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Friday, April 11

Lang Co dried squids

Dried squids are many passengers on the trans- Vietnam Popular train. Thua Thien - Hue is famous not only locally but nationwide sonorous. There are so that station Lang passenger train dubbed dear “gas cartridge”.

Train station just in, we heard faintly familiar aroma of grilled dried squid. Dozens seller, brought the present large tray full of dried squid, white mold embossed leather. No solicitations, a few squid girl set up a mobile kitchen, choking smell sweet spread. As a signal, known by Ad here ... smell taste for passengers, a type of advertising most gentle stimulation!

My friend in Nha Trang commented ink Lang taste characteristics. Not eat sour squid, not tart, pure scent of salty sea, not mealy chew nor too tough.

Needless processing, just put chili sauce was also delicious. According to him, the ink must meet the standards delicious: sweet, fragrant, soft, little tough. When buying, look them will have a white powdery layer of skin, try bending that plastic, beard still stuck with the ink itself is reached.
The coastal region like grilled squid with wine (high concentration), add a handful of salt left to live, they said, will be fresh squid cooked, baked more imbued with an unpleasant smell alcohol concentration.

When baking detached itself and separate ink beard, pour alcohol (alcohol) moderate fire and use chopsticks to flip back flip until squid is cooked bent. Pack ink on paper, using ink Baseball tapped to soft.

With a sunny squid, cut into pieces, lightly departed to form checkers when cooked squid into flowers bloom beautifully spiced and the ink will be absorbed, more fragrant. A nine ink colors sunshine, only to about 3-5 minutes, depending on baked whole or sliced. Butter fried squid dish is simple but tastes weird. Dried squid soaked in water for about 15 minutes until soft and roasted, shredded into fibers. Preheat the oil in a pan, ink spinning stir until golden crispy squid, seasoned fish sauce, sugar, and butter on. Wait for butter to melt, and then turn off the stove off.

Best of dried squid fried grapefruit: pomelo citrus extract, remove the pieces. Dry spiced grilled squid was spinning. Coconut thin julienne. Roasted white sesame. So all in bowl sprinkle the prepared broth into. Served with prawn crackers, if pale, sweet and sour sauce chan more.

Lang ink to eat whatever type of processing sweet, perhaps where the coastal waters with squid. The most simple, grilled squid nhach kid chewing on the train had enough fun that long forgotten.