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Saturday, March 22

Unique ancient village in the heart of the capital

Ancient Dong Ngac village is called Ve village in the past has maintain more than 100 historic buildings over 100 years old, and many valuable tangible culture and intangible culture.

 A small niche in the ancient Dong Ngac village.

Tracing the path paved incline and the smoke of kitchen, anyone who once walked along the small streets in the village are not able to think that, between the bustling capital city has a quiet peace to the world.

We like to be immersed into the past of an old artist; the sound of children is playing. An old man in the alley told us that there are two places that anyone in the ancient village is also home to the East Village and church groups.

East Village family, a house with large scales and multiple items in ancient architecture and standards have existed for 500 years. According to legend, the ancient capital is a family temple ancient building from the Tang dynasty in the seventh century. 1635, villagers had to renovate and expand the village's tutelary family to church. Family worships 3 gods symbolizing Heaven - Location - Personnel. Holy Angels is Single Charge , by Phan Phu Tien - a village - procession from Sam Son, Thanh Hoa, Nhan Le Khoi god, King Le Thai children, as well as a general, was named the Admiral village Most cross- procession from Nghe An ; Local tutelary god 's altar.

In addition, families also worship Dr. Pham Quang Dung, is the village has stood out in 1718 and renovated home Ly Pham Tho, the family donated the land for the first time in 1635. In many families still keep precious artifacts, stone monuments valuable as lacquer and the Le ...

Shocked villagers to shareholders, in addition to family about anyone cannot ignore their church group, Do, Do The period specific church, a senior martial Le - Trinh. The ordained United (United lengths) from alive and deify (Upper admirable spirit) he died. That house is now dating back over 300 years.

Wooden gate has quietly imprinted traces of time, a front garden, old house almost intact from architecture and objects in the house. The house is considered a second house about. This is one of the few houses in the village, there are many furniture and related items of great merit notability Do be solved.

According to the Do family record, Do period ancestor born on 21/10 year of the Ox, life Vinh Thinh (1709). At current, the tool is yet 4 the word “fossil sperm Set “in recognition of loyal heart, integrity of the instrument. Currently, in the harem of the house there is radiation horizontal with 4 words “mental superiority happy." Also, in other genealogical record of the legend of the deified Do family ancestor.

According to Mr. Do Quoc Hien, worship are things to be king, God gave Do ancestor during his life. Proud values and cultural history of the house much, pity the Constitution when he shared the concerns and difficulties to preserve the house. In my limited ability, he and their descendants still trying Do annual maintenance, maintenance termiticide to the old house ...

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