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Friday, March 20

Vinh Thuan floating market

Living on river is typical of the Southwest Vietnam. It is the land of thousands of rivers, interlacement of estuaries, which are associated with trading scenes, goods exchange at floating market. No other region in Vietnam has as many floating markets as Mekong Delta. One of the floating markets that you should not miss is Vinh Thuan Floating Market (Kien Giang).

Vinh Thuan Floating Market features on river boat wharf of the West Vietnam. This floating market is always busy concentrating on exchanging of goods and specialties of different localities such as Ca Mau, Hau Giang, Soc Trang and Can Tho.

Like many other floating markets, Vinh Thuan floating market opens up a largest market in the morning. Sitting on a dinghy and weaving among the crowned market on the river, visitors will feel the cool air and relaxation.  I would be a miss if you don’t try a bowl of delicious noodles on the river and watch the boats loaded with vegetables...Specifically, people are living in the canals and ditches, so goods are transported by boat to Vinh Thuan marketplace. From here they are brought back into the canal for sale. Thus, there is neither bargain at this market nor hanging goods on the nose boat, because they sell what they planted in their garden so the price is always affordable.

It is almost always crowded, but especially busy from morning until noon. In the afternoon, it leaves a large area of the Hau Giang, Soc Trang and Can Tho boats anchoring here. Over the centuries, the floating markets remain characteristic features of this activity. Currently, the local Mekong Delta region are exploiting the floating market as tourist attractions - cultural characteristics of key economic  Southwest regions. Visiting the floating market has become a tourist route which attracts tourists over country and the world.