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Monday, September 8

An Hien - peaceful place

An Hien garden house located on the north shore of the river, the road number 58 Nguyen Phuc Nguyen Xuan Hoa Village, Huong Long Commune, Hue City. According to the architecture of the city of Hue, home gardens and overlooking the Perfume River and not far from the famous Thien Mu pagoda.

An Hien garden house has quite a long history and many employers hands. According to the family, before 1895, the earliest homeowner is a princess, daughter of King Duc Duc (when it is government palace princess). The next owner was Mr. Pham Dang Khanh (also known as Pham Dang Thap), grandson of the great god Pham Dang Hung Gia Long. (He is the grandson of the Thai royal Khanh Dowager Tu Du is she). 1920, the new owner is Mrs. Kham Diep.

In 1936 he badly - her son sold to him Kham Diep Vu Tuan Nguyen Dinh Chi (at that time held the government of Ha Tinh week). His wife, Nguyen Dinh Chi Dao Thi Xuan Yen she has inherited and continues to manage and preserve the garden area. She herself is the owner of the longest, best preserved integrity and enhances the value of the An Hien garden house until she died in 1997.

The day after reunification (1975) until her death Dao Thi Xuan Yen (1997), An Hien, also known as Mrs. Tuan Chi garden become a cultural destination of the ancient capital. Currently, the An Hien garden under the law of inheritance of Phan Thi Hoang Oanh and four grandchildren (now living in France).

An Hien is a typical architecture, the epitome of Hue garden houses, mingles with nature and are planned in compliance with the principles of Feng Shui Oriental traditional architecture. The main direction of the turn to the river. The entire campus nearly 5000m2, always green blue color.

Gate of the garden outside has the look humble, hidden behind the shaded canopy. Port brick arch with rolling contours characteristic of ancient architecture of Hue. Part book on the arch gate decorated with tiger picture, the two ports are located parallel sentences, upper arch is a horizontal picture scroll with the word well-hidden. All these details are decorated porcelain mosaic. Above the gate is a two bats wingspan. Two wooden gate architecture "but down the roof" to open the lead on the inside.

From the entrance to the house through a small entrance under the canopy interlocking dream, create depth and a sense of quiet, dignified. The layout of the house and the ancillary items and garden very closely, with a reasonable rate of beautiful architecture, landscape fit. In front of the house, where the path ends with two rows of plum is a smoke screen role as a "criminal record" before the house. Curtain with elegant architecture, gently, in mid-shaped "life", the two sides have the word "double happiness". Inside, behind a fronts, front of the house is an additional tank drop flowers; factor here is "street smart" in feng shui.

Architecture is a house with 3 2 bottles lying almost in the center of the garden. The house is 135m2 large, iconic architecture of traditional architecture in general and the beam Hue genre in particular. The whole frame house structure is made of wood, totally romantic link. There are 48 columns, and truss system is made of jackfruit wood; Kien Kien wooden rafters; home insulation in Ironwood. The columns are pillows on the square pedestal. Truss system carved intricate patterns. List multiple layers of roofing tiles, roof shore up the two dragons, in the middle of the lotus-shaped roof top.

The interior space of the house is clearly divided according to functional use. Time interval between the church, decorated with the principle "money Buddhist spiritual climate" (Buddhist shrine front, rear ancestors), where the two sides time sitting on the principle of "women described male friendship" (male to the left, women to the right), two wing is similar, and living where men (left) and female (right), according to the old feudal notions. This particular house has many cherished mementos of the royal dynasty. That's all picture horizontal lacquered 4 letters "Van Vo Trung Hieu" bestowed by Emperor Bao Dai family in 1937, is now hanging in the nave, and poetry of King Thanh Thai, also hung out at the reception desk house.

Later, due to customer demand for houses as well as places to visit, Mrs. Tuan Chi has a sticky build another house on the left edge of the beam to the side and living. The new house has French architecture.

Not only is a special home for generations mark up very grand, a beautiful architecture blends with poetic scenery; An Hien is truly an ecological space, a 4 season garden flavor.

Many trees, where the tree has dozens of years old, like every dream at the entrance to the plant from the 1940s Many fruit trees, many varieties of rare plants across 3 regions are also included in this gathering. It is possible to mention the mangosteen, durian, dragon fruit ... the South; apricot, rose, litchi ... of the North; tea bar, strawberry, fig ... of Central.

There are special trees, such as persimmons trees by turmeric Mai Tien Dien - great-great poet Nguyen Du Internal brought from their homeland Nghi Xuan - Ha Tinh Vu Tuan Nguyen Dinh Chi donate. This is a precious pink species, no grain, very tasty. Or maybe mention the 13 original mangosteen Giang Chau, a famous quarter results Hue professionals dedicated to the king ...

An Hien garden and a flower garden. White apricot flowers bloom spring entrance, summer blooming lilies on the water ... the red side of the house is a new rig with dozens of species of orchids blooming.