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Tuesday, March 31

Discover the Crazy House in Dalat

Many reputation tourist sites such as The Richest, Business Insider, Lonely planet identified that Crazy House in Dalat is the most bizarre and unique hotel in the world.

In this dreamy city, located on Huynh Thuc Khang Street, the host of this house is an architecture Đặng Việt Nga. Hence this villa had also known as “Hằng Nga villa”. Later, this house was changed the name to Crazy House, the more impressive name. It is well known as the building was inspired from the work of the bizarre Spanish Artist named Salvador Dali and Antoni Gaudi. Built in 1990 on the campus of nearly 2000 m2, this area is a complex of many buildings, café shops, and art exhibition rooms with unique styles.

Room of Tiger

With deep affection for land and people of Dalat, architect Việt Nga have decided to stay with this land and implement his creative passion for art through the unique architecture. According to the author, this work “Crazy House” is as a desirable message to associate the human with nature.

Eagle room

Entering the house, visitors feel like set the foot in the forests of fairy world with interlace of trees. Surrounding the house are giant mushrooms made of concrete. From the ceiling to the roof is designed in no rules, it is comfortably curved under strange shapes to create a sense of mystery.

Gourd Room 

Each room in this house is also very special, not following common architecture. In particular, they are named from precious animals such as tiger room, eagle room, and kangaroo room. In general, each room is fully equipped with amenities as a luxury hotel, ensuring the most comfort for travelers to rest.