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Wednesday, March 12

Four delicious fish sauces in Vietnamese cuisine

In the culinary culture of the Southern people, every fish dish has a very particular taste.

Salted fish sauce- Chau Doc

According to people in Chau Doc, any species of fish sauce can also be made. But the experience of the village, only a few species such as snakehead fish, fish on, colorful fish, bottom fish, salted fish is flexible ... delicious fish meat by window length, when brought as new standards of fish sauce tasty .

There are many ways to eat fish sauce Chau Doc. If you like to eat hot pot sauce, fish sauce storage, use colorful fish, fish parts. And if you like them, of course fish dishes to filter them using fish sauce with minced meat with red onion, onion and eggs.

Ruot fish sauce - U Minh

There is a special kind of fish called fish gut is ancient. This is the only kind of fish gut full of snakehead fish, tuna so expensive. So rare, so when this ancient type of fish only for the nobility, officials ... now, if only to take the family to eat.

Choose fresh fish of about 4-5 kg cleaned meat to eat, take the natural heart, intestine and blood, carrying away, leaving the stomach. Thai small pieces to glue or bowl, depending on the tastes salty crackers that mixed with 2 or 3 heart rate with 1 tablespoon salt. Keep well hidden, exposing 3-5 sun. Too fast, the fish are not waterproof, do not eat salty, the sauce is too long to mature, not only tasty water.

A lantern fish bowl constant waves , fragrant dark, fleshy fat, spices, garlic, chili ... a plate of bacon ( bacon ) boiled, mixed fresh vegetables . Get basting sauce cake hearts, vegetables and meat, peppers, rice noodles rolled ... You can also use white cake, hot rolling dough shrimp, vegetables, bacon, dip it into the bowl of chili sauce with sliced hearts, delicious to forget ... forget the old name .

 Ruoi fish sauce- Tra Vinh

Flies belong to the arthropod worms, small motors have many relatives living in brackish waters. We have many in the coastal provinces of the Mekong Delta has many alluvial silt. Particularly in Tra Vinh province, the commune as: Truong Long Hoa, Dan Thanh, Dong Hai, Long Toan, Duyen Hai District, Vinh Long has appeared many annual half.

Mam half is a unique specialty, very high protein level by only some coastal alluvial silt new half off.

Sprinkle the sauce cup tangerine or more lives, ginger, chilli hit the cotton up and sprinkle a little pink shrimp shrimp paste on your face. Surrounded chrysanthemum, is necessary, is cut out flower, is basil. Eating fish is boiled pork leg meat disk slices or replace its three discs are no longer just nothing.

Salted crab sauce

Bake the crab and take some basil. A little fish sauce, stirring spoons back more sweet. And ... peppers; lot of chili. Chili as spicy as possible. How hot that diners can tolerate - even though sometimes eating just " crying " ... It's crab sauce dishes.

The crab crushed, swept along with red pepper puree, green leaves, then MSG sauce and mix up a paste. The plate of rice served on; pot of steaming white rice, green crab sauce bowl um, aromatic. Needless meat, vegetables basket if there is good, otherwise, just the " raw rice " that " fish trap ".