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Saturday, April 19

Impressive images on the differences Hanoi - Saigon

What make Hanoi and Saigon different? We can see the impressive images, concise and humorous about Saigon and Hanoi through the same prism.

- On the streets of Hanoi has many street venders. On the streets of Saigon, many hawkers carts.
A graphic titled The Difference Between Hanoi and Saigon ( roughly translated : The difference between Hanoi and Saigon) Le Duy Nhat is very pleased to describe the distinction between Hanoi and Saigon by an impressive expression.

- In Hanoi there are many flower stalls, peddling bicycles carrying flowers. Saigon does not seem to have this image. The Saigon usually buys in the flower shop.

- Plate of five fruits present on the altar in the days of the Lunar New Year in Hanoi and Saigon are also different.

- The Hanoi “interesting “noodle shop in the pavement, roadside, in the ancient alleys. People usually enjoy Pho Saigon in bars and restaurants.

- Pictures of Breakfast in Hanoi associated with a hot bowl of pho, at Saigon associated with coffee.

Unity shared that he himself faced many difficulties when choosing the distinctions " cute " to put into the picture: " In the past there have been many comparisons Hanoi and Saigon in both negative and positive. I only desire to introduce two domain life, there is no intention to praise any domain. "

- Bun cha Hanoi. Saigon has broken rice.

- Saigon prefer more sweet and spicy food than Hanoi
Explaining the decision to write in English captions, Unity, said: "I chose this language because it seems more concise, more concise. Just can introduce cultural Hanoi, Vietnam Saigon or both with international friends and also to “dodge” the words make sense to distinguish regions ".
- Ha Noi People like to drink hot tea. The Saigon people like to drink iced coffee.
- In Hanoi, the ideal place to “gossip” is the customary ice tea, lemon tea sidewalk. In Saigon, the ideal place to “temporarily transferred” is the cafe pedestal.
- The Hanoi people often welcome guest with tea. Saigon people usually welcome fresh water.
- Rains in Hanoi can be compacted to extend. Rain in Saigon to fast and stopped quickly.

- It looks like the work culture “superiors, subordinates” between Hanoi and Saigon has a lot of different things.
- The voice is definitely the most characteristic differences between Hanoi and Saigon.
- In the behavioral culture, people seem inclined Hanoi ingenuity, ornate dining voices in words. Meanwhile, the Saigon promotes frank, straightforward language.
- Even the " cap uniforms " of traffic police in Hanoi and Saigon also have very different styles.
- Men often go out at rush, late afternoon, dark clouds and try to go home before night in Hanoi, it's too late. Saigon Men can drink throughout the night.
- The Hanoi seems to wake up earlier than Saigon.
- In Hanoi 4-seater taxis are common. In Saigon, the 7-seater taxi more common.

- The concept of " nice car or bad car " not a few in Saigon as popular in Hanoi.
- Dress Style in Hanoi than in accordance with the standard. In Saigon more comfortable.
- Ha Noi has many large lakes in the inner city than Saigon.
- Another similarity between Hanoi and Saigon is traffic jam.

- Pace of Saigon seems more hustle of Hanoi.
- The things that people in Hanoi and Saigon nostalgic also very different.
According to Le Duy Nhat, when asked Hanoi, Saigon or any other city, would probably not be difficult to overcome cultural barriers, adapt and integrate into the environment, the people of the that city.