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Tuesday, September 16

Kong Ka King National Park

Kong Ka Kinh National Park is located in the northeast province of Gia Lai, Pleiku City and 50 km to the northeast, administrative boundaries distributed in the districts of Kbang, Dak Doa, Mang Yang.

This is the highest mountain in Pleiku plateau 1,748 meters, with an area of 42057.3 hectares. In which 1000 hectares zoned tourism. With these functions, the main task of the park is to conserve biodiversity, ecosystem, watershed protection Ba River, Dak Pne River, serving learning ... research and development in particular types of ecotourism is gaining attention and pushing.

We come to Kong Ka King National Park in a sunny morning. Derived from headquarters, the team leader and Ranger divided into 4 cruise route in 2 days the trail in the woods.

Starting from the starting point to the research station, then follow the trail back to the rest station. The next to Nai Bai and ancient tree in leaf rare.

Starting the first day journey, Group climb 2.5 km forest road to the top of White Stone elevation 1,300 meters above sea level. Climb overlooking a patch of forest, a majestic mountain space, and vastly scaled-down wide-open eyes.

This is a massive cliff, many shapes, different sizes, stopover for tourists and lunch break to recuperate further conquests.

This area has a lot of plants are mainly broadleaf and coniferous trees, many fossil species of orchids, moss, bird ... epiphytic foot cliff. Not to mention the air is different from the outside, providing a cooling sensation, cheery, pleasant.

From here, the journey continues to snub Research Station is approximately 1.5 km. We go downhill slope of about 70 degrees to follow the trail, on the road to discover many orchid species as: Kim messages, Nail Turtle ...

Forest ranger officers who lead the way and guide our team with enthusiasm, open-hearted introduction phytosanitary species in the forest. We went at a slow speed, moderate, walking and observing, understanding the atmosphere fresh, fresh. The time to detect signs of animal or plant species were brought strange feeling elated, excited for the Group, especially his ranger.

Perhaps as a pre-arranged gift of nature, along the way there are small trees, vines making sure grip for climbing down because of high slope. When going to tile the area springs from the top of the white stone about 1.5 km high humidity, many species appear phytosanitary such as herbaceous plants, seedlings, ferns ...

To snub Research Station, where researchers, students majoring in biology stopover ecology study habits, food langurs, report writing, data analysis. Regrettably, most of this trip is that we did not get to see firsthand shanked gray langur, primarily animals in Ka King Kong, only to see some leftover food from them.

Forests in the region are affected, the impact from the outside, before you exploited the large-diameter trees as incense, monitoring, wallpaper ... now just forest regeneration later converted into protected areas. Most ecosystems are retained, only losing a large number of trees are small trees are renewable. The majority of the trail system at this large size is due to open SFE.

Itinerary second day we went to the beach Nai after crossing several small streams, clear water. Here is some vacant land; large, green grass cover a patch of sky, a cool climate is very suitable for the development of the deer.

Park Management Committee is focusing on human resources and funding to build stables, farms for planning, research, development of suitable animals with habitats in areas such as gray shanked langur, deer, nai ... create good conditions for visiting the Ka King Kong eyes will be watching the animals in the forest, but when there is no chance of seeing.

King Kong Ka National Park also attracts tourists with scenic waterfalls, majestic mountains. Typical cascade 95, 3-storey waterfall, mountain Ka King Kong, suspension bridges, forest vegetation, villages of ethnic Bahnar lived many years ...

Ecotourism Park King Kong Ka, an ideal destination for tourists from home and abroad to experience, enjoy sightseeing and spatial characteristics of the vast jungle of natural open space.