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Monday, January 19

These spring rolls bewitching international tourists in Vietnam

Vietnamese people always have diverse taste in combining ingredients and the flavor of the dish. This is considered the traditional culture of Vietnam.

Today, this unforgettable impression of spring rolls still exists in foreigner’s heart. Just diversity in materials and processing, but it always brings great taste for diners. Let's go through the list which passionate diners.

Vietnamese Steamed Rice Rolls

Steamed Rice Rolls is made of rice flour and rolled thin on a cloth covered on a pot of boiling water.

The sellers quickly coated cake, sprinkle the meat and mushrooms then they roll into thin slices.  These rolls should be eaten with sweet and sour fish sauce. This sauce has lighter flavor than Bun Cha sauce. Rolls served with fresh vegetables to make up fresh taste.

Rolls originated from the north but it is now popular in almost all regions of Vietnam. In addition, tourists are also interested in eating as well as its rustic flavor.

Vietnamese pancake / Crepe 

Pancakes similar to crepes in the West, but the crust was crispy fried fast because on a hot pan.

You will be attracted by the chef of the restaurant along the road who quickly pour yellow pancake on the mold, sprinkle with shrimp, pork, beef, and bean sprouts on half of the pie and finally fold in the rest. I learned how to eat this roll from the local people that they roll the pancake with rice paper, salad and dim in sauce.

Pancakes is a favorite cake from south to north, so Roll is also delicious with a rice paper sheets outside, inside included a spicy cabbage, a few herbs of all kinds, fish sauce, comparable mixture of sweet and sour.

Grilled minced pork on a bamboo stick ( Nem Lụi )

In Hue, this dish leads in the series of delicious rolls which is made from lean pork and mix with chopped pork skin, pork fat then diced marinated with salt, pepper sugar. This has delicious flavor and rolled with rice paper, salad then dot with sauce. All creates unforgettable taste for diners.

Nha Trang grilled springroll

Almost like sour pork, it derives from Ninh Hoa is bewitching guest by its sweet flavor, fresh vegetables and noodles. Characteristic is this dish could be eaten with julienne of green mango, rice paper. On the other hand, the sauce is highlight in Nha Trang with shrimp sauce.