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Tuesday, March 18

Hanoi night grilled corn

People often remember about Hanoi autumn with scent of milk flower, with falour of green young sticky rice. What about winter? Probably missing the northeast moonson with flavor of grilled corn on street corners at Hanoi night.

 Boiled corn in every season. In the small streets of Hanoi night, about midnight At every corner street, we can easily hear the sound “let’s buy boiled corn” in the quiet night. But having only grilled corn from late autumn to early winter.

When the late autumn winds begin, when it started taking cold night, when the cold hands need to find gloom ... Grilled corn is next season. Gosh how to please people but right then, the Red River bank side also has a major corn. Look at the sticky corn mantle bomber with velvety green balls and curls silks begin to turn color was red flyaway hung in the cold wind sewing incipient, is known aromatic grilled corn season is in the streets.

We should know how to choose corn, corn is not really old. But be careful to choose the grilled corn. That must be the corn “buds” is not old or too young. Old, when baked, hardened corn kernels hard, eat well, too young to be shrunken grilled corn kernels, dry food is not tasty determined. Choose maize, bi mantle bar outside, they saw how seeds are corn, gear, pressed beads that still soft but not turned out to be the colostrum. Which is rather sticky corn sweet corn, American corn or maize that they could not baked up fragrant for well.

In the late afternoon, when the street lights started gilded on the street corners, the sister of her presentation corn rows corn begins to bake. A charcoal tray, a fan nan , chips three plastic chairs to sit and eat corn . That's enough. Then fanning embers up, slowly turning back once corn, so corn cooked slowly, the fragrant smell of ripe corn on each rotor, fly away, tangerine wrap every street corner, every corner makes anyone come across well last stupor to find ... Listen to her fragrant smell, the women, girls, men and women go through ham snacks could not resist, what type should also stop.

Grilled corn is heated in the cold winter night in Hanoi. Couple should stop and sit by the fire, buy a corn and share the warmth. The lonely wandering alone on the street the night, breaking through the rows of corn silage maize buy a kettle in hand, just inhale absently sipping just watched the blip tons of coal in the night, watching the line of life passed before his eyes slowly ...

Eating grilled corn Hanoi winter night, but every other ordinary miss when away from the skin away, as the memory of the memories of his childhood cozy.