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Monday, August 25

Sea fashion trend

Have you prepared anything for your trip to the sea this summer? Walking on the beach under summer sun, visitors will feel very comfortable and more confident when wearing trendy clothes. Vietnam beaches theirselve are great but they are greater when there are the young men and women with colorful clothes on the beach. That creates the most interesting summer.

Capri pants - skirts 

For marine tourism especially young people often choose the simplest outfit which is not too picky, gentle and sport. Capri pants and skirts are considered as the most popular attire nowadays. If you want to create your personal character, you can choose the skirts which are fit with your character.

Sandal shoes 

If you are travelling to the sea, you should not wear the thick shoe or sporty shoe that you feet will not be free otherwise it will be tie in these shoes. The best thing to wear is sandal shoe. It is very comfortable when walking on the sandy beach which creates a youthful and dynamic look. You also can wear a dress with sandal shoe. You will enhance the youthful and lovely.

Rice leaf hat and bag by sedge 

Go to the beach in the summer, nothing is interesting in the rice leaf hat and bag by sedge. But hats and bags made of raw materials, such as sedge and rice leaf are still making your hat sweet and beautiful, you will become more attractive both in sunny summer sea, it is very convenient. If you do not like the kind of straw hat, you can choose a nice cloth hats with bright colors, such as soft pink, blue, brown ground ...

Sunglasses, indispensable tools for protecting your eyes "windows to the soul" 

Seafaring without glasses is like you are in the middle of winter without wearing warm clothes. Today in the market there are many attractive glass designs but to choose a moderate fashion sunglass which both fit your faces and good quality is not a simple matter.

Please select the sunglasses fit you and you should be careful with sunglasses have origins which are not clear. According to the fashion trend this summer, pale yellow glass, pale pink, brown...are fashionable.

With summer fashion trends toward gentle, elegant, graceful and immersed in nature, these suggestions will help your child to many interesting choices in color combination of materials that achieve aesthetic needs and the convenience for the trip. Summer is the best time for picnics, sightseeing so beautiful and appropriate attire is an inevitable demand of everyone, which contributed to the trip more fun and comfortable most comfortable. We hope to bring you some hints that can help you choose a "suit" the most beautiful, and most graceful in the upcoming sea tours.