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Wednesday, August 13

One day tour in Hanoi Old Quarter

This article was written after a day wandering Hanoi's Old Quarter area. It will help you be able to discover Hanoi's ancient streets of your own way. You can follow this schedule, or rely on it to discover your own way.

Where is Hanoi Old quarter located?

Hanoi's Old Quarter area concentrated mainly in Hoan Kiem district, located north and west of Hoan Kiem Lake. It focuses on residents, where 36 streets (called the old way) traded commodities. Each city has focused selling one particular type of item (called a trade with you, sell with wards). When traveling, you should at Ha Noi around this central area, just ride, just have fun visiting facilities.

The tourist attractions in Hanoi Old Quarter

These are not all the attractions in the old town, old town area scope is broad and there are many things to explore. But the point here is to point you to visit and enjoy culinary Hanoi. There will be other points that Andy will be presented in another article.

Dong Xuan Market: bustling downtown with many items, mostly wholesale, if you buy retail, it would cost a little higher. Go to first learn more about the oldest bazaar scenes are purchasing Hanoi.

The Gate: 1 in 5 cell door remaining, with the port city has been remodeled to be able to stand the test of time.

Ngo Dong Xuan: where you can enjoy a street food in Hanoi, as Bun Rieu, Bun Oc, vermicelli noodles Ngan Pho, especially with the summer food Tea is delicious food and cool (you should Code I tried porridge, eaten pomegranates but as is the interior Master Code). The dishes are priced from 25,000 VND, 15,000 VND for tea also. There are many great lemon teas around the old town, but in this area you can to score Lemon Tea in Cho Gao and Eastern Thailand.

White Horse Temple: The temple, from the Ly, associated with the construction area of Thang Long. This is one of the four towns of the ancient Thang Long (White Horse Temple defending the east). If you are passionate about history, this is not to be missed then.

Bun Cha restaurant: but not as good as Bun Cha Hang Manh, but cheaper, better suited to rural students. Price is about 25k / bowl, bun Hang Manh is about 60k, food has life but also more expensive.

Ancient House at 87 Ma May: old houses preserved many of the routines Hanoi.

Shot Café 60 Phat Loc: always consistent brand new, just opened March 5/2014 also must be. Bar towards the guests loved Photography, furniture and decor quite nicely. You should come here during the day, city after the morning walk and lunch. Restaurant located in the alley Phat Loc, Bun Dau alley there are very famous shrimp sauce. You can enjoy the finished noodles over bar sipping, relaxing break one afternoon to walk around.

Bia in Luong Ngoc Quyen: lifetime drinking with Bia Hanoi, Ha Noi young people here in the late afternoon or early evening to shuffle beer foam and cutting wind. Also interesting if you mix them together in the air, just the fun and refresh tired after the first day.

Oh Mai Hong Lam at 11 Hang Duong: address the trust to buy meaningful gifts for friends south. Most people are buying less this item as a gift.

Dinh Liet Street boil: okay to eat in the evening, from 4:30 pm to Nuts with dark, because you at the hotel in the old town, this is where good food and close to where you live. There are many good shops but that goes too far. Tourist population, it is also just had this bowl of nuts and bold Ha Thanh origin.

Fried noodle at Nguyen Sieu Street: Restaurant located opposite Acoustic Café bar (number 7 Nguyen Sieu). This dish is delicious, sitting alone but clean pavement.

Hotel Old Quarter of Hanoi

Hanoi's Old Quarter area is the center of the city, is the capital heartbeat. It takes a lot of commercial activity and tourism. Thus density is relatively large hotel and diverse. You can choose all kinds of hotels from hostel to 5-star hotels. You can see the map area cheap hotels in the top of the map, in three areas that the hotel cost between 300k - 500k (with grades from 1 to 3 stars). Three areas are also convenient for traveling to visit Old Town area.