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Saturday, April 26

Son Doong is one of the top 52 most attractive destinations in the world by 2014.

The New York Times described Son Doong cave is so vast that it can accommodate a 40 -storey high building. Guests also surprised by the huge stalactites blocks with a diameter of up to 260m in the cave.

The roof of the cave collapsed centuries ago led overgrown trees in a forest cave green, where there are tall trees to 100m. The distance, tourists can observe the fauna -rich cave as hornbills, monkeys and flying foxes. The species was first discovered in 2009.

The Son Doong cave tour will explore the limited number of visitors each month just to be four types 6 day 5 night trip / trip and the number of visitors in just about 220 people. This is the tour for tourists who are in good health and an entire tour cost over 6,000 USD (127.7 million equivalents).

Earlier, in the month 9-2013, organizers said company Oxalis seats put it caving tour in 2014 was closed.

Also, on a yacht excursions to explore the Mekong ( especially on cruise journey to discover Avalon Angkor region of HCMC, Vietnam - Siem Reap, Cambodia ) is also The New York Times Magazine comments select ranks 35/52 point to and stand 9/12 destinations in Asia.

According to The New York Times, was ranked first in 52 points to the city of Cape Town, South Africa, known for its famous Table Mountain. Over 6 million years of erosion have formed a unique flat top part of Table Mountain with height 1.086m compared to sea level. The mountain is considered a symbol of South Africa, from the mountains you can zoom out of sight around the city of Cape Town.

Table Mountain area also houses about 1,470 plant species and many rare species of animals in danger of extinction. In 2011, Table Mountain is officially New Open World Organization announced as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world.

Ranked 2 and 3 respectively in 52 destinations in the city of Christchurch, New Zealand and the North Coast, California, USA.

Son Doong cave reached the top 12 world's wonders

On 09/01/2014, Travel Business Insider magazine (USA ) announced the list of 12 most spectacular caves in the world , including the name Son Doong cave is famous in Vietnam.

Business Insider Magazine introduced that: Hang Son Doong of Vietnam is now the largest natural cave in the world is constructed from about 2-5 million years ago by the underground river limestone mountains. Hang a width of 150m, 200m high, at least 5km.

List of 12 most spectacular caves by Business Insider also voted Emerald Cave ( Thailand ), Waitomo glowworm ( New Zealand ), Crystal Caves of Naica ( Mexico ), Blue Grotto ( Italian ), Fingal ( Scotland ), Lascaux ( France ) ...