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Wednesday, September 3

Con Dao island

The small plane carries about sixty passengers which have took off from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City and landed at Co Ong Airport, Con Dao after 45 minutes.

This archipelago has more than ten islands. We do not know exactly when Vietnamese settled the first village in Con Dao. Perhaps the earliest one was built in three hundred years, or nearly four hundred years, when the group of Vietnamese migration from the north, central to the south for various reasons.

But Con Dao is still alive; it has many legends in the hearts of the residents here and in the ground, in the visible objects, can get their hands on. In war time, this used to be known as a scariest hell in Vietnam.

We are aware of the first female prisoners are given here is not that Mrs. Vo Thi Sau Phi Yen, whose real name is RAM, wife of Lord Nguyen Anh. When being chased by Tay Son army, Nguyen Anh runs to Con Dao. Along the way, he wanted to ask help from the French, Phi Yen tried to persuade him not asking French for help. Nguyen Anh was angry and locked her in the cave until she died. Cai prince cried and asked to stay with her. Nguyen Anh threw him to the sea without hesitate.

Since the French intervention in Vietnam, where they founded a prison. The first is that officers detained the Can Vuong was arrested in the South, followed by patriotic scholars across all three regions. Many big names such as Phan Chu Trinh, Nguyen An Ninh, Ton Duc Thang, Pham Van Dong, Nguyen Binh, Tran Huy Lieu, Ngo Gia Tu, Le Hong Phong, Nguyen Van Cu, Le Duan ... did "living "here. Among the prisoners in Con Dao, there is the genuine communist. There is the Kuomintang. There are regular prisoners. Then there are all prisoners. There was a sentence in prison and juvenile prison sentence ...

Compared with the French, the Americans simply building more prisons, smaller and lower, but the horror is not inferior. At the Peak period, Con Dao had more than ten thousand prisoners of all kinds. More than twenty thousand Vietnam remains patriotic people still scattered all over the place, most Hang Duong cemetery, Hang Keo.

In Con Dao, with more than one address cannot be ignored, such as the Crystal Skull yards, cow shed with prison. There quarries tiger cages. 914. Pier Ma Thien Lanh Bridge. Milled rice stew. Hang Duong graveyard ... Every place smells fishy read Aaron horror of blood, delve into the minds and hearts of people of conscience. Each name read out, see immediate visible image of the man of steel cast iron, the body that established universal abject hidden disabilities, bright spirit and personality Vietnam.