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Tuesday, November 12

Tra Co - The most Romantic Beach

Tra Co Beach is officially awarded as the most beautiful beach in Vietnam by the Vietnam Guinness Association. Located in the northeast of the country, bordered between Vietnam and China, Tra Co is in Quang Ninh province. This is the outer edge of a natural excavation affected by wave and coastal line. The beach is situated on Tra Co peninsula, Binh Ngoc, Tra Co, 350km from Hanoi; connected to Mong Cai center by Hung Vuong Street about 7km long.

Being a remote area and near industrial zones, the climate is so cool, quiet with white sand stretching in the calm blue water. Come here, you will see a typical fishing village with the casuarinas forest and long coastline. Still unspoiled, only a small part of the beach becomes resort and golf course; another is the beach for visitors and locals, the huge rest with white sand and rustling trees will attract those visitors who love the beauty & purity of nature.

Tra Co beach has gained the following records:

- The Vietnam Longest Beach:
 With over 15km of coastline extending from Cape Sa Vi (Mui Got) to Ngoc Mountain (where the peninsula ends) forming an arc, Tra Co is one of the longest beaches in Southern Vietnam.

- The first beach on the country’s map:
If you line up the Vietnam’s sea border , Tra Co is the first beach that you see.

- The closest beach to the border:
Tra Co beach is one of two nearest beaches to VN border. If you stand at Sa Vi Cape, about 6km from Tra Co beach: you can zoom into Chinese shores. For shopping, you can go to Mong Cai town (about 12 km away) for immigration procedures. There is Mui Nai beach in the south, only about 5 km from Cambodia border.

- The beach has the most tourist destinations:
There are many beautiful tourist destinations that you can visit such as Tra Co church, Tra Co temple (Trang Vy village) with soaring arched roof, Sa Vi park (where you can see the sea border post), pristine Ngoc mountain, Black Rock beach...

- One of the most pristine beaches:
The pace of urbanization has not spread to this urban area, which makes Tra Co beach a wild and sparsely travel services. If you want to enjoy seafood you can buy at the beach right when the fishermen come back from fishing.

- The Most Romantic Beach
With fine white sand, broad coastline, and the roaring waves rushing to shore, you can enjoy playing with water.
And dawn or sunset is when you should come to Con Mang, about 6km to the north of Tra Co to enjoy the idyllic scenery here. And down to the south, Black Rock beach is also poetic.

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