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Friday, August 1

Paradise in Giang Mo

Sleeping in the middle of vast natural flooring, fishing Chuoi fish, hiking mountain delights are those unforgettable experiences for tourists visiting the Giang Mo, Hoa Binh.

Far away from Hoa Binh city about 10 km, Giang Mo is located in Binh Thanh commune, Cao Phong district. It attracts domestic tourists and international tourist as well. This village is in the foothills of the Mo Valley. Peaceful life of more than a hundred households are popular but simply it attracted tourists by the culture in daily life and architecture is preserved floor hallmarks of ancient Muong.

Walking the winding path from the street to the end of the forest, you will feel the beauty of unspoiled jungle. Between liberal space of scenery, visitors will encounter the floor leaning against the house built on the mountain or high land tortoise-style house was built gather together, expressing community cohesion associated with style customs, traditions and daily life of the Muong people.

The Muong people are very hospitable. You can visit and stay in any of the houses. The men in the harvest time usually entertained by strangers to play the melodious flute. Inside amphora spicy rich aroma, with guest host the center distances of the unique customs and culture of the people here. However, the majority of people living in Muong here at ethnic clothing. Even so, they still kept and preserved the characteristic traditions, imbued with national identity.

All the processors are all the traditional dishes, garnished skillfully on the green leaf, showing respect, preserve cultural beauty in wet implementation of the ancient peoples. The produce of the forests and mountains of enthusiasm, hospitality of the people are satisfied, leave a good impression for the tourists.

Muong women are very good at knitting, embroidery, cultivation should take up arms often do the traditional handicraft products such as rattan and Brocade to showcase to tourists.

People often keep Giang Mo culture through folk music repertoire of dance music festivals in ancient Muong village, with gongs, trumpets, drums. Besides, visiting with the remaining to be involved in the daily activities of people like to farming, fishing and hunting forest streams.

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