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Tuesday, November 19

The Temple of Literature

Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam in Quoc Tu Giam street, Dong Da district , Hanoi. The Temple of Literature was built in October 1070 where worship Confucius, Confucian sages and  Quoc Tu Giam Justice Chu Van An, the typical teacher and moral importance of education in Vietnam.
In 1076, Quoc Tu Giam was built adjacent to the Temple of Literature then  initial placement of the prince, after expanding the student receiving good in the galaxy .

V ăn Mieu was surounded  by brick’s wall. Inside the barrier layer, there are 5 zones. The first zone begins with the main entrance, on the word of Literature port, the port is under two stone dragons period of Le style ( 15th century ). Aisle leading to the Great Central Square gate opening for the second one. The two sides are two small ports. The walkway that leads to Khue Van The ( watching the beauty of Sao Khue -literary themes ). The two sides have also hung two small ports. The third zone is from guard to Khue Van Dai Thanh Mon , in the middle of the square there is a lake called Thien Quang Tinh ( skylight in the morning ).
Two side of lake are stone steles garden  that named the doctoral degree ( in 1993 with funding from a portion of U.S. business organizations, Van Mieu Management has built eight houses for cover of this beer ).  Dr is the highest pass in the exam regulations. In the past, the school after about 10 years of capital letters light enough books for immediate examination exam guide provincial organizations, opened a department every three years.  Achieving high point of this exam at Bachelor degree. The following year his Bachelor of capital to the exam. Those benchmarks will be enough exam Dinh ( Dinh exam and the exam is actually two phases of a competition ) .

Matriculation exam called Dr . Doctoral degree which can be undermined . There are 82 stone steles , stone stele is the oldest record of the examination in 1442 , the latest science of stone steles  in 1779 . It is the most precious relics of the ruins. Step through the door to the University of the fourth.  A large yard, two blocks from the Ta Vu, Vu Huu, which lists up to worship the grape . At the end of the game and defeated the harem, beautiful and monumental architecture. There are a number of precious objects: the left bell cast in 1768, opening the right side there is a stone plate, engraved on the article about the use of this type of instrument.

The layout of the latest Van Mieu is  also from the Le Dynasty ( 15th century - 18th century ). Particularly Khue Van The newly built in the early 19th century , but also in the overall planning of the capital of Literature ( Van Mieu as in Qufu , China , the hometown of Confucius , the Great Central Square meet, The Van Khue , Dai Thanh Mon , Dai Thanh Dien , Ph.D. beer ... ). Khue Van The Temple of Literature in Hanoi hosts usually average of all of the medical literature or death .
After  “ Dai Bai” hall is a contemporary  Quoc Tu Giam university. When  Nguyen Hue was leaving the school to ease transition to this Holy Temple,  Confucius parents, but this temple was damaged during the war . Van Mieu is relic abundance and diversity complex and being the leading destination in Hanoi.