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Monday, May 5

The tourist spots near Hanoi

1. Dong Mo

Far from Hanoi about 40 km to the west, located in Culture Village populations of ethnic tourism and is Vietnam’s top tourist complex of Son Tay - Ba Vi, eco-tourism center opens considered a tourist attraction near Hanoi ideal for your family. It meets 3 factors for family relaxation: Nature in healing, there are many entertainment and cuisine.

Open automatically, you can visit Son Tay ancient citadel, temples and Mia pagodas and Suoi Hai resort, visit K9 and Uncle temple in Ba Vi, then return to the resort to enjoy the delicious dishes specialty services using steam, relaxing massage.
Phoenix Island area with the green foliage is appropriate locations for outdoor play activities of children. Fishing, catch the chicken, peach shoots ... as well as children's activities are extremely preferred to come here. This is the point at which there are any ecological zones.
Dong Mo enough motels, budget hotels to luxury so you can easily select the appropriate getaway with the economic situation. Hotel room rates here average around 600000-700000 copper / room / night.

2. Tam Dao

How about 80km from Hanoi, Tam Dao resort has spectacular mountain scenery, covering an area of vast plains north. Year -round cool climate, the average temperature is 18-25 degrees C, Tam Island is an ideal place for the apparent rotation of 4 seasons in one day: the morning will spring breeze, warm season afternoon summer, clear autumn afternoon romantic autumn, cold evenings of winter.

This really is the ideal retreat for your family after the working day, study stress. TV Tower, Ngan Thuong Temple Princess, Silver mining, golf courses and ancient church of Tam Dao ... is the place to visit not to be missed to Tam Dao. Regarding food, do not forget to taste the green tops of chayote is grown immensely popular here.
Tam Dao with winding roads up and down the many bends and sleeves are very attractive to those who want to experience the feeling of traveling by motorcycle.

3. Ba Vi

53 km away from Hanoi, Ba Vi’s famous green space, clean, place to contain the pristine beauty and fascinating ideal for picnics of your family.

To Ba Vi National Park, you can explore pleasure, resort to the resort has been invested, a spacious renovated day, with many exciting tours are well organized.

4. Dai Lai
The center of Vinh Yen town about 25km, Dai Lai lake poetic calm where visitors can walk, sightseeing, boat trip to the water, cool shower, fishing, hiking, forest.
Dai Lai attractive resort with beautiful natural scenery, good service. Here, you can also visit the San Diu village, Soong hear her sing, enjoy ethnic cuisine or visit the Bat Cave, a walk in the pine forest ...

Those who prefer can organize hiking journey up north, threading passes through forest land to Thai Nhe or turn to the scale of the mountain, or explore the castle ruins of the ancient citadel of Nguyen Danh Local District.
Also the tour is extended to visit such as Dai Lai Lake Explore sail, yacht tours and Bat Cave area, skylights, mountains excursions Dai Lai, learn, explore life countryside as well as the local culture...