanging down from the ceiling let the light on the magic of colors, smooth water flow whole drift and quiet space. The more deep, the more beautiful, it is rather wild.

The French name for the Hang Cave is Le tunnel. Very low door so they had to use a small boat to be in the new. At Cam Pha pier, you can rent boats or canoes to visit the. Near the entrance of the cave with the small boat charter to visit to pick up and at low tide the water out new stores apparently.

Hanh Cave primarily reserved for those truly adventurous and connoisseurs to the water because if not carefully calculate the time when the tide is moving, you'll place was locked up tight in her aquarium chasms.

Right the front door, on the craggy rocks like a tower, there is a small temple called the Ba Co (Three Lady). Today fishermen often to temples to burn incense and ask her three spirits bless them.

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