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Tuesday, March 4

Sapa winter

 Tourists often come to Sa Pa in the summer. But if you have the opportunity to Sa Pa in the winter, you will realize that Sa Pa in winter is extremely attractive.

At the height of 1,600 m above sea level , Da Lat, Sa Pa as a Northwest Homeland . Since the 30s of last century, Sapa was chosen as tourist destinations by French, with luxury villas and paved paths between the garden dreamy peach, plum gardens each spring flowers scattered about.

Sa Pa is still known around the city in the fog. But in winter, fog in Sa Pa denser, causing blurry landscape, full of mystery. Clear spread everywhere, like a thin pale gray chiffon panels.

Fog lurking inside the prickly pine roadside lãng on the terraced plots, causing blurred shadows indigo shirt at shows. Clear screw on the far peaks ...

Sa Pa town with homes looming in the fog. The ancient castle villa beside the modern Western architecture, follow the winding roads or protruding or on the slopes, hillsides.

The road in the picturesque town. Despite the cold and fog, the ancient trees along roadsides are still blue.

The forest structure, vast pine forests remain impartial vu song of the wind. On the red- tiled sidewalk, way back there is a section of the “shop” consists of two cells, Brocade sales. Merchandise (hat, scarf, pillow, purse ...) present on the plastic plate, shielded by an umbrella. A charcoal fire covers other cells flowing.

Looming in the fog, the woman wearing bow bearer plugged steps. The colorful towel on top and colorful gowns made ​​in the brilliant animated dotted the streets.

Small town closely with countless stalls of goods, categories, very rich and diverse. Most kinds of souvenirs, warm clothing, shoes, electronics, toys ...

Most products are imported from China. Only brocade (blankets, pillow covers, clothing, handbags, purses, handkerchiefs, embroidery...) is “homegrown”, made skillful hands of women ethnicity, with decorative motifs and sophisticated and fancy. 

Despite the fact that the cold weather and fog hung like wet cutting, Sapa market remains very active. In addition to Vietnamese tourists and visitors West, on the street, in the market is very much fellow Hmong, Red Dao, Giay ... White Hmong people wear costumes patterned colorful.

The Red Dao girl red turban studded red tassels. Black Hmong black turban, black shirt, black short trousers to the knee, leg black leggings. The Po Sa skirts or pants, short sleeve patterned border ... They sell goods and brocade, acquired the necessary utensils. 

Located in Muong Hoa valley, Sa Pa town less than 10 km, the Cat is a vivid picture of the Hmong culture. The houses are in the po mu wood roofing, with the tree on the stone pillars round or square. The outer room types Brocade sale , souvenirs, bronze and silver jewelry and ethnic instruments : new leads, pan leaf, bamboo flute ...
Not as dry Silver waterfall in winter, Cat falls in love valley, still rushing white water pouring from dozens of meters high, strung between blinding fogs. Under streams, on rocks looming round the ball girls in red dress sitting green washing ashore small hydropower stations were built by the French from the 30s of the last century still standing, with challenges time. 

Winter resorts Ham Rong as a sleeping princess, mysterious and beautiful magic. Go on small roads winding between stone peculiar shapes enough, watching the apricot trees, peach trees bare, quiet in the mist, visitors suddenly feel like you are lost in a world without real. Scattered here and there are the " shop " souvenir Brocade : hats , bags , towels , wallet ..., as the glorious blue stand out among the trees, the gray fog and rocks. Not all flowers are evading winter. Natural apricot flavor was white as snow before the wind calm flyaway. Marigold yellow, immense. Convolvulus flower purple floral still immense space. The spring orchid, orchid message, comedy dancer ... still blooming, beautiful yet heart ... It was here, in the warm house floor, visitors will see a program of dance music peculiar ethnic. 

 Sa Pa Market night filled with tasty, aromatic spice. Most baked products: chicken, pork, beef ... At this point, you will have the opportunity to taste the famous horse trying to win the Sa Pa. Sitting around the pot of boiling water, dip leisurely travelers met a lush little green vegetables: cabbage, frequency plots, sweet cabbage, watercress, improved cat ... take out the cup, blowing taste. Click to try to win a hot spoon, sweet muted, suddenly turned cold frostbitten where it was ...