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Tuesday, December 16

Daisy Season in Hanoi

In the early days of winter, Hanoi weather welcomes the cold with little sunlight and some drops of fog which makes Hanoi is pretty gentle and more romantic. Winter comes; Hanoi is colored many beautiful flowers. The most beautiful flower in this season is Daisy.

Daisy flower brings the cold of winter. Seasonal flowers scattered in the hearts of those immense in winter. The white color mixed in the cold. Chrysanthemum, daisy species grows wild in innocent white between heaven and earth.  This flower is small, naive, blundering that makes so many people fascinated.
Children like the daisy. The girls more casual, drop some daisy flowers in glass close with a little water and sat watching all day. Daisy flower brings about a sense of peace, a sense of incredible clarity. English love with each petal that radiates into the wind. Meaning of Daisy Flower is a question: "Do you love me?" which make all the girls can fall in love.

On the road Nguyen Chi Thanh, Kim Ma, Thuy Khue, Thanh Thien or the heart of the old town. Each encounter, one that does not contain your last stand to look back. Alas, what color flowers so troubled heart. I immersed between the blundering, unfocused as young girls. I do not understand, these girls today still sticks to play the role as her erstwhile. Holding white daisies on hand, each petal whispered softly: "Love. No Love. Loving. No Love. Love ... "The game of her stupid, clumsy love, but lovely and clear as the main species that chamomile.
Short-morning twilight, when the moon is still sparkling on high, people invite each other to Quang Ba flower market on the roads the night cuddling flowers Au night. Flowers here have been selected the good ones. That's the beauty of Hanoi at night. What simple. What carpentry free.