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Friday, November 29

Saigon sticky rice

Saigon town sells a distant city and its many sticky rice “specialty" hard to find elsewhere. Saigon sticky rice can be divided into two categories as sticky salty and sweet sticky rice. Sweet sticky rice is the most common with Gac sticky (also known as purple sticky rice), sticky bean, durian sticky rice, and sticky rice. Each type has adding onions, onion, coconut sugar or separate cells. For example, beans always eat sticky rice coated green peas puree add a piece of yellow nursery, add a little coconut small cell, is then sprinkled with a little sugar white sandy. Qigong is a kind of distant purple faithful. Eat more fat to be digging out and new non- issue right away. It is often sprinkled with onion and onions when savory food, but own with some sticky rice sticky sweet as the cam attached to these two new tasty. This way of eating is indeed just as popular in Saigon that eats food without water seemed to have more fat. The sticky rice originating from the north as sticky crumb, gill arcs away Gac stalls on the roads around Saigon. On to the South, the taste of the dish away more or less changed. Still scented sticky rice with glutinous rice, sweet flavor other than whether the taste of the South.

Southern pure sweet sticky to mention the corn away. Glutinous corn is corn, stewed with coconut water, forming a half away half porridge dishes. Thoroughly broken corn finished basement so soft, even slightly wet, fresh white, sprinkle green beans for me finely, then add little grated coconut, sesame salt. Eating fat in just sweet but not sick leave just delicious. Sweet sticky Saigon, as its name implies, the sweetness mingled with the aroma of sticky plastic, coconut fatty leopard, green beans and onion puree rotation, the extra little crunchy onions fragrant aroma creates a separate flavor but familiar. There is also a special sticky rice sweet but not quite as popular as the sweet sticky rice dish aforementioned Siamese away. Flung Siamese originated from Thailand. Flung Siamese is compiled from material from the Thai glutinous rice, coconut, durian, jiggery...

The Siamese sticky rice processing complex but need not have experience and ingenuity. Steamed sticky rice to ripe, supple and not hard nor paste, sauce, sweet, juicy but not fatty and fresh. In Saigon away Siamese is usually sold in Chinatown (District 5). Flung to mention the sticky salty chicken, sticky rice sausage, quail eggs, tiny clinic, sticky rolls, pâté... Often people will leave chicken flung aside, still sticky with sausage, rolls, quail eggs, pâté will collectively referred to as sticky salty. The dishes on common ingredients that are cooked rice, scented plastics, pig fat with chopped onion stalks green nursery intact even after grade oil is hot, add the onions crispy aromatic less. Depending on your needs and taste selected dishes that comes as dried shrimp, shrimp fried dough, sausage, quail eggs...As for the chicken away and there are many ways to enjoy. The most popular is still sticky shredded chicken, delicious just convenient, it is to meet the demand for fast, convenience of the city. Where busy people love to be made available.

Chicken pieces are torn into small erosion, while not eat the shredded chicken hand, just enjoying the delicious food brought. Shredded chicken can be boiled chicken thoroughly in fresh water for each muscle; can also be fried chicken, which is taking place to choose grilled chicken. Saigon flung usually sold in the morning or evening. Light is usually walks away gathered in front schools, or roadside sales. Before any school with at least a burden on the sidewalk away that large and small roads also indispensable burden away. Flung way to mention the high road win from the start line to the intersection of Dien Bien Phu. Cars that are investment vehicles carefully, for three or four pulses of high –sticky rice, smoke spiraling up. Mostly sweet sticky rice with colorful eye-catching. Just drive through, listening to disperse fragrance in the air it's hard to hold back hearts that go on. Each package is priced here away from 5,000 VND to 10,000 VND. Corner of intersection with Suong Nguyet Anh, Cach Mang Thang Tam also a burden away chicken, and sticky corn sold only delicious in the afternoon. Burden away has approximately twenty years.

Through many ups and downs at the same time, the son of her once stellar sales go well with a lot less, but still taste delicious packages like since when away. 7,000 Flung here only one package; it is wrapped in banana leaves, not wrapped in cellophane as elsewhere. Saigon also has a restaurant away from the old voice cried far located in Bui Thi Xuan street. It was named the best restaurant in Saigon sticky rice with fried chicken, chicken hearts and flung away Gac fame. Flung here has a moderate bloom, scented plastic back. Gac fruit is sweet sticky rice bar to cool naturally scented. People come here will definitely eat there once a second, third parties. Shop is small but has a large staff, the enthusiasm, whether to eat or will not take long to wait.

Cultural diversity away in Saigon that. Sticky rice dish is always delicious, has had no bread no less convenient. The Saigon minded, receptive and core erosion. Burden away that also which become abundant, more varied. From a rustic little sticky rice is also part should portray distinct culture of Members chosen the wrong people.

(Source: Gray Line Vietnam)